Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 825

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Chapter 825

Cui Anru laughed treacherously, “Miss, if you and Shao Zhan have not yet divorced, our Yan family is naturally embarrassed to worry about your money. But now, you are divorced and live in our Yan family’s house. Family’s rice, do you still think you and us are from two families?”

“Robber logic.” Irene said angrily.

Cui Anru said more and more, “Am I wrong? If you return to the Yan family with your child now, you should treat the Yan family as your own home. Face the current dilemma with the Yan family. Master, you say Am i right?”

Strictly fell into silence.

For a while, everyone in the second room in the lobby looked at Irene angrily, as if she was a public enemy.

At this time, a few low-pitched siren suddenly heard outside the gate, breaking the atmosphere of rattling in the room.

Tan Xiaoyu got up and went out to welcome the guests.

Before long, Ye Feng pushed Jacob in.

Behind them, two women in chef uniforms followed.

When Cui Anru saw the chef, her pupils burst into surprise.

“Oh, our Yan family compound is worrying that no one is cooking? Shao Zhan sent us the chef, it’s like sending charcoal in the snow.”

Jacob’s icy gaze swept over, “They only serve my children.”

Cui Anru laughed blankly.

Irene glanced at the clock on the wall and reminded Cui Anru: “Aunt Cui, it’s time for you to cook.”

Cui Anru reluctantly said, “There are so many people in my family, why should I serve all of you by myself?”

The eagle eye froze in the cold, he remembered that Irene worked hard to make dinner for this family.

“My child, you are not good enough to serve.” Jacob said with a bitter tongue.

Cui Anru’s gaze shifted to Irene, “Those married daughters, even if they are divorced by their husbands, and definitely have no reason to return to their parents’ homes. I can’t serve people with bad reputations.”

Irene’s face was pale, her small fist was clenched inside her sleeve.

Jacob looked at Irene, and saw that her small body was trembling with anger, and she had the heart to kill Cui Anru.

He never dreamed that the baby he held in his palm would live such a humiliating life in Yancheng.

“Cui Anru!”

Cui Anru was arrogant for only a second before she heard Jacob’s gloomy voice of death.

“In front of my children, despising their mothers, have you figured out what the price will be.” Jacob grinned his teeth.

Cui Anru only discovered that the three children stared at her viciously.

Faith yelled at Cui Anru, “You old witch, you always bully my mommy.”

Faith turned her head and filed a complaint with Daddy, “Daddy, they also joined forces just now to force Mommy to hand over the support you gave us.”

Derek also angrily said: “Mummy has given them a lot, and they are not satisfied yet, and they want to explode all the money from Mummy.”

At this time, Irene was not calm.

If Jacob knew that she was spending his money outside of her children, his trust in her might be greatly reduced.

Cui Anru is even more uncomfortable. Shao Zhan knows that she covets his money, she was afraid –

Jacob’s lips and teeth lightly opened, and a few words were squeezed from between his teeth: “The human heart is not enough to swallow an elephant.”

Irene quickly explained to Jacob: “Master Zhan, even if I embezzle this part of the money, I will definitely find a way to make it up in the future. Don’t worry, I will never use the child’s support.”

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