Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1026

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Chapter 1026

That’s it!

Under the shocking sight of everyone, Master Xiong raised his fist suddenly.

A trace of cruelty and viciousness appeared on his face:

“So now, you can die!”

After the words fell, Master Xiong’s fist, which was as big as a casserole, is ready to hit the back of Shaun’s head.


Just the style of Master Xiong’s fist made the faces of everyone around him change drastically. They only felt that under this fist, they were afraid that even a wall would be to collapse.

And Shaun’s thin body would be beaten to death under this punch.


When the girl saw this scene, her pretty face changed drastically.

Master Xiong shot too fast!

Especially this was caught off guard.

The girl wanted to save Shaun, but she couldn’t do it.

She could only watch, Master Xiong’s punch hit Shaun’s head fiercely.

Suddenly, Sima Yan’er got so scared that her face turned pale as paper.

And aside.

Those gangsters laughed ferociously:

“Dead! The boss must be able to kill this pretender with one punch!”

“Hahaha… as long as he dies, maybe we can play with that girl? Hey, I’m excited to think about it!”

“Let you pretend to be forced, let you abolish my elder brother, is he finally going to die now? Haha…”

All gangsters, at this moment, seemed to have seen the bloody scene of Shaun Xiong’s skull bursting with a punch.

Everyone laughed, cruel and vicious.

Three steps!

Two steps!


At this moment, the iron fist of Lord Xiong smashed too quickly.

Almost in the blink of an eye, he had reached the back of Shaun’s head.

It’s just staggering.

Shaun seemed unaware.

When that iron fist blew Shaun’s hair almost up.


Shaun suddenly turned his head, revealing his face under Lord Xiong’s iron fist.


Seeing this scene.

The girl and the people around them were all stunned.

In their eyes, Shaun is absolutely crazy, otherwise, why didn’t he dodge at all, instead of revealing his cheeks under Lord Xiong’s iron fist.

Isn’t this looking for death?


Everyone’s face changed drastically.

It’s just that an unbelievable scene for everyone appeared.


After seeing Shaun’s face, the grinning Lord Xiong looked like he had seen a ghost, and the grinning smile on his face instantly solidified.

Instead, there was a deep shock and horror.

The huge iron fist stopped when it was about to hit Shaun’s face.

An inch!

Lord Xiong’s iron fist was only an inch away from Shaun’s face gate.

But Shaun’s smile remained undiminished, and he didn’t even blink his eyelids.


Seeing this scene, the grimace on the faces of those gangsters froze instantly.

The girl and other customers could hardly believe their eyes.

What is going on?

Don’t Mr. Xiong wants to kill Shaun?

And now!

He could clearly smash Shaun’s head with one punch, why did he stop suddenly?

How can this be?

It’s just that the things that made them even more horrified have just begun.


The hideous and ugly face of Lord Xiong turned as white as paper, with dense cold sweat flowing down.

He seemed to see a devil, staring at Shaun, even rubbing his eyes.

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