Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1077

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Chapter 1077

Dragon and Tiger, Gods of War!


After hearing the names, all the high-ranking Ye’s Family members around exploded.

Their faces were full of shock and disbelief.

The buzzing noise resounded throughout.

“Oh my God, I heard that there was a big man in our Jiangnan city. Not only did the Dragon and Tiger Warriors bring 10,000 Dragon and Tiger Legions to pay respects, but even the No. 1 Liu Zhen and the eight chaebols all went to the airport to see him!”

“Yeah, I heard it too! It’s just that I don’t understand, why did Gods of War kill Wei Fengqiang?”

“Could it be related to that big man?”

At this moment, many of Ye’s Family members are talking about it.

And when it comes to that big man’, almost everyone’s face is full of panic and fear.

Especially Patriarch Ye Wuya!

His expression was dignified, and he asked Ye Ming:

“Ye Ming, what about Shaun?”


Everyone was startled slightly, and then all looked at Ye Ming.

That’s right, what Ye’s Family worries most is that the deaths of Shaun and Wei Fengqiang are related.

But Ye Ming’s complexion was extremely pale when he felt everyone’s eyes, and he said with a trembling voice:

“That Shaun has been acquitted!”


Hearing this, all the Ye’s Family members got shocked.


How can this be?

You know, Shaun killed Ye Chen in front of the three police officers, and the punish of murder was fixed.

But now that Wei Fengqiang is dead and Shaun is acquitted, there must be some terrible connection.

Thinking of this, every Ye’s Family member felt horror.

And at this moment.

Da da da!

A sound of footsteps came from outside the door.

Everyone suddenly saw that the butler of Ye’s Family ran in with a panic expression on his face.

His face was as white as paper, and cold sweat was constantly flowing, and it looked like he had just seen a ghost.


In this scene, Patriarch Ye Wuya’s brows wrinkled in an instant, and he shouted angrily:

“Lao Zhang, why you are in such a hurry?”

“If outsiders see you like this, wouldn’t our Ye’s Family lose face!”

Patriarch Ye Wuya’s voice was full of anger.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the butler Lao Zhang turned a deaf ear to the reprimands of the Patriarch, and said in a trembling voice:

“Patriarch, something is wrong! A lot of sergeants are outside home!”


Hearing this.

Everyone’s eyelids jumped.


Before Ye Wuya asked in detail, the sound of a courtyard door bursting apart came straight from the outside.


The gate of the Ye’s Family’s courtyard, as if hit by a train, burst open instantly.


Groups of heavily armed sergeants rushed in like a torrent of steel.

Ten people!

Hundred people!

Two hundred people!

The number of these sergeants seemed innumerable, and the entire Ye’s Family Courtyard was almost crowded.

In particular, every sergeant was full of a murderous aura, after gathering together, the terrifying coercion overwhelmed the world.

It’s like a tiger and wolf army, which is trembling.

This is more than that.

When Ye Wuya and others saw the dragon and tiger military emblems on the clothes of these sergeants.


It was like a burst of thunder, making them all confused.

Because this turned out to be Dragon and Tiger Legion!

However, the scene that made all the Ye’s Family scalp numb has just begun.

Da da da!

The dragon and tiger army entering the courtyard, the team is neatly divided into two rows.

Two figures stepped forward from the crowd.

They are the Gods of the Dragon and Tiger.

The horror was overwhelming, and their eyes were cold, especially Long Shuai and Hu Shuai looked at Ye’s Family members as if they were looking at a group of dead people.

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