Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1215

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Chapter 1215

When he heard this, Shu Lan’s legs trembled wildly and uncontrollably.

He has offended the lord of Jiangnan Province?


Thinking of this, he seemed to be limp on the ground, his face turned instantly pale as paper as if he had seen a ghost.

When he thought of not only driving away Shaun but also trying to beat them to death, he was shocked.

Lee Sang Hyuk who heard this who was also petrified on the spot!

His eyes were full of horror!

Especially, he also saw that among the big brothers, there was a person from their Li family’s Ke Qing.

At this time, he betrayed their Li family without hesitation, and he kneeled in front of Elvira instead. This was an illusion!

At this time!

The most stunned is Wen Qian.

Half a year ago, these two people were just rubbish. After only half a year, how could they stand at the pinnacle of power?

This must be fake!


She was hysterical and yelled frantically at those big guys:

“Fake! They can never be Jiangnan Communists! They have cheated you all!”


In an instant, the big guys cast fierce gazes and stared at her.

A mocking smile appeared on the corners of their mouths.

This woman is really an idiot to the extreme. She still hasn’t repented until now. What a damn!

And Shaun stared at him coldly, and said murderously:

“Since they plan to maimed us, then you don’t have to keep your hands!”


The bodyguards of those big masters, with all bad intentions, walked towards them.

Seeing this!

Shu Lan and Wen Qian’s group suddenly felt a cold current, rushing to the sky!

That face is covered with a thick color of horror!

They never dreamed that the situation would be reversed in this way, and the other party would turn them around and crippled them?

“My dear, what shall we do?”

Wen Qian panicked immediately, grabbing Li Sang Hyuk’s hand, her face was full of panic.

At this time, Lee Sang Hyuk was also full of nervousness, and then shouted:

“What do you want to do? I am the young master of the Li family, Li Sang Hyuk. If you dared to touch me, the Li family will kill you all!”

The big guys sneered.

“The Li family? Offended the Jiangnan Communist Party, not to mention you, even if the Jiangbei Communist Party came to the Xiao family…they will die!”


Upon hearing this, Wenqing and Lee Sang Hyuk suddenly sweated like rain, and their heart pounded wildly.


These people are completely crazy!

For the sake of these counterfeits, they are ready to kill the entire Li family?

Da da da!

The footsteps of those bodyguards fell in their hearts, like the sound of hell.

They were terrified to the extreme!


A tidy engine roar, but it sounded from another street corner.

One after another millions of luxury cars, drive-in!

Stopped at the door of Rolls Royce!


In the instant, inside the cars was a group of men in black suits one after another, a total of twenty or thirty people, all of them exquisite and luxurious!

When they see the middle-aged headed, on Shu Lan and other employees’ faces, thick ecstasy appeared!

“That is the head of our Mercedes-Benz Jiangnan region, Hua Tiancheng!”

“We are saved!”

Right now, they seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw and waved frantically at Hua Tiancheng.

“Mr. Hua, please help us!”

“Mr. Hua, these people here posing as Jiangnan Communists and want to cripple us!”

At this time, Shu Lan also changed his previous decline, looking triumphantly at Shaun, a touch of resentment appeared in his eyes:

“Dog things, dared to pretend to be the Jiangnan Communist Party? The head of our Jiangnan Province is here!”

“You guys are dead!”

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