Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1493

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Chapter 1493

The one who came was Qin Xianzhong!

Since he learned of Shaun Lin’s identity, he vomited blood and passed out, but after knowing that his old mother came to the Bai family to settle the accounts, he jumped up on the hospital bed in fright.

He drove directly to the Bai’s house, but as soon as he entered the door, he heard Zhao Xiulan’s lifeless words, making him almost scared to pee on the spot.

“Qin Xianzhong, you came just right, this dog dare to hit me, you help me kill him!”

Zhao Xiulan saw her precious son coming, her tail was almost up to the sky.

His face was suddenly covered with thick viciousness and viciousness.

But when he heard this, Qin Xianzhong suddenly seemed to have seen a ghost, and rushed to cover Zhao Xiulan’s mouth:

“Mom, don’t talk nonsense! How could Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin hurt you?”

Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin?

Everyone is dumbfounded, did they misheard it?

When did Qin Xianzhong become so talkative?

It’s almost like a person has changed.

“I didn’t talk nonsense, they all looked at it, it was this trash that beat me like this.”

Zhao Xiulan said dissatisfied, but she was also dissatisfied with Qin Xianzhong’s reaction.

When did his son become so afraid of things, and where did his former domineering go?

“Yes, yes, we can testify that it was indeed Shaun Lin who beat the auntie like this.”

Zhu Ru said quickly, with a gleeful smile on his face.

But Qin Xianzhong seemed to have never heard of it, and said to Zhao Xiulan with an ugly expression:

” Okay , don’t say anything, I will take you away now!”

“I won’t go!”

Zhao Xiulan heard that, directly fried hair, ferocious said:

“You are how, your mother was hit fart you are afraid, your eyes still have my mom?”

“I Order you, immediately beat this bastard to me crippled!”

Zhao Xiulan only felt embarrassed, and turned upwards with anger.


In the next scene, everyone present was completely frightened!


Accompanied by a loud applause, Qin Xian slapped Zhao Xiulan severely in the face, slapped him, and fell to the ground.


Everyone was completely dumbfounded, and they all looked at Qin Xianzhong with extreme panic.

Zhao Xiulan ordered Qin Xianzhong to abolish Shaun Lin, but Qin Xianzhong instead beat her own mother?

Is this… crazy?

Not just them!

Even the Baiyi family couldn’t believe their eyes.

They can clearly feel that today’s Qin Xianzhong seems to be much lower-key than before, and avoids conflicts with them intentionally or unintentionally.

What seems to be afraid of!

Right now, Elvira looked at Shaun Lin with suspicion, only thinking that all of this seemed to be related to Shaun Lin.

Zhao Xiulan was dumbfounded. She covered her face for a long time and couldn’t return to her senses. She looked at Qin Xianzhong in astonishment,

“You…you dare to hit me?”

Qin Xianzhong was going crazy, and said with canny eyes:

“You still dislike it . ” Am I miserable enough? Have to drive me to death?”

He was scammed by Zhu Ru’s family, and there is no hope of promotion in this life, and now his old mother dares to find Shaun Lin’s fault, so he is really finished!

Once Shaun Lin was angered, let alone a high promotion, whether he could continue to stay in Longya became a problem.

“You…what’s wrong with you?”

Zhao Xiulan asked in astonishment. At this time, she also noticed something wrong with Qin Xianzhong.

Qin Xianzhong’s face was blue immediately, and he said with great shame:

“I have been disqualified from the competition!”


Everyone was completely shocked, all of them couldn’t believe their ears.


Doesn’t that mean that Samsung’s fighters have completely lost their lives?

Qin Xianzhong has always shown outstanding performance in Longya, and he is highly used. Why is he suddenly disqualified from the competition?

Zhao Xiulan was stunned and said in horror:

“This is impossible. You are so good. Why does Longya disqualify you from the competition?”

What is the reason for this?

Hearing this, Qin Xianzhong glanced at Shaun Lin with a complicated expression, and then said in disgrace:

“Because…because my physique is too bad!”

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