Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1833

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Chapter 1833


The secretly peeping Wang Youcai and the other three were completely shocked when they heard Li Xunran’s words!

Little San is really a junior!

And so shameless, saying that you want to be Lin Fan’s mistress?

Wang Zhijun is directly burned with jealousy. In his opinion, Lin Fan’s trash is not as good as him. Why can such a stunning beauty be tempted?

No way!

“I must take a good photo of myself, as Lin Fan’s evidence of crime, to be used to blackmail this damn dog in the future. “

The atmosphere is at this moment!

Is completely solidified!

Lin Fan stayed in the same place for a long time but couldn’t get back to his senses. He was obviously shocked by Li Xunran’s words.

Asked him if he would like to have another wife?
Is it serious?

At the moment, Lin Fan reached out and touched Li Xunran’s forehead:

“Are you feverish, why are you talking nonsense?”
Li Xunran angrily slapped Lin Fan’s hand, and said angrily:

“You have a fever, this lady is very well!”

The first time in her life. Confessed, Lin Fan actually said she was talking nonsense?

“Then you know that I have a wife, and you said you want to be my wife? Are you not behaving like yourself?”

Lin Fan smiled helplessly.

When she heard this, Li Xunran suddenly flattened her mouth in a grievance, and said in a low voice:

“Do you think I want to? I have to do it, what can I do?”


Lin Fan was stunned and didn’t hear what Li Xunran was saying.


Li Xunran seemed to have gone all out, and roared loudly:

“Then what can I do, I just like you! Even if you are a little wife, I am willing too!”

Said, Li Xunran ignored it and rushed directly to Lin Fan, and his lips were quickly attached to Lin Fan’s.


Lin Fan ton felt that his brain was blank, and he was completely stunned at this time!

He never dreamed that Li Xunran would be so simple, and even directly and boldly kissed him!

“Pat, shoot, hurry up!”
Wang Yanli kept patting Wang Zhijun on the shoulder, asking him to quickly record this scene.

She wants Lin Fan to be completely ruined!

When Bai Yi saw this scene, she didn’t believe that Bai Yi didn’t divorce Lin Fan. This guy is finished!


“All have been taken, hahaha! That guy is finished!”

With this evidence, Lin Fan will become their eternal slave!

After she was sure that the filming was finished, Wang Yanli rushed out triumphantly and sneered:

“Lin Fan, during working hours, you took a woman to wander around in Washington Pharmaceuticals Hearing the movement here, Li Xunran immediately let go of Lin Fan with a guilty conscience, and then looked at Wang Yanli and the others vigilantly.

At this time!

Lin Fan also frowned, especially after seeing the mobile phone in Wang Zhijun’s hand, his face became more and more unsightly.

It seems that the most invisible scene is still caught!

“Okay, Lin Fan, bring a mistress to the Washington Pharmaceuticals to have an affair. You guys and dogs are really courageous, and you are not afraid of letting Bai Yi meet?”

Wang Youcai is also full of sarcastically mocking, the look in Lin Fan’s eyes was like looking at his own pallet fish.

“Who are these people, why are they not clean?”

Li Xunran asked with an ugly face, telling her instinct that these people are not good people.

Lin Fan gave a dry cough, and said in embarrassment:

“Ahem, these people are relatives of my wife.”

“Miss Li, if there is nothing important, you should leave first, and let me handle it here.”
Lin Fan is not afraid of Wang Youcai and them.

He is worried that Miss Li Xunran, who is arrogant, will not care about it. It is very likely that there will be a riot in Washington Pharmaceuticals. This will not affect her.

“Who said that I have nothing important?”

Li Xunran showed a shy smile, stretched out her hand and took Lin Fan’s arm:

“I’m here I asked you to go shopping.”

When she heard that these people were relatives of Bai Yi, Li Xunran was even more energetic!

Didn’t know if jealousy was at work, she actually hugged Lin Fan directly, as if deliberately wanted Wang Youcai to know her relationship with Lin Fan.

Really hammered!

This woman is the mistress!

“Tsk tusk, really eat in the pot, look at the bowl, and dare to be so arrogant, Lin Fan, you can do it!”

Wang Youcai laughed loudly. Then he took out his cell phone and patted the two close friends.

And Wang Yanli snorted:

“Huh, look at the virtues of the dog and the man, the show of affection has come to Washington Pharmaceuticals, still in the public. It’s really shameless.”

Wang Zhijun also followed up with a smirk, holding his mobile phone while filming and said:

“If Bai Yi knew about this, I don’t know what will happen. Kind of a family battle. Lin Fan, you’re a trash, are you going to be swept out?”

Lin Fan’s face became stiff, and he quickly pushed away Li Xunran’s hand, and then looked at Wang Youcai and others indifferently:

“Say, what do you want to do?”

Yan, Wang Youcai sneered and said loudly:

“Hahaha, Lin Fan, you are a dead rubbish, I said, why do you often go treacherously, because you raised a woman outside! You are so right and confident when you cheat! Alone!”

Was splashed with a basin of dirty water, Lin Fan nodded in anger.

He retorted angrily:

“Wang Youcai, don’t talk nonsense! This lady is just an ordinary friend of mine.”

Wang Youcai pouted, but he didn’t believe it:

“Ordinary friends? Are they all hugged together, dare to say that they are ordinary friends? This is what people often say is the difference between men and women. Is this a pure friendship? It’s so funny!”

There was a burst of laughter from Wang Youcai and others in the field.

They looked at Lin Fan and Li Xunran, with contempt, sneer, and even jealousy in their eyes.

Especially, Wang Zhijun, he stared at Li Xunran, he couldn’t see enough up and down.

There is no reason why a woman with such a rugged body and beautiful appearance should take the initiative to come to meet Linfan, a dead waste!

Wang Zhijun swallowed secretly, and smiled with a grin:

“Lin Fan, my sister can’t satisfy you, but you will find a way to solve it. Let’s talk about it, you can take care of it. This junior, how much did my sister cost?!”

There was another roar of laughter, and everyone looked at Lin Fan with their eyes on rubbish and rubbish.

In their opinion, what Wang Zhijun said is not excessive.

A trash like Lin Fan, who works as a son-in-law in Bai’s family, doesn’t have much skill, and every penny spent is naturally given by his wife.

Lin Fan sneered:

“It’s still that sentence, it’s your ass?”

“F*ck! You dare to be arrogant!”
Wang Zhijun suddenly became angry, and shouted:

“You are a trash, you tell me honestly, is this woman your little mistress, or I will submit this video To Bai Yi!”

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