Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1839

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Chapter 1839


Wang Yanli’s face is green, Wang Zhijun is selling him?

“Wang Yanli, you bitch, really you are making a ghost, I’m fighting with you!”
Shen Yumei roared, then directly picked up a quilt and smashed it towards Wang Yanli, and then smashed to pieces with a snap.

Wang Yanli’s scalp numb suddenly, if she hadn’t noticed something wrong early in the morning, she had to get a headshot just now!

Seeing Shen Yumei’s murderous appearance, how dare she continue to be here? Staying for a long time, rushed out.

And seeing this, Wang Youcai is also sternly said:

“Shen Yumei, you…how can you treat your savior like this, forgetting your original buns? Already?”

“Get out! Get out of me!”
But Shen Yumei had lost her mind, and she didn’t listen to Wang Youcai’s words at all, so she picked up an ashtray and smashed it again.

“My God!”

Wang Youcai screamed, and quickly grabbed Wang Zhijun, hugged his head, and fled here as quickly as possible.

But at this time, Li Xunran took a step forward, and said to Bai Yi in a proud voice:

“Bai Yi, give me Lin Fan! You! Not worthy of him!”


When Shen Yumei’s family heard this, their lungs were blown up!

It’s shameless to be as arrogant as a junior.

How could there be such a person!

Bai Yi suddenly yelled angrily:


She and Lin Fan have been married for three years, so why can Li Xunran be so arrogant? To let him abdicate and let the virtuous?

Lin Fan is her husband, this woman is not qualified to point fingers!

“Ha ha!”

Li Xunran laughed:

“Why? Very simple! People you don’t know how to cherish, there are naturally some Cherish it for you!”

“Lin Fan is just a waste to you, but to me it is a treasure! I can be compliant with him, and I can respond to all requests!”
“The more important thing is that I can help him reach the top and make him a dragon and phoenix, instead of just humiliating him and despising him like you!”

Li Xunran’s words were too suffocating, and Bai Yi couldn’t find a reason to refute it.

At this time, she realized that her husband was so good that a good woman like Li Xunran would have to rob him of being a junior.

This time!

She is scared!

She is afraid that Lin Fan will really fall into Li Xunran’s arms because he is tired of her.

“Husband! I’m pregnant with your child, you can’t do this to me! Even if you don’t look at my face, you also look at the face of the child, he needs a home!”
Bai Yi cried and said to Lin Fan, his eyes were full of pleading.

At this time, her pitiful appearance seemed to be crying.

At this time, Shen Yumei also said with a look of guilt:

“Xiao Fan, it’s not good for mom! It’s your mom who misunderstood, you must not divorce Bai Yi, she I can’t leave you!”

“She is pregnant with your child, you can’t divorce her, or the child will have no father!”

“Or, mom Kneel down for you!”

Shen Yumei was crying and was about to kneel for Lin Fan.

But Lin Fan quickly rushed up, and then quickly helped Shen Yumei up:

“Mom, what are you doing?”

Li Xunran’s face was a little Shen, glaring at Bai Yi:

“Bai Yi, using children to play emotional cards is too mean, right?”

“Shut up!!!”
As soon as Li Xunran’s voice fell, there was an extremely angry roar!

And Lin Fan stared at Li Xunran murderously:

“You can go!”

“Lin Fan, you… “

Li Xunran was frightened by Lin Fan’s hideous appearance. Lin Fan looked like he was going to eat people.

It’s terrifying!

“You scared my woman!”

Lin Fan’s voice was as cold as suffocating.

“So I can only ask you to leave!”


Li Xunran’s behavior has touched Lin Fan’s bottom line.

He once swore that he would never make Bai Yi cry, but because of Li Xunran’s mischief, he made his woman so sad!

This is unacceptable to him!


Li Xunran called an anger. She was obviously venting for Lin Fan, but this guy actually bit Lu Dongbin with a dog and didn’t know good people!

Then, Li Xunran stomped her feet with anger, and then said annoyed:

“Bai Yi, I won’t give up!”

Said Then, Li Xunran turned and left angrily!

Lin Fan hugged Bai Yi in his arms, and said softly:

“My wife, don’t worry! I will never leave you, nor our children. !”

Bai Yi hugged Lin Fan tightly, crying hoarsely:

“It’s enough to have you!”

As long as Lin Fan’s heart is what belongs to her, even if there are more and more beautiful women, she will not be afraid!


But this time!

Wang Yanli and other talents walked out of the hotel, and Wang Yanli directly backhanded Wang Zhijun a slap, and directly knocked Wang Zhijun to the ground.

Wang Yanli yelled like a mad woman:

“Wang Zhijun, you are so kind, dare to put me together? Deliberately let the family watch my joke, right? “

If it hadn’t been for Wang Zhijun to turn back in the middle, they would have swept Lin Fan out.

Wang Youcai also followed Wang Zhijun and ranted:

“Wang Zhijun, what on earth are you doing? Why did you turn back on the way? Did you lose your mind?”

Wang Zhijun covered his face and snorted coldly:

“You are stupid, I’m not stupid, I haven’t got the money yet, how can I sweep Lin Fan out at this time, are you? Forgot our original plan?”


Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli were both stunned. It was just like a dream that they woke up.

“You mean, you want to blackmail Lin Fan severely once?”


Wang Zhijun curled his lips, smiling sinisterly said:

“If you just sweep him out, wouldn’t it be too cheap for him?”
“Why have to get some money from him, at least five hundred million!”


Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli are completely shocked, five hundred million?

Is Wang Zhijun serious?

They have never seen so much money in their lives!

Wang Yanli snorted, and said contemptuously:

“That dead poor ghost can have so much money? You still say you are not an idiot?”

Wang Zhijun disagreed, and smiled:

“He didn’t have it, isn’t Bai Yi also not?”

“Didn’t you see how Bai Yi cared about that waste? Let alone five A hundred million, she would give it!”

When this remark came out, the brothers and sisters Wang Youcai were both tempted.

“Bai Yi has a company the size of Xin Bai’s. Isn’t it easy to get 500 million yuan?”

“Aunt, if you really look at that waste, Wait until we get the money, and then clean him up.”

Wang Zhijun said sinisterly.

Wang Yanli nodded, her eyes opened when she saw the money:

“Yes, you are right, you have to collect money from him, and then drive him away.” Leaving the white house, let others lose money.”

“That’s right!”

Wang Zhijun laughed and said:

“Auntie, today we will have Lin Fan and Xu Yourong in the evening, we are ready to showdown.”

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