Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 463

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Chapter 463

“It’s been a long time since he turned it on!”

The Bai family didn’t even know that Shaun has a mobile phone.

Even Elvira!

Everyone thought that Shaun didn’t have a mobile phone at all, after all, no one had seen it.

Shaun has a mobile phone, and this mobile phone is one of the top ten mobile phone manufacturers in the world, all the top scientific researchers had jointly customized it.

The material of the mobile’s body is made of the most expensive tungsten steel.

It looks golden as if it is just a plastic shell covered with gold, but who would have thought that this is pure tungsten steel gold, a super expensive metal material starting at 100,000 yuan per gram.

It can be said!

Just the back shell of Shaun’s mobile phone is comparable to all the wealth of a rich man in Jiang City.

It’s more than that!

The keyboard of this phone is covered with black tiger shark skin, cut and polished inch by inch, and then shaped.

When you press the button with your finger, you can feel that the button is extremely tough, especially after pressing it, there is faint wind noise.

And the screen!

It has the most advanced nano high-tech display.

This is one of the most expensive aviation materials.

This is not the main thing.

Many tycoons around the world know that there is a signal tower in this world.

Only built for this mobile phone.

This is Shaun’s “Devil Machine”!

Especially the signal tower can cover any corner of the world’s surface.

In other words, as long as Shaun is holding this mobile phone, there will be a signal even at the end of the world.

Even the term, the devil’s machine, has been recorded in history because of Shaun’s mobile phone.

It has become the supreme artifact in the eyes of many electronic enthusiasts and is highly praised.

“Oh! Isn’t it just a cell phone?”

Shaun looked at his mobile phone and shook his head.

He has heard of it.

Many electronic enthusiasts in the world are frantically searching for the whereabouts of this mobile phone.

Even without hesitation, every moment of every day, he is checking his own signal tower.

With the signal tower as the center, if you want to find your own devil machine, even if you just look at it, those people will be satisfied even if they die.

“It’s a pity, I have only used it once in the past three years!”

“That is the last time I sent a message to an aunt, this devil machine is in my hand is just a waste!”

Shaun smiled faintly, and immediately put the phone on the sofa indifferently, and went to the bathroom.

After Shaun took a shower, he changed his clothes and walked out.


The door opened, Elvira’s family came in.

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