Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 507

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Chapter 507


Lin Guangyao’s words were full of murderous intent.

And hearing this, Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang next to them seemed to have thought of something, and their faces were as white as paper.

Especially, when they saw Qiu Jie’s sulky gaze, the two instantly understood the plans of these people, and immediately walked to Shaun’s side and pleaded:

“Mr. Lin, let’s give up! That Qiu Jie is obviously not good for you! He is very likely to use the danger of the mountain runway to make a fuss! He might even kill you!”

Ziheng Xu was startled by the cold sweat on his forehead at this moment.

And Tian Zhang next to him was also pale:

“Mr. Lin, what Qiu Jie is best at is the mountain runway! It can be said that in Jiangnan Province, his mountain runway is almost invincible, and even Tian Hao may not beat him!”

“Well, let’s give up!”

The two evils are few, so I don’t want to see Shaun hurt at this moment.

After all, Shaun is the father of the two of them, a mysterious boss who must treat respectfully by them.

Hearing this.

Shaun shook his head lightly:

“There no word like giving up in my dictionary!”


Shaun’s words made the complexions of Tian Zhang and Ziheng Xu even harder to look like dead gray.

And when the two were about to continue to persuade Shaun, Qiu Jie came over.

He pushed the eyes on the bridge of his nose, then glanced at the Santana sedan with a gloomy look, and said playfully:

“Boy, I forgot to tell you! When racing, both sides can only drive their own cars!”

“So, your car is this Santana!”


Qiu Jie’s words caused an uproar here.

Santana VS Lamborghini?

Isn’t this a joke?

Not to mention running past Lamborghini, Santana’s lights and engines, whether they can rush to this top mountain, is an unknown number, this is almost a losing situation.

At the moment, Ziheng Xu was so angry that he stared at Qiu Jie and asked fiercely:

“Jie, you are too much. You are the best at circumnavigating the track. Why don’t you let Mr. Lin change car?”

“Take Santana against your Lamborghini, are you shameless?”

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang didn’t believe that Qiu Jie and others were so shameless.

However, hearing this question, Qiu Jie shrugged lightly:

“Sorry, this is our rule! If you want to race, you must follow it!”

Hearing this Tian Zhang and Ziheng Xu’s complexion became like dead gray, almost dripping with gloom.

It is even more incredible.


Shaun nodded faintly and agreed.



This guy not only agrees to race and betting on legs, but now he also agrees to drive Santana. Is he crazy?

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