Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 538

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Chapter 538


The baseball bat, with a tremendous force, hit Qiu Jie’s calf fiercely, and suddenly a clear sound of bone fragmentation resounded.

Qiu Jie crashed to the ground, when the majestic pain swept through, making him scream in disbelief:

“Hao… Brother Hao! You, why are you hitting me? My leg, ahhhhhh… My leg is broken!”

Qiu Jie got stunned as well as he was screaming.

The hot girl also got amazed to see this scene.

In their eyes, Tian Hao was crazy that he hit him with the baseball bat.

However, Tian Hao ignored Qiu Jie’s questioning. He turned his head to look at Shaun, and his expression showed a deep begging color:

“Lin…Mr. Lin, according to your wishes, all of our legs are broken!”

“I hope you will forgive us!”

Tian Hao seemed to have thought of something, and quickly took out the devil machine from his pocket, then held it in his hands and handed it to Shaun respectfully:

“This is your devil’s machine, please take it! Another day, we will definitely come to your home again!”

Tian Hao lowered his arrogant head towards Shaun.

Not only him!

The supercar members with broken legs in the back also followed Tian Hao and bowed their heads to Shaun to show respect!


This scene fell in Qiu Jie’s eyes, making him even more like seeing a ghost.

How could this be……

Tian Hao actually broke his leg just to ask Shaun to forgive him?

How can this be!

Especially, not only Tian Hao, but the other supercar members even acquiesced in this behavior, and they all lowered their noble heads towards Shaun.

It was like a bolt from the blue sky, making Qiu Jie petrochemical on the spot.

However, Shaun didn’t care about Qiu Jie’s horror.

He has got revenge for his mother-in-law.

“Remember, the next time, not only you, even your families will be destroyed!”

Shaun coldly swept everyone present there.

His gaze was like a sharp chilling knife. Whenever it fell on a person, that person felt the bone-chilling coldness, one by one, shuddering.

Shaun left the scene!

He drove the tattered Santana full of bullet holes and left with Kelly.

Huzi, Heizi, Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang also left.

After all of them left.

The wind whistling on the entire Top Luo Mountain seemed to become increasingly gloomy and cold.

At the same time!

For Qiu Jie and Lin Guangyao, it was almost cold to their hearts.

“Brother Hao, that kid is gone, you can tell me now, why you did this?”

Qiu Jie’s eyes were full of astonishment.

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