Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 567

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Chapter 567

“Come on! If the technology is bad, it is bad! According to your statement, this person is like a devil!”

Huzi didn’t believe the words of the middle-aged paparazzi. After deleting some sensitive photos, he returned the camera.

“Yoy two haven’t told me yet, is that person Shaun, the son-in-law of the Bai family?”

“Also, if so, is Miss Kelly and Shaun connected again?”

The middle-aged paparazzi asked unwillingly.

However, Huzi and Heizi were willing to answer immediately a few members of the guards jumped up to grab the two and took them straight out of the lobby.

Until the two were carried away.

Heizi said with a little surprise:

“Huzi, do you think that Shaun is really a super expert?”

“I’ve heard that after a person’s cultivation level reaches a certain level of terror, he has a natural defense against sneak shots and sniping! No one can sneak a shot, and no one can snipe it!”


Hearing Heizi’s words, Huzi’s head got dazed.

Super master?

He has heard about this, but that kind of super master is absolutely rare in the world.

Either there is one in their country, how could it be that he is Shaun, who is so young.

“Heizi, I think you were completely scared by Shaun! This guy, in addition to his great driving skills, his fist is just average, otherwise, none of the princelings would have survived!”

Huzi shook his head and smiled, and said disdainfully.

Hearing this, Heizi nodded and said.

That’s right!

If he is a super master, how can those princelings who have offended Shaun survived?

“Perhaps, I think too much!”

Shaking his head, Heizi immediately thought of Shaun as a super expert in his mind.

At the same time!

The two paparazzi were also thrown away from the hotel by members of the Zhang family’s guard.

The two struggled from the ground and patted the dust on their bodies as if they were accustomed to everything.

“Boss! What do we do now? Still filming?” the young paparazzi asked the middle-aged paparazzi.

This middle-aged paparazzi is the boss of their newspaper.

Every time a big man comes to Jiang City, his boss works personally.

But today, it was unfortunate. Not only did he miss the man who was with Kelly, but he also cannot find him somewhere.

“Shoot! Must shoot!”

The eyes of the middle-aged paparazzi looked at the Hilton Hotel, and the voice was filled with excitement:

“Don’t you see it? Kelly’s family had booked whole the Hilton for tonight!”

“Furthermore, so many guards from the Zhang family have been deputed, and even the top ten masters of national arts in the south of the Yangtze River are here to protect Kelly!”

“I have a hunch that something big will happen tonight!”

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