Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 751

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Chapter 751

A deep resentment flashed on Zhou Nan’s face.

Then she seemed to have thought of something, her eyes lit up, and she quickly said to Leng Bufan:

“Young Master Leng, hurry up and call Tianlong Group Chairman Tianlong Xu and the elder sister of Shengshi Clubhouse Blood Rose! Let them deal with this kid! Revenge, you must get revenge!”

Tianlong Xu!

Blood rose!

Both are the giants who dominate Jiang City, especially they are directly under the command of the Shengshi Group.

Once they come to know that Shaun has abolished Leng Bufan, then Shaun would surely have to face the consequences.

Hearing this.

Leng Bufan nodded with pain. The cold sweat on his forehead continued to flow. He threw his mobile phone to Zhou Nan and said bitterly:

“Call! Call Tianlong Xu and Blood Rose! Help me kill this bastard!”

“After the phone call, take me to the hospital quickly! I haven’t married yet and have no children, I…”

Leng Bufan shivered with pain, and couldn’t speak longer.

And Zhou Nan quickly turned on the phone, looking for the number, while complaining to Elvira:

“Elvira! Wait! Your husband and you have harmed Leng Bufan like this, just wait to die!”

After saying this!

Zhou Nan immediately found Tianlong Xu’s phone number in Leng Bufan’s phone book and quickly dialed it.

And when she was crackling and finished talking about the situation, she hung up the phone, her face was full of ecstasy:

“Young Leng! Tianlong Xu and Blood Rose are at Caesars Hotel now!”

“They will be here soon!”


Hearing Zhou Nan’s words, everyone in the box got shocked again.

Tianlong Xu and Blood Rose are now at Caesars Hotel?

Are they coming to meet Leng Bufan?


Thinking of this, the surrounding guests boiled again.

“Boy, you think you are lucky! You hurt Young Leng, Tianlong Xu, and Blood Rose will never let you go away easily!”

“Hahaha…Shaun, you are a lunatic! You smashed the sky this time! Just wait for it!”


At this moment, the surrounding guests looked at Shaun and Elvira again, with pleasure, compassion, and pity!

Almost everyone agreed that the arrival of Tianlong Xu and Blood Rose meant that Shaun was over!

“Lin…Shaun!” Elvira’s pretty face has a trace of worry.

She walked to Shaun’s side, stretched out her jade hand, and held Shaun’s palm tightly.

“Wife, are you afraid?” Shaun smiled and asked curiously.

Hearing this.

Elvira got slightly startled, but when she saw Shaun’s delicate face, her panic disappeared instantly:

“With you, I’m not afraid at all!”

“You live, I live! If you die, I will die with you!”

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