Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 921

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Chapter 921

Bai San almost bowed to the ground.

The demeanor was extremely humble.

Behind him, the driver and the man in the front seat also bowed to the old man.

Seeing them trembling.

On the ugly face of Bloody Buddha, there was no fluctuation in expression at all, but he said indifferently:

“Young man, it’s not good to drive too fast!”

The words were extremely flat.

“Yes… what the old gentleman said! We are wrong! We will pay attention next time!”

Bai San wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

At this moment, his heart touched his throat.

After all, the person standing in front of him is a super murderer.

Even among the white angel members, they don’t want to be the opponents of the bloody buddha.

“Okay! Let’s leave!”

Bloody Buddha was too lazy to care about these people and waved his hand at this moment.

But these words for Bai San and others were like words from heaven, and it immediately made them ecstatic.

“Thank you, old gentlemen! Thank you!”

After Bai San finished speaking, he turned his head and wanted to leave.

However, just before he turned around.


A voice came, but it was the blood wolf next to him.

“Little sir, is there anything else?” Bai San’s expression became stiff, and at the moment he couldn’t help turning his eyes to the blood wolf.

However, after he saw the immature face of Blood Wolf, he didn’t have much fear.

“You can’t leave!”

The blood wolf said lightly, and then pointed his finger at the driver:

“He can’t leave?”


Upon hearing this, Bai San and the others, as well as all members behind, all changed their expressions.

However, he didn’t wait for them to speak.


The blood wolf took a sudden step forward, and then he stared at the driver and said grimly:

“Just now, you wanted to hit my master, right?”


Upon hearing this, Bai San and others instantly understood the identity of the blood wolf.

This also made their expressions congeal.

One of the top ten killers in East Asia, blood wolf!

The driver wiped his cold sweat, and then said:

“I didn’t mean it!”

the driver was just about to plead.

But at this moment!

“It’s you!” The blood wolf smiled sternly:

“You apologize personally!”


Blood Wolf’s words were arrogant, especially after he finished speaking, his figure flashed and disappeared suddenly.

“Not good! Be careful!”

This scene changed the expressions of Bai San and the others. When they found that the blood wolf was like electricity, rushing toward them and others, they want to stop him.


Blood wolf is faster than their reaction.

Bai San only felt a gust of wind passed by his side, and then when he turned his eyes to look again.


The blood wolf has rushed to the front of the drive, his palm spread out like a knife, and he suddenly waved at the neck of the driver!


The voice was dull and suppressed.

Everyone was stunned at this moment.

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