Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 978

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Chapter 978



Hearing this, Yang Mingyu’s pupils shrank slightly.

He didn’t expect that the name Elvira was known by the dignified forest seat.

“Has Shan Lin seen Elvira? Or, Shan Lin likes Elvira?”

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to go to the Yang family personally for an ordinary woman?”

Thinking of this!

Yang Mingyu felt his scalp numb, so he squatted on the ground and said to Shaun:

“Shan Lin! I wonder if Miss Elvira is the woman you like!”

“It was a little mistake! The little one will dare not to embarrass Miss Elvira anymore, and even I am willing to use our Yang family’s property to ask Miss Elvira for forgiveness!”

That’s it!

Yang Mingyu seemed to have thought of something.

Turning his eyes, he said to Shaun:

“If Shan Lin really likes Miss Elvira, I have a way to help Shan Lin get what he wants!”

Yang Mingyu thought that Shan Lin also likes Elvira’s alluring appearance and intellectual temperament.

Right now, I thought that as long as I could help Shan Lin to get Elvira, then his Yang family crisis could not only be relieved, but he could even rely on this opportunity to climb to the high branches of Shan Lin.


Hearing this sentence of Yang Mingyu.

Shaun got stunned for a moment, even dragon, tiger, and others were also all in a daze.

They never thought that this Yang Mingyu was so bold and even dared to find a woman for Shan Lin?

At this moment, the faces of many big bosses were extremely strange.

And Shaun was almost amused by Yang Mingyu.

Right now, he glanced at Yang Mingyu and said playfully:

“You are Yang Mingyu? You wounded Taigong Shen and now willing to ask Elvira to redeem someone?”


Yang Mingyu got taken aback.

He didn’t expect that his own fate could reach Shan Lin’s ears.

At the moment, he looked a little excited, and said tremblingly:

“Shan Lin! The youngest is Yang Mingyu. I have always regarded you as an idol! I hope that from today onwards, I can be fortunate to follow Shan Lin, even if it is holding a whip to drop the stirrup and tie the grass ring, I’m available!”

“Shan Lin, please!”

Yang Mingyu’s words are fanatical.

If ordinary people heard this, they must think that this person is definitely one of his most loyal fans.

It’s just that his words fell in Shaun’s ears, making his expression more interesting:

“Yang Mingyu, I heard that Elvira has a husband named Shaun!”

“Your idea of hitting Elvira like this, you even want to hand over Elvira to me, don’t you fear Shaun’s revenge?”


Hearing these names.

At the corner of Yang Mingyu’s mouth, a trace of contempt and sneer appeared and he said:

“Shan Lin don’t worry! That Shaun is just trash. Although he knows a little bit of work, he is not at all concerned!”

“What’s more, the woman that Shan Lin fancied him is Shaun’s blessing! He absolutely dare not retaliate, otherwise, Yang Mingyu will surely teach him the lesson!”


Hearing Yang Mingyu’s sonorous and powerful voice.

The dragon, tiger, and war gods behind, as well as Liu Zhen and other big men, all felt a tingling scalp.

They’ve seen death hunters!

But they have never seen an idiot looking for death like Yang Mingyu.

“Not bad! Very good!”

The smile on Shaun’s face at the moment became more and more intense, and he applauded:

“Yang Mingyu, you are really bold and courageous!”

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