Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 999

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Chapter 999

“No… impossible!”

“Dad! Shaun is just a son-in-law of a third-tier family in Jiangshi. How could he know the eight chaebols, the richest man Ma Yong, the number one Liu Zhen, and the gods of war!”

“Who is this guy?”

At this moment, Yang Mingpeng really felt that he really seemed to have caused a terrible disaster.

And next.

Yang Tianhao’s words made his head completely dead.

“All this, because Shaun is Shan Lin!”


As soon as the words came out, it caused Yang Mingpeng’s ears to burst and he almost lost consciousness.

Not only that.

His body trembled like chaff, and a trace of urine flowed out from his pants.

China Forest Block!

These words, as if they contained magical powers that shocked the sky, scared Yang Mingpeng, the second young master of the mixed world demon king.

“Shan Lin!”

“How could he be a holder of a Chinese forest seat?”

Yang Mingpeng seemed to be demented, muttering to himself:

“I have humiliated and scolded Shan Lin today! The person who beat me was also Shan Lin!”

“Oh my God! What happened to this world?”

Yang Mingpeng was completely scared and doubted his life.

And seeing this scene!

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Yang Tianhao’s mouth.

He understood the shock and horror of his son. After all, that person was the highest magnate in the entire Chinese military.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, even if he was killed, he would have been unable to believe it.

“Shaun, he is definitely a man like a devil!”

Yang Tianhao took a deep look at the direction of the hospital, then shook his head bitterly, then started the car, took his son, and left the parking lot of the Jiangnan First People’s Hospital.

This news spread extremely fast.

Only an hour later, under Chang Yuan’s proud propaganda, the news of the Yang Family’s surrendering was instantly exploded.

The whole of Jiangnan City was in a complete sensation!

Whether it is a chaebol family or a market alley, they are all talking about what happened in the hospital today.

Yang Mingpeng was beaten into a pig!

The Yang family knocked to apologize, and even sacrificed the Galaxy Tower.

This news shocked people to the extreme.

The protagonist of this shock, under Chang Yuan’s deliberate display and publicity, was not Shaun, but the handwriting of Chang Yuan and the prince behind him.

In just one day, when the news completely spread.

Chang Yuan is in Jiangnan City, and his fame has risen.

In fact, many of those infamous characters have completely regarded Chang Yuan as their idol, and have been crazy about it.

Time passed slowly.

Unconsciously, half a month has passed.

During this time, the Baishan family stayed in Jiangnan.

After all, it will take a long time for Taigong Shen to recover. During this time, Elvira also planned to establish a branch of the New Bai Group in Jiangnan City.

And the location.

She chose the Galaxy Tower.

This landmark building has been completely transferred to Elvira’s name, and she is now a business queen with tens of billions of assets.

And tonight.

In Jiangnan City, there was an arranged.

Almost all the men and women attending the party were a group of famous ladies and second generations in Jiangnan City.

Elvira was also invited to participate.

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