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Chapter 725

Alyssa waited at the door for ten minutes, and saw the servant leading Grace out of the door.


Alyssa only called her, and she let go and ran towards Alyssa quickly.

The servant with Grace fell down and followed behind her, saying in a flustered tone: “Little Miss, you slow down.”

Alyssa was also afraid of her falling, so she ran up to catch her.

As soon as Grace pounced on Alyssa, she opened her hands to hug her: “Mom!”

Alyssa hugged her up, k!ssed her on the cheek, squeezed her lightly, and said with a smile, “Grace is so heavy now.”

Grace pointed two fingers at her, and said seriously, “I just ate two bowls of porridge.”

“So amazing?” Alyssa carried Grace into the car and fastened her seat belt.

“Yeah.” Grace nodded heavily.

Although she was sitting in the back row, she tilted her head to look at Alyssa who was driving ahead.

Alyssa was amused by her: “Is kindergarten fun?”

Grace thought for a while and said, “It’s more fun than at home.”

Alyssa drove the car, listening to Grace’s chattering all the way.

But Grace usually only talks about half of this matter, and then comes to another matter.

Alyssa didn’t see Grace for a month. She listened carefully to what Grace said and responded seriously.

When she was approaching kindergarten, Alyssa found a car following her all the time.

Her heart tightened, and could not help speeding up.

At this moment, when the kindergarten is open, many parents bring their children to the kindergarten, and the flow of people is very large.

No matter how couraged those people are, even if they want to plot bad things, I am afraid they will not dare to do anything at the door of the kindergarten.

As soon as Alyssa stopped the car, her cell phone rang.

Grace heard the ringtone of the phone, tilted her head and asked her curiously: “Mom, who is calling you?”

Alyssa glanced at the phone screen before saying, “It’s Uncle Smith.”

“Timely help.” Alyssa answered the phone and glanced in the rearview mirror again.

She found that the car following her had also stopped.

Smith’s voice came from the phone: “Sir asked me to arrange bodyguards for Grace. They drove at the kindergarten gate every morning to guard.”

“I see, it turned out to be like this, I thought it was…” Alyssa sighed, “I see.”

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa sent Grace in.

Grace will stay in the kindergarten all day, and Alyssa will pick her up when she is over in the afternoon.

After Alyssa came out, she started the car, only to find that she had nowhere to go.

She stopped, sat quietly in the car for a while, took out her mobile phone and called Tina.

“Alyssa…” The cool voice sounded drowsy, and she should still be asleep.

Alyssa asked her: “Still sleeping?”

“Right.” Tina’s voice became clearer: “Why call me so early?”

“Are you busy today? Are you busy for having a meal together?”

“Huh?” Tina was stunned for a moment before asking, “Are you back?”

“Well, on holiday, and I came back last night.”

Tina’s voice sounded very excited: “I have time! Why not! Let’s have dinner together at noon.”

Alyssa asked her: “Where to eat?”

“Yeah…” Tina thought for a moment: “Go to your house and eat. If you eat outside, you are afraid of being photographed.”


Alyssa hung up and drove to the supermarket to buy things.

She also bought the dishes for the evening, and she plans to bring Grace to her tonight.

After Alyssa bought things, someone knocked on the door before she arrived home.

Did Tina come so soon?

Alyssa opened the door and found that the person standing outside was Dave.

“Miss Alyssa, long time no see.”

Dave still had a “not easy to mess with” aura all over his body, and there was no extra expression when talking to her, but he looked a little thinner.

She hasn’t seen Dave since the New Year.

Alyssa couldn’t help asking him, “Where have you been during this time?”

“Something private.” Dave replied very briefly.

After thinking about it for a moment, Alyssa probably knew what Dave had done.

She was silent for a moment and asked: “How is Claire’s situation?”

Dave is a killer who has already washed his hands in a golden basin. What private matter can make him lose weight?

Only Claire is left.

Alyssa could guess that he was going to see Claire, and he was not surprised either, and his tone remained unchanged at all: “She is in a bad condition and may die at any time.”

He seemed calm, as if he was talking about an insignificant person.

“Then why don’t you stay with her?” Alyssa asked.

“I have something that must be done, and a promise that must be kept.” Dave’s expression was very solemn.

Alyssa didn’t think much about it. She thought it was Dave and Claire’s agreement, so she didn’t ask any more.

Alyssa nodded and asked him, “Are you coming to see me for something?”

Dave asked her: “When will you leave this time?”

“I have three days off.” Alyssa was a little surprised: “Do you know that I am with the crew?”

“Yeah.” Dave replied, “Notify me when you leave.”

After he finished speaking, he turned back to the opposite room.

At this time, the elevator door opened and Tina walked out of it.

When Tina came out of the elevator, she happened to see Dave walking past and returning to his own home.

“Your bodyguard just came to see you?” Tina asked Alyssa curiously.

“Yeah.” Alyssa’s gaze fell on Tina’s hand: “I’m here as soon as I come. What do you bring with you?”

Tina smiled and said, “Buy some food on the way.”

Alyssa reached out and took it: “Come inside.”

After Tina entered the house, she stared at Alyssa for a while, and finally said: “You seem to be darker.”

Alyssa didn’t care too much and said, “I follow the crew every day, and I’m going to be exposed over there. It will definitely get dark.”

She put away the things Tina bought, and then asked her, “What would you like to eat at noon?”

Tina said a few dishes, and Alyssa took out the dishes and started preparing.

Tina looked at her and chatted with her.

While chatting, Tina fell silent suddenly.

Alyssa didn’t hear her talking for a long time, so she turned to look at her: “Why don’t you speak anymore.”

Tina hesitated and said tentatively, “Do you know something?”

“I didn’t even say what it, how would you know.” Tina said this without end, and Alyssa felt a little strange.

Tina’s tone suddenly became serious: “They are getting married.”

“Who?” Alyssa had a knife in her hands.

“Karl and Miana.”

“Oh.” Alyssa continued cutting vegetables.

Tina looked at her as if she was okay, and was relieved, but the next moment, she saw Alyssa’s fingers stained with blood.

“Alyssa! You have cut your hands!”

Chapter 726

“Huh?” Alyssa was taken aback when she heard Tina’s words, and then looked down at her hand.

The blood from her fingers had dripped onto the cutting board, and she felt the pain from her fingers.

Tina stepped forward and quickly took the kitchen knife in her hand and put it aside, helping her pinch her fingers: “Be careful!”

Alyssa curled her lips and said with a smile: “It’s okay, it’s just a small wound.”

“Small wounds? Look at it for yourself, it will leave a scar if it is deeper!” Tina was a little angry, pinching Alyssa’s finger and holding it up to her, letting her see for herself.

“Hiss…” Alyssa felt the wound hurt with such a big movement.

Tina glared at her, squeezing her finger angrily and lowering it to the faucet.

After washing away the blood on her hands, she was about to ask Alyssa if she had band-aids, when she heard Alyssa asking her: “Who did you hear it from?”

Tina didn’t react a little at first, and realized that Alyssa was asking about Karl and Miana’s marriage, she couldn’t help but glared at Alyssa again: “Your hands are like this, and you still want to take care of other people’s affairs. .”

Although her mouth was fierce, Tina still told her: “From Peter.”

It turned out to be Peter…

“If Peter said it, then this might be true.” Alyssa muttered with her eyes down.

Tina saw her look unsettled and squeezed her wound with hatred of iron and steel, “You should tell me if there are band-aids first!”

Alyssa frowned in pain: “In the cabinet in the living room.”

Tina found a band-aid and put it on Alyssa. Alyssa still wanted to ask something, but when she saw Tina looking fierce, she didn’t ask anymore.

Tina helped her put the band-aids on, and took a closer look before saying: “Your hand is also injured and it won’t get wet. Let’s go out and eat.”

“It’s okay, just this finger can’t get wet, it won’t affect cooking, I…”

Alyssa didn’t finish her words, but after seeing her cold and unhappy face, she didn’t say any more.

Finally, she was pulled out by Tina.

Tina didn’t bother to discuss with her and drove directly to Best Day.

Today is a working day, and the restaurant inside Best Day is still overcrowded.

They didn’t ask for a box, but found a card table.

After ordering the food, Tina fixedly stared at Alyssa, not knowing what she was looking at.

Alyssa was uncomfortable with her: “If you have something to say, don’t look at me like this.”

“Your ex-husband is going to get married, how about you?” Tina paused, tapped her fingertips on the dining table twice, and made a crisp voice: “You also hurry up, find someone to marry! I really can’t find someone. Now, I can introduce to you.”

Alyssa whispered: “What are you talking about!”

Seeing Alyssa doing this, Tina sighed, lowered her voice and said, “I can’t swallow this breath! The big boss lost his memory for three years. He and Miana had such a good time and place, and he didn’t see her. Takedown the big boss! You and the big boss got through everything, but he fell in love with Miana again! What’s the matter!”

Listening to what Tina said so much, Alyssa was very calm.

She lowered her eyes, and the bits and pieces that she had experienced with Karl appeared in her mind, but she knew that she was very calm at the moment.

“Those things are over. When I was with him, we didn’t disappoint each other’s feelings. That’s enough.”

Alyssa smiled helplessly: “Besides, I have let it go too.”

“Let it down?” Tina glanced at Alyssa’s fingers still attached to the bandage, and expressed suspicion.

Alyssa touched the injured finger, her face calm: “I have not completely let go, but I have decided to let it go. Now, the most important thing for me is not to pay attention to Karl’s marriage. , But to win Grace’s custody.”

Hearing this, Tina suddenly raised her head to look at her: “Yes! Why did I forget this!”

Regarding Grace’s custody rights, Alyssa had thought about it before, but it hadn’t been until the time to fight for custody.

If Karl and Miana really decide to get married, she must take over the custody rights.

Alyssa didn’t know whether Miana really loved Karl. What she knew was that Miana would definitely not treat Grace well.

Before she woke up and hadn’t fully recovered her memory, she ran into Grace who was lost in the mall. At that time, Miana wanted to throw Grace away.

Her Grace must not live under the same roof as Miana.

“But, if you want Grace’s custody, will the big boss give you?” Tina felt that Alyssa’s chances of winning were not great.

Alyssa saw the cool thoughts: “My chances of winning are indeed not great. Back then, on the small island, I thought I was bound to die, but I am still alive and well? As long as I have a chance, as long as I don’t give up, I believe , I will definitely get custody!”

Seeing her so firm, Tina shook her hand and said, “Well, you can do it. If you need me, just say it!”

No matter when, Tina will always be on her side.

Thousands of words can only converge into one sentence: “Thank you, Tina.”

Tina let go of her hand with a “heap”, “It’s boring for you to say that. Why do we have friendship, do we need to say thank you?”

Alyssa smiled without speaking.

It just so happened that the food they ordered was brought up, and the two of them ate and chatted.

“Karl is getting married, is it accurate?” Alyssa asked again.

Tina thought for a while, and said, “I just heard him mention it, but the news must be accurate, but don’t know when it will be.”

Alyssa thought for a moment, and came to the conclusion: “In this way, it should be too early, it won’t be recently. If the wedding is really ready, there will definitely be news.”

In the evening, Alyssa drove to the kindergarten to meet Grace.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, she met Smith.

Smith nodded slightly, still very respectful: “Miss Alyssa.”

Alyssa nodded politely, and said, “I’m at home these few days. I want to pick Grace to stay with me for a few days. If it is not a trouble, Mr. Smith will talk to Karl?”

“Ok, Miss Alyssa.” Smith didn’t seem surprised at all.

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you in advance and let you run for nothing.” Alyssa was actually afraid that she would tell Smith in advance, and Smith would tell Karl, and then she would have to talk to Karl again.

She is now trying to avoid direct contact with Karl.

Because she has to accumulate her strength, and when she fights with Karl for custody, she still has a tough battle to fight.

Smith was not angry at all: “It doesn’t matter, this is my duty. Since Miss Alyssa picks Grace back, I will leave first.”

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