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Predestined Marriage Complete Chapter Links

This novel brings us the story of a girl who has nothing interesting going on in life. She lives with her step-siblings. Her mother married a man as his second wife with children from the former wife. After giving birth to a girl, the man deceased.

This girl is the female protagonist of our novel Predestined Marriage. Her biological mother is more attached to her step-children more than her own daughter. The half-sister of the female lead of the novel was betrothed to a man from a powerful family. Now the people from that family are at the door, and she is not ready to leave her house.

Sending them back empty-handed is not an option for this family, they must do something.

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Predestined Marriage Novel Read Online

The reason for her rejection of the marriage is that the man is said to be ugliest in looks. Furthermore, he is said to be a cripple and impotent. This happened almost ten years ago when he was kidnapped by some people.

When they finally released him, he was disfigured. This is what the whole of society knows about him. The powerful and rich family has never attempted to suppress or refute these rumors. The man himself has never been seen by the public since his return.

The man has married many women and none of them have come out of his villa in the mountainside. Now, the female protagonist is asked by her mother to replace her step-sister. Out of boredom and desperation, she agrees.

What will happen to her? Will she survive? Read the full story of the Predestined Marriage novel and find out. Start from any chapter, enjoy.

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