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Chapter 737

Grace used both hands and feet to climb to Alyssa’s side: “Have you ever taken medicine? You need to take medicine when you are sick.”

Alyssa tried to reach out to touch Grace’s head, but found that there was a needle in her hand.

Only then did she see the infusion bottle, pay attention to Smith who was walking inside.

The surprise in her eyes was even worse: “Mr. Smith?”

Alyssa was fully awake at this time, and remembering what was going on before, she went to take a bath and fell down in the bathroom.

Hania nodded: “I heard that “Lost City 2″ was finished yesterday. Today I plan to take my wife out on vacation. I came to see if you were home when I pass by your house, thinking if you have come back. So I took Grace out to play with us. As a result, no one opened the door, so we found someone to unlock… Only to find that you fainted in the bathroom.”

“This is your wife?” Alyssa looked at Hania’s face with curiosity.

She had known Smith for so many years, and it was the first time to see his wife.

“Hello, Miss Alyssa, I’m Hania.” Hania finished speaking, looking at her infusion bottle: “It’s almost gone. I’ll prescribe you two more medicines later.”

Seeing this, Alyssa asked, “Is Mrs. Smith a doctor?”

Hania smiled and nodded at her, and then helped her get the needle.

After understanding the ins and outs of the matter, Alyssa looked at Grace.

She stretched out her hand and hugged Grace to herself: “Let mother see if my baby is a little bigger.”

When she hugged Grace, Grace still resisted: “Mom, I am sinking, don’t hold me.”

“It’s okay, mother can hold you too heavy.” Alyssa did not eat in the morning and had a fever. She was still very weak at the moment, but when she saw Grace, she seemed to be charged and full of energy.

Grace smiled, blinked and touched Alyssa’s face: “You look sick.”

Alyssa’s complexion was extremely bad, her eyes were weak, her lips were pale, and her face was paper-colored, which made people worry.

Smith stood aside, watching Alyssa cheer up and interact with Grace, and he was relieved. Fortunately, with Grace, Alyssa could easily believe the rhetoric he made up.

“Miss Alyssa, let me check again for you.” Hania opened the medical kit she brought again.

As soon as Grace heard that Alyssa was going to check, she obediently got off and sat quietly next to her, widening her eyes and watching Hania check for Alyssa curiously.

Seeing Grace’s loss, Alyssa felt satisfied and distressed.

She pursed her lips silently, and carefully cooperated with Hania’s inspection, and Smith went out very consciously.

When he got outside, he called Karl.

Before he could speak, Karl asked, “Is she awake?”

“The young lady woke up and believed what I said, she didn’t know that you were here.” After Smith finished speaking, the other side fell silent.

After a while, he heard Karl’s voice: “That’s good.”

There was no sound from Smith, and he didn’t know what to say.

Just when he thought Karl was going to hang up, he said: “You transfer a servant from the villa to take care of her.”

“I see.” It was said that a servant was transferred from the villa to take care of Alyssa, but he was able to use taking care of Grace as an excuse.

After answering the phone Smith entering the bedroom, Hania had already checked Alyssa, and she had to stay in bed.

Alyssa was sick herself, and she didn’t want Grace to be here because she was afraid that she would infect her: “Grace, go back to Dad with Mr. Smith. Mom is sick and can’t take care of you.”

When Alyssa spoke, she gently stroked Grace’s hair to comfort her.

Even so, Grace’s small eyebrows were still wrinkled into “eight”, and she shook her head again and again: “I take care of you, I can bring you water.”

Childish speech is the most distressing.

Alyssa silently curled the corners of her lips, trying to persuade Grace again, when she heard Smith say: “Miss Alyssa, I can transfer a servant from Villa to take care of Grace.”

When Alyssa heard the words, she was stunned, transfer a servant from Karl’s villa?

Smith said euphemistically: “Grace has always missed you, Sir always loves Grace.”

After listening to Smith’s words, Alyssa understood what he meant.

Karl felt sorry for Grace, and if Grace had to stay with Alyssa, he would definitely be willing to transfer a servant from the villa to take care of Grace.

Karl had no feelings for her anymore, but Grace was his biological daughter, and he had to compete with Alyssa for the custody of Grace.

Alyssa turned her head to look at Grace, she kept holding Alyssa’s hand tightly without letting go, with an expression of dismay on her face.

Seeing Grace like this, Alyssa was still willing to let her go, and nodded, which was regarded as a suggestion by default.

Karl’s servant came very quickly. After the servant came, Smith and Hania left.

Alyssa was still a little weak and wanted to rest in bed. Grace was very active, but wanted to accompany her, so she crawled to her and lay down to play a Rubik’s Cube.

Alyssa was very tired and had limited energy. She watched Grace playing for a while, and fell asleep shortly.

Grace was playing and fell asleep, but she woke up hungry after she slept.

Alyssa was still sleeping, so she got out of bed cautiously, but she fell as soon as she stood up, but luckily she fell on the bed without any pain.

However, when she fell like this, Alyssa woke up.

“Grace?” Alyssa sat up halfway up and asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Grace turned her head and said milkily, “I’m hungry.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and patted Alyssa, and said, “You go to bed.”

When Hania left, she said that Alyssa should rest more. Grace remembered it very firmly.

“I’m much better now.” Alyssa sat up, got out of bed and took a coat to wear on her body, then hugged Grace out of bed, put her shoes on and took her out.

The servant had just made a meal and was about to call them both out.

The servant respectfully said, “I’m going to ask you to eat.”

Alyssa glanced at the table and found that there were several dishes on the table, as well as soup, and the dishes looked light.

Alyssa nodded, and said, “Thank you.”

“What’s this, it’s all I should do. Miss Alyssa treated us very well before.” The servant said what happened when Alyssa lived in Karl’s villa.

Thinking about it carefully, Alyssa felt that she was not particularly good to them either.

Alyssa just smiled and didn’t say much. Just now Grace said she was hungry, so she took Grace directly to the table.

Alyssa is also hungry, but she has no appetite, basically she is watching Grace eat.

Grace has always been very good at eating, and she is not too picky. Children who are not picky eaters are liked by people watching them, not to mention that she is her own daughter.

Chapter 738

After eating, Alyssa took the medicine and then went back to the room to rest.

Grace still stuck to her, and went to her room with her comic book and toys.

Alyssa felt that her spirit was much better than before, and she wanted to play with Grace for a while.

As a result, Grace’s face was very serious: “Go to bed, you need to sleep to get better.”

“Look at me now~” Alyssa was helpless, holding Grace’s small face, and let Grace look at her.

Grace shook her head: “Go to bed, or I will be angry~”

The look of the little adult was a bit funny, Alyssa made a frightened look and said, “I’m so scared~”

Grace knew that Alyssa was teasing her, so she bulged her face, pouted and lowered her chin, looking angry.

“Okay, I’ll go to sleep, then you stay in the room obediently, don’t run around, and call me if you have something, OK?” Alyssa squeezed her nose: “You are so fierce.”

Grace let out a “hum”, watching Alyssa return to the bed and continue to lie down, only then began to play on her own comfort.

Children are curious about everything, and can play for a long time with any small thing in their hands.

Alyssa was worried about Grace’s habit of taking a nap, and she couldn’t sleep much while lying in bed, so she took her mobile phone to open Twitter.

On Twitter, she followed the official account of the crew of “Lost City 2”.

The official Twitter released the news of the completion of “Lost City 2”, and the protagonist also retweeted it, and many fans commented on “I am looking forward to it” below.

As the screenwriter of this play, Alyssa naturally also forwarded it.

She just retweets this Tweet from the official Twitter account, and someone commented on her Tweet.

Anyway, she has nothing else to do at the moment, so she goes to read the comments under Twitter.

The first few comments are normal.

“It’s warm and rough!”

“It turns out that you didn’t update Twitter since long, you just joined the crew!”

“Youe finished the filming of “Lost City 2″ without saying a word. I look forward to it!”

“I have finally waited for “Lost City 2″ in my lifetime, when will it be broadcasted?”

Gradually, after Alyssa read more and more comments, there were some messy comments.

“I heard that your ex-husband is getting married, do you know?”

“You are also pretty, so find a rich man to marry while you are young!”

“I didn’t mean anything else. I just wanted to ask you. Didn’t Karl’s official Twitter say that Karl didn’t like a woman surnamed Palmer? Isn’t this a slap?

The last comment was followed by people who came later, and it became popular.

Facts have proved that people are still very interested in other people’s emotional gossip.

Because it didn’t take long for a topic called trending search, and Alyssa’s Twitter name also went on trending search.

The Tweet where Alyssa retweet “Lost City 2” to complete, basically began to discuss the relationship between her and Karl.

Alyssa felt her head hurt again, and she decided to ignore those people.

As soon as she quit Twitter, Mattie sent her a WeChat.

“The “Lost City 2″ hasn’t been on the trending search yet, but you are on…”

Alyssa replied helplessly: “Do you think I want to be on the trending search?”

Mattie mentioned the old things again: “Do you want to consider entering the entertainment industry?”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows and replied to her: “You might as well let Karl enter the entertainment circle. He has his own traffic. I’m doing trending searches because of him.”

Sure enough, Mattie sent her a “rolling eyes” expression: “Even if she really wants to enter the entertainment industry, do I dare to pick it up?”

Alyssa didn’t know what to say to her, so she posted an emoticon.

She put down the phone and looked up at Grace, only to find that she was drowsy, lighting her head like a chicken pecking at rice.

Alyssa got out of bed and hugged Grace.

Grace rubbed her eyes, letting Alyssa hug her onto the bed softly.

Grace was already so sleepy that she was squinting, and her eyelids seemed to be heavy, and they kept falling.

She was confused and whispered: “Mom.”

Alyssa k!ssed her on the forehead, and said warmly, “Go to sleep.”

Grace really fell asleep.

Alyssa accompanied her and slept with her. It was night when she woke up.

Alyssa basically stayed in bed all day.

When she woke up at night, she felt that her whole person’s spirit was much better, and she was no longer uncomfortable like before, but she felt uncomfortable all over.

She woke up before Grace. Before Grace woke up, Alyssa took her clothes to take a bath.

She felt refreshed after the shower.

Grace just woke up, and the servant made dinner.

After dinner, she planned to take Grace out for a walk. After all, Grace had been with her all day at home.

Children are active, so they should take more out for a walk.

Alyssa changed Grace’s clothes and took her out. When she returned, she asked Grace, “Where do you want to go to play tomorrow?”

“It’s fun to go anywhere with my mother.” Grace was led by Alyssa, jumping around, extremely happy.

On the next weekend, Alyssa took Grace out to watch a movie.

There is actually a movie room in Karl’s villa, but the feeling of watching it together in the movie theater is different.

On Monday morning, after Alyssa sent Grace to kindergarten, she drove to the law firm to inquire about the custody lawsuit.

Her car had just driven to the door of a law firm, and it hadn’t stopped. A series of red sports cars suddenly galloped over from the corner. The speed was so fast that there was no chance for Alyssa to react.

The sports car scratched Alyssa’s car and knocked off the mirror directly.

Alyssa was taken aback, driving so arrogantly in the daytime, is this rushing to reincarnate?

Although she was a little angry, Alyssa stopped the car before getting out to see the situation.

At this time, the red sports car fell back, and stopped in front of her.

The distance between the body and Alyssa was less than half a meter, and Alyssa’s body froze.

The next moment, the door of the sports car opened, and a man in a bright blue suit got out of the car.

The man wore sunglasses and his hairstyle was a popular one. Alyssa didn’t recognize who he was for a while, but felt a little familiar.

“It’s you!” The man walked up to her, standing chic, slowly took off his sunglasses, and looked at Alyssa with a smile on his face.

After Alyssa saw his face clearly, she was a little surprised: “Mr. Mann.”

Alvin’s eyes are full of joy, and he seems to be very happy to meet Alyssa: “I still think that Miss Alyssa will be able to invite me to have a meal with her. I didn’t expect to meet here, could I? Can’t it be considered providence?”

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