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Chapter 739

Alyssa was not as happy as Alvin. She stared at Alvin with a straight face: “Mr. Mann always drives like this, right?”

“Occasionally let myself fly, I like this stimulating feeling.” Alvin opened his hands and closed his eyes with enjoyment. The whole person looked very intoxicated.

“Sorry, I don’t want to eat with people like Mr. Mann who cares not about his own and other people’s lives.” Alyssa looked cold, picked up the reflector, pulled the door and threw it back into the car, locked the car, and planned to enter the law office.

Alvin, who was still enjoying with his eyes closed, opened his eyes abruptly after hearing Alyssa’s words, and stopped her path in two steps.

Alyssa’s road was blocked, and she walked around to the other side. But Alvin stopped her where she went.

In the end, she had no choice but to stand still, watching Alvin waiting for him to speak.

“Ms. Alyssa’s words really hurt my heart.”

The smile on Alvin’s face also reduced a bit, but still with a smile that seemed to be non-existent, and it was difficult to tell whether it was true or false.

“Mr. Mann doesn’t seem to be young anymore. It doesn’t matter to me how you drive, but you almost hit me today! What you crashed this time was the mirror on my car, so next time Isn’t it me that you hit? You don’t want to die, but I’m so sorry!”

Alyssa’s face was tense, righteously speaking, but Alvin was taken aback.

Alvin laughed and said, “Ms. Alyssa is a young woman, but she is quite preaching.”

Alyssa thought Alvin would be angry if she said such things.

However, Alvin’s complexion recovered very quickly, and he took the initiative to admit his mistakes: “I did drive a bit recklessly, and I didn’t think about others when I drove. This time it was my fault! Miss Alyssa give me a chance, I apologize to you!”

“How about I invite you to dinner at noon?” Alvin raised his wrist and looked at the time: “Now there is still a while before lunchtime. We can find a place to drink and chat first.”

“I hope Mr. Mann is really aware of his mistake. As for the apology, you don’t need to apologize. I have something to do.” Alyssa’s face eased a bit, and after speaking, she bypassed him and walked into the law firm.

“Miss Alyssa, are you going to go to court?” Alvin followed Alyssa without hearing her refusal.

Alyssa is really anxious to get things done now, and she doesn’t have time to play word games with Alvin, so she doesn’t bother to talk to him.

However, Alvin was not defeated by her cold attitude, and still followed her firmly.

Alyssa had to speed up her pace, but Alvin has long legs. Even if Alyssa speeded up her pace, he just increased his pace a bit and walked leisurely.

Alvin followed when he was fast entering, and Alyssa had to stop, gritted her teeth, and said, “Alvin, stop making trouble!”

Alvin seemed to be really angry when he saw Alyssa, so he said seriously: “If you really need a lawsuit or a lawyer, you can find me.”

“You?” Alyssa raised her head to look at him suddenly, and asked, “Are you a lawyer?”

“Yeah, doesn’t I look like?” Alvin raised his hands very narcissistically and turned around in front of her.

Even though she was wearing such a girly bright blue, Alvin didn’t feel like a girl at all, he was still that wind-wandering young man.

Alyssa shook her head: “It’s not like.”

Alvin sighed, stretched out a finger to pick the hair on his forehead, with a boastful tone: “I am a doctor of law, graduated from a prestigious school in United States. Don’t ignore my talent just because of my handsome appearance!”

Alyssa shook her head, what kind of evil she had been hit, would listen to Alvin’s bragging here.

Alvin was still chattering endlessly. Alyssa had already walked past him and entered the law firm.

The person receiving Alyssa was a middle-aged woman with short hair in a suit, and she looked capable and neat.

The middle-aged woman poured a glass of water for Alyssa and said with a smile: “How do you call it?”

“Thank you.” Alyssa helped the water cup before saying, “My name is Alyssa.”

“Miss Alyssa, this is my business card.” The middle-aged woman handed the business card to Alyssa. After a pause, she asked, “May I ask Miss Alyssa need…”

Before the middle-aged woman finished her words, she felt a flash in front of her eyes, a bright blue figure had already arrived, and sat down directly beside Alyssa.

Alyssa turned her head and took a look, and found that Alvin had come in.

The smile on the middle-aged woman’s face narrowed: “Is this gentleman Miss Alyssa’s friend?”

Alyssa’s fever has gone down, but she feels a headache at this moment.

“Alvin, what are you doing?” Alyssa looked at Alvin impatiently, and said in a low voice, “I’m not the same as you. Don’t pester me like this anymore. If I treat you before Your attitude caused you a misunderstanding, and I apologize to you.”

It was the first time that Alvin was so disgusted by a woman. He paid close attention to Alyssa. When she spoke, her brows frowned together, and the impatience in her eyes was so obvious that it didn’t seem to be pretending.

Realizing that Alyssa really didn’t want to be pestered by him, he was very upset.

The more upset you are, the more you have to go against Alyssa.

Alvin snorted, with no smile on his face, and said word by word: “I will not leave unless you let me be your litigation lawyer!”

When the middle-aged woman heard these words, her face changed slightly.

There is a competitive relationship between peers.

“Miss Alyssa, if you already have a litigation lawyer, what are you doing here with us?” The middle-aged man looked at Alyssa with an unhappy expression.

The change in the attitude of the middle-aged woman made Alyssa realize that she could only be removed from the selection list for this law firm.

“Sorry.” After Alyssa nodded apologetically to the middle-aged woman, she pulled Alvin away.

Alvin was dragged out by Alyssa while shouting, “Hey, my clothes are crumpled by you! I ordered it from Canada this morning! You know the maintenance fee for my clothes. How expensive is it! How about you woman…”

When he arrived outside the office, Alyssa threw away his hand heavily, and looked at him with a cold expression: “Happy? Satisfied?”

Alvin liked the clothes he was wearing. As soon as Alyssa let go, he hurriedly sorted out his clothes.

Although the clothes were smoothed, they always felt that they were not as smooth as before. Alvin was a little unhappy: “Look, what my clothes look like?”

Chapter 740

Alyssa felt that she and Alvin couldn’t make any sense, so it’s better to get rid of him as soon as possible.

She also stopped paying attention to Alvin, turned around, and walked towards where she had parked.

Alvin chased her up: “Alyssa! Stop for me!”

Alyssa didn’t hear it and opened the car door directly.

Only when she opened the door in front of her, Alvin came up with his heel and slapped her door back, and closed it again.

Alyssa tightened the corners of her lips and continued to open her face coldly, and Alvin pressed it again.

This was repeated twice, Alyssa exhausted her patience, and very quickly raised her hand knife and slashed it on Alvin’s arm.

Alvin escaped in time, and Alyssa took advantage of the situation and reached with her elbow. Alvin caught Alyssa’s elbow in surprise.

Alyssa reacted extremely quickly, and kicked towards Alvin’s place.

Alvin’s reaction was slow, and he was a little embarrassed to hide.

“Alyssa, I have never seen a woman as cruel as you!” After he escaped, he let out a long sigh of relief. If he had just been kicked by Alyssa, he might really have to kill off his children and grandchildren.

“Just know, don’t mess with me.” Alyssa’s expression was a bit cruel, Alvin really messed her up.

She is not a bad-tempered person, but if he provokes her, she is definitely not a bun and she does know how to fight back.

Alvin looked at her with lingering fear, and suddenly laughed again: “I have never seen a woman like you.”

When he smiled, his eyes narrowed slightly, which was different from the perfunctory and purposeful smile before. This time he smiled very sincerely.

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, opened the door and got into the car.

She could see clearly that Alvin was a stray boy who was idle and doing nothing. Even if he was Wilfred’s son and knew Clifford, it did not mean that he knew something.

What Clifford said still makes sense.

The entanglement between her and Alvin is a waste of time.

When Alyssa started the car, she turned her head and glanced out of the car window.

Alvin stood on the side of the road, looking in her direction blankly, with rare seriousness in his eyes.

Alvin looked like a person who can and love to play, but his heart is not bad, otherwise he would have used the tricks like Robert to make her subdue.

Alyssa remembered what he had just said, stopped the car abruptly, lowered the window, and went out and shouted at him: “Are you really a doctor of law?”

Alvin, who was still listless on the side of the road, immediately looked like a puppy with only bones. He was very excited and said: “Really! I am really a doctor of law!”

Alyssa was silent for a moment, and waved to him: “Then come over.”

Alvin looked very happy and ran over excitedly with a big smile: “Have you promised me to be your litigation lawyer?”

Alyssa asked him: “Are you very good at lawsuits?”

Alvin thought for a while and asked her: “Who are you going to fight with?”

Alyssa didn’t answer immediately. She squinted her eyes to look at him, but her head was spinning at high speed.

Clifford knew everything about her, as long as Alvin wanted to know, Clifford might also tell him.

Thinking about it this way, Alyssa no longer had any scruples, and said, “A lawsuit against Karl for custody.”

When Alvin heard the words, the expression on his face solidified for a moment.

He had originally bowed and leaned in front of the car window to listen to Alyssa’s words, and immediately stood up straight.

He stared at Alyssa for a while, and then said solemnly: “You should know that you want to win Karl, and the odds of winning are almost zero.”

“I know.” Alyssa nodded, “But, I must win this lawsuit.”

The firmness of Alyssa’s eyes made Alvin stunned. He took a deep breath and said, “Let me get in the car, I’ll get in the car and talk to you.”

She didn’t actually lock the door. Alvin didn’t get in the car directly, but asked Alyssa’s opinion, which surprised her.

“Come up.” Alyssa nodded at him.

Alvin immediately circled to the other side and got into the car, and got into the position of the co-pilot.

Alyssa glanced back, Alvin’s eye-catching red sports car was still parked on the side of the road, and asked him, “Where is your car?”

Alvin said indifferently, “There is a trailer company in the country, right? I’ll just drive it back then.”

Alyssa just checked the sign of his sports car, which is expensive.

Maybe he is a rich man.

Alyssa smiled and drove away. Alvin didn’t care about it, and naturally he didn’t need others to feel sorry for him.

Alyssa drove Alvin to a cafe.

Taking into account his identity, Alyssa chose a cafe that looks more upscale.

As soon as the two of them sat down, Alyssa pushed the drink list over, and heard Alvin say in surprise, “Have you already given birth?”

What she said just now, Alvin only reacted to it now, she wondered if Alvin was a doctor of law.

Alyssa said calmly, “Yes.”

“A boy or a girl? Wouldn’t he have a personality like Karl?” Alvin didn’t know what his brain was filling, shrugged with a cold face.

“Girl, three and a half years old,” Alyssa said concisely.

Alvin seemed to be ready to continue to ask questions. Alyssa picked up the drink list and asked, “What to drink?”

Alvin glanced at the menu and said, lacking in interest, “Juice, sweeter, I don’t like coffee.”

Alyssa ordered him a glass of strawberry juice.

In March, the season for eating strawberries is also a seasonal fruit, but it may be a little sour.

A big man likes to drink sweet juice, he really has a childlike innocence.

Alyssa ordered herself a cup of coffee.

Alvin didn’t care at all about what he was drinking, but seriously studied the Alyssa’s case.

“If your daughter is younger, it will be fine. In that case, the court will sentence the child to you. Although Karl may be in trouble, I am sure.”

“But she will be four years old in July.” Alyssa knew what Alvin said.

Alvin tilted his head slightly, leaning forward, and squeezed one hand into a fist on the dining table, lost in thought.

Alyssa didn’t bother him, and made him think.

After a while, Alvin said, “There is no other way!”

At this time, the waiter brought the squeezed strawberry juice over.

“Hello madam, your…”

Alyssa pointed to the other side: “His.”

The waiter was stunned, and put the juice in front of Alvin: “Sir, your strawberry juice.”

“Thank you.” Alvin thanked politely.

When the waiter left, Alvin smiled at Alyssa and blinked: “I like red, beautiful, just like you.”

Alyssa looked at him blankly.

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