Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030

“Why is your Majesty dressed so enchanting today?” Jacob heard the voice of employees talking about the devil.

There was a hint of doubt on the bottom of his eyes. Didn’t this devil wear a skirt before?

Sure enough, it was a man.

At this time, a new employee stood up and suggested to Irene, “Your Majesty, can the dishes in the kitchen be spicier?”

Irene twisted Emei, and she was about to roar at the Hedong Lion – but she glanced at the Jacob in the corner and immediately reminded herself – to be reserved and dignified.

Irene smiled softly and cutely, but hid a knife in the smile, exited, and said sharply, “Yesterday I went to the next-door film company to visit and discovered that we have a big problem with Media Asia.”

The employees became nervous. Media Asia is a benchmark for corporate companies and a model representative in the industry at all times. If there is a problem with Media Asia, no matter how big or small, it is a zero tolerance bug.

Even Guan Xiao’s expression became serious.

Irene seemed to be unable to come up in one breath. When the employees were waiting anxiously, she showed an expression of admiration and praised everyone at the next-door film company: “The employees next door, one by one, look pleasing and enchanting Thousands of things. Look at you again, the green facial makeup, the panda eyes, and the listless eyes of the dead fish, just like rushing to the funeral. Can you give me a face?”

The employees were dumb.

“But your Majesty, what does this have to do with the kitchen’s non-spicy dishes?” The characteristic of an engineering man is that an intestine goes to the end.

Irene grabbed this rectum all the way around, “Eating spicy food will get angry, getting constipated, constipation will cause acne, and acne will affect our image. Our slogan is to strive for everything. First, it doesn’t make sense to lose to the eggshell company next door on the front desk, right?”

The employees were probably convinced by the president’s theory. One by one showed a dazed expression.



In the quiet dining room, a low-magnetic and mellow voice suddenly came.

Everyone followed the prestige and saw Jacob lift up the handsome face of the fascinating person and look at the queen provocatively.

Seeing the arrows of the two chief executives flaring up, all the employees calmed down and listened with ears up.

He was guessing secretly in his heart, and he doesn’t know if the president of Iceberg Jacob meets the queen of aura Irene, who can win?

That day, Lai’s voice sounded again, “The film company relies on the face to eat, does Media Asia also rely on the face to eat?”

Jacob, the president of Bingberg, won the beautiful president.

Irene was caught off guard.

There was a sense of despair of feeding the dog enthusiastically.

She did this, but it was all about his stomach.

She was stunned, her face puffed up with anger.

Then-turned and left.

Her entourage Irene hurriedly called her loudly, “Hey, Your Majesty, are you not eating anymore?”

Irene exhaled, “I’m full of breath. I can’t eat it.”

Jacob: “…”

He made her embarrassed in public, it seemed a bit too much!

After all, girls all love face?

He stood up silently and went to the restaurant to have another meal. Then he walked out of the restaurant with a sullen face.

CEO’s office.

Irene lay on the desk, her face buried on the table. It’s like an onion in the soil upside down.

When Jacob knocked on the door and came in, Irene felt weak and said, “I’m dead, I have something to burn paper.”

A faint smile filled the Jacob Ice Soul.

Walked to the desk and pushed the box lunch in front of her.

Irene smelled the scent of vegetables, and her black-haired hand was like a zombie hand from Plants vs. Zombies. She also automatically matched the sorrow and joy, “If I don’t eat, I was hurt by him so much that I have no love.”

Without looking up to see who it was, she started to talk.

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