Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1029

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Chapter 1029

Guan Xiao’s eyes swept across the crowd, with a sharp warning, “This is your new colleague, Mr. Ayue. If there is something he doesn’t understand in the future, you must try your best to take him.”

“Yes, yes!” The others nodded and bowed in response.

But in his heart, he wondered, how could the super powerful brain of the chief executive be useful to them?

Jacob looked indifferent and alienated, and walked straight to the empty seat by the window. Sit down neatly and turn on the computer.

A light spot flickered on the computer screen, gradually zooming in and turning into a page of white letterhead.

There is a warm greeting from President Yan on it.

Dear Ayue:

“Welcome to Media Asia. I hope you will have no worries for 365 days in Media Asia.”


Jacob picked up the mouse and instantly smashed the soul chicken soup that Irene had prepared for him.

Then open the firewall of Media Asia Networks and start researching.

Of course, other employees of the Cyber Security Department also received a letter.

However, it is not the humanistic concern of the chief executive, but the ruthless threat of the chief executive: “Who the hell dares to make him unhappy, and pack the baggage for the old lady and get out.”

Looking at the bright sunny day outside, the employees finally realized the feeling of hail in June.

So cold!

It seems that clothes must be added tomorrow.

In order to better take care of Jacob, Guan Xiao deliberately assigned his work to the Cyber Security Department. So he can take care of Jacob up close.

At lunch, Guan Xiao took Jacob to the staff restaurant of Media Asia for dinner. As soon as he entered the restaurant, he heard complaints from the employees.

“Why are today’s dishes so light? There isn’t a strong taste.”

“Is the kitchen lacking salt?”

“Lack of peppers?”


A touch of confusion appeared on Jacob’s handsome face.

Isn’t the devil not allowed to cook spicy food in the kitchen because he can’t eat spicy food?

This kind of thought just passed away in a flash, he felt that he had not yet reached the point where three thousand pets were all in one in the female devil’s heart!

At this time, he heard the chef’s explanation, “The president made repeated orders to us today, and the cuisine in the future must be light.”

The employees are boiling!

“What does your Majesty mean?”

“Why are we forbidden to eat spicy food?”

Guan Xiaomo smiled, and led Jacob into it.

The restaurant staff inadvertently swept Jacob, and suddenly all the seven souls and six souls were dislocated.

If Irene had not vaccinated them a month ago, seeing Jacob would have ignored her like a stranger and put his respect for her in his heart.

At the moment the noisy restaurant became silent.

Jacob showed a suspicion in his eyes, why did the employees react like this when they saw him?

Is he so scary?

When he just thought about it, he saw Irene walk in at 25,000.

Jacob was shocked to realize that he was passionate.

This time the employees were silent, probably because of Irene’s relationship.

Irene is wearing a white tight-fitting shirt, a green hip skirt and white high heels.

The beauty of the president is full of abstinence and charm.

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