Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028

Jacob looked mighty and unyielding, looking at Irene provocatively, “Threatening me?”

There was a guilty conscience in Irene’s eyes…

But thinking that this guy was serving Qiulian conscientiously at home, she felt jealous out of thin air.

Serving Qiulian at night, you have to serve her during the day!

This is fair!

“What about threatening you?” Irene said.

Jacob’s eyes sank, “I would rather Jincao die with dignity than live with humiliation.”

Irene: “…”

The tone softened, and his face eased, with a little compromise, “What do you want to do?”

“I’m going to the Cyber Security Department.”

Irene looked at him angrily.

The president’s office is on the 9th floor.

The Cyber Security Department is on the 6th floor.

It’s separated by three floors.

Does she want to see him go downstairs?

Irene looked at Jacob’s stubborn expression, and her heart ached. Reluctantly, General Xiao called in and ordered: “Bring Ah Yue to the Ministry of Security.”

Jacob did not leave immediately, there seemed to be something to say there.

Irene looked at him bitterly and deeply, “Is there anything else?”

“I need a welfare house for employees.”

Irene took out an envelope from the drawer and gave it to him, “This is for you.”

Jacob took the envelope, and the touch was a few thin cards. It should be a gas card and a water card.

Jacob left coolly.

Irene looked at his Xiuyi long back, a wicked smile appeared in her eyes.

The welfare house she gave him was a flat-floor garden villa in the community next to Haitian Yise. And the balcony garden of this house just opposite to her villa where the sea and the sky are the same.

The distance is no more than a hundred meters, and then they can look at each other.

In order to better see his life track, she even asked Guan Xiao to buy her a set of exquisite astronomical telescopes.

Then she will be able to spy on this guy.

Ah ha ha……

Guan Xiao took Jacob to get acquainted with the work environment-the Cyber Security Department.

Although the employees of the Cyber Security Department are straight men in engineering, they are usually reticent. However, when bizarre things happen occasionally, each of them can be compared to the scene of a car accident.

When the logistics department urgently sent people to the Cyber Security Department to do sanitation, the employees opened their mouths and talked.

“Could it be that he hired a nobleman to be treated like this?”

“Like President Yan, who is arrogant and arrogant who is not in her eyes, even if it is a nobleman, I am afraid that she can’t attract her so much attention, right?”

“How sacred is that?”

Just when everyone was talking about it, Jacob pushed the door and entered, as if a huge refrigerator fell from the sky, making the entire office building cold.

“Why do I feel a bit cold?” An employee trembling with his arms folded.

“How does this feel a bit like how it felt a few years ago?”

Guan Xiao hurriedly stopped: “Ahem!”

The employees all looked at the door, and when they saw Jacob standing next to Guan Xiao, everyone was dumbfounded.

The original whispering office was instantly silent.

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