Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1027

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Chapter 1027

Guan Xiao returned to the company and considered it again and again, and finally informed Irene of Jacob’s situation.

Guan Xiao choked and said: “President, he has a very bad life. The dishes on the table are yellowed inferior vegetables, and the taste is slightly spicy, which is not suitable for his stomach.”

Irene was stunned for a long time when she heard the words.

“Didn’t I just give him money?”

“Qiulian accidentally lost her bank card, and all the money in the card has been transferred.”

An angry spark sputtered from Irene’s eyes. “Go and check, who on earth stole that bank card? After finding it out, they’ll be punished.”

Guan Xiao clenched his fist, “Yes.”

“Go ahead.”

When Guan Xiao left, she walked to the door, and suddenly remembered another thing, her face became obscure, and she turned to look at Irene.

Irene was immersed in the documents.

Guan Xiao felt very uncomfortable.

In recent years, President Yan has used her soft shoulders to support the backbone of Media Asia for President Zhan. And the belief that supports her to persevere is probably the faint hope in her heart-the return of President Zhan.

If this hope is finally disillusioned, her fragile heart will definitely not be able to withstand this huge blow. It would be better to give her a reminder in advance to let her be prepared.

“Is there anything else?” Irene looked up at Guan Xiao.

Guan Xiao blurted out, “President. I found Durex in his bathroom today.”

Then not daring to look at her expression, Guan Xiao left quickly.

Irene is petrified like a carving.


It’s proof of his joy with Qiulian!

Although knowing that they are a husband and wife, this kind of thing is inevitable, but why she feels unimaginable when she knows it.

Irene’s mood suddenly became terrible, and she closed the file with a snap.

Then she found the paper and pen, and angrily wrote the personal assistant’s work agenda on the paper.

24 hours a day, she took full shots of her work. In addition to handling various company matters, she also accompanies her to eat, drink, and play with her——

Irene angrily said, “I will let you brains. This is the punishment for you.”

The next day.

The golden morning light was scattered on the iconic building of the imperial capital, Huanya. The black glass was broken down into dots of fire, like a sea of fire.

An endless stream of employees came here in the morning. Let this magnificent icy building instantly add more smoke and gas.

CEO’s office.

Irene held the mirror in her hand, carefully examining her makeup. Today’s makeup not only retains the cold charm of smoky makeup, but also eliminates the greasy feel of honey oil.

Of course the person who forced her to make sacrifices was Jacob.

Irene didn’t want him to induce hygienic disorder after seeing her, so she begged to change her makeup.

She didn’t use honey oil, just applied a light layer of isolation cream. Although the color number is the darkest, it is still a lot whiter than honey oil.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Jacob came to the president’s office with a lazy pace.

He glanced at Irene lightly, not caring about her new makeup at all. Irene was staring at the face paralyzed for thousands of years.

Irene printed out the job content and time schedule of the new assistant and handed it over to Jacob.

When Jacob saw the worksheet, his eyes sneered.

“To accompany eating, drinking, and playing together, just sleep with you?”

Irene said, “You can do whatever you want.”

Jacob threw the personal assistant’s worksheet angrily to Irene, “Personal assistant, I won’t do it.”

Irene gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t forget, I am the president of Media Asia. You have to do what I ask you to do?”

Damn, including eating, drinking, and sleeping!

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  1. No one really thought of asking if quilan son is really his son knowing he has sanity disorder or beingso sensitive in close interaction. 🤦


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