Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1031

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Chapter 1031

“The prestige that I have built up in front of employees over the past few years has been destroyed by him. Alas, the president of the first beauty of the imperial capital, in the eyes of others, is the incarnation of wisdom and beauty, but she has said something Words are ruined.”

As Irene said, she began to knock on the desk with annoyance with her forehead, “He just relied on me to like him, so he would have no shame in front of me.”

Jacob’s enchanting black pupils dilated infinitely, and his eyes were filled with disgust.

Raised his brows, he spit out two words coldly: “Childish.”

Irene raised her head in shock, and saw Jacob standing leisurely in front of her, looking at her with disgust.

Irene’s face flushed.

“Why you?”

“Bring you food.” Jacob pushed the box lunch in front of her.

Irene looked at the lunch box in front of her, and suddenly smiled, “Are you here to bear Jing’s plea?”

Jacob’s face turned dark, “Isn’t your face always solid?”

All the rice particles that Irene had just put into her mouth spewed out, glaring at him madly, “So you can trample on my face at will?”

Jacob’s sexy and charming lips hooked and acquiesced.

Irene gas knot.

Weakly waved to him, “You go, don’t come to see me without my call. I want to live a few more years.”

“Can’t ask for it.”

Irene: “…”

Jacob strode away.

When he arrived in a hurry, he admired the scenery of the ninth floor flawlessly.

When going leisurely, Jacob was attracted by the cultural wall in the corridor.

The long glass cultural wall is inlaid with densely packed lucky stars. Spelled into a colorful language, but it seems that the lucky star is not prepared enough, so the remaining one-third of the cultural wall is blank.

Jacob stopped by the cultural wall, curiously looking at the dense cluster of lucky stars.

For the lucky star folded purely by hand, how much labor is required to complete such a vast project?

At this time, Xiaomi at the front desk hopped over, looked at Jacob carefully, and took the initiative to give him the origin of the cultural wall of popular science.

“This is a lucky wall, designed by Her Majesty the Queen. And every lucky star on it is folded by Her Majesty herself.”

“Is she so free?” Jacob said coldly.

He doesn’t know whether it is praise or derogation.

Xiaomi was flabbergasted, and because of the absence of President Yan, he would vomit blood for three liters of anger.

Xiaomi deliberately turned on the switch button of the culture wall, and in an instant, the lighting effects of the culture wall were displayed.

The black glass is like a dark Milky Way, with countless stars floating on it.

And the red lucky stars are pieced together into a bloody coquettish flower, floating in the dark night…

The other side flower?

When Jacob’s eyes filled with huge consternation, he wanted to see more scenery below. The culture wall suddenly cut off.

He doesn’t know when Irene stood beside the cultural wall with her arms folded, her slender fingers still resting on the switch button.

Jacob’s eyes were frozen, and he was a little depressed by her sudden interruption. His face is also very stinky.

Irene said confidently: “Waste of electricity!”

Xiaomi: “…”

Jacob: “…”

“Your Majesty, the reason is a bit strange?” Xiaomi said, holding his head and fled.

Jacob looked at Irene, his eyes filled with confusion.

“These lucky stars, are you really discounting them?”

Irene nodded: “Yes!”

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