Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 853

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Chapter 853

Leng Bufan laughed wildly.

And hearing this, everyone looked at Tianlong Xu and Blood Rose with a hint of pity.

That’s it!

In the eyes of everyone around, it wasn’t just Shaun, the broom star, who was finished at this moment, and even the two Jiangshi giants were also unlucky.


Just as everyone imagined the end of Shaun, Blood Rose, and Xu, footsteps resounded.

Then in the shocking sight of everyone a white-faced, elegant middle-aged man with a group of successful people in suits and leather shoes walked in from the entrance of the hall.

This middle-aged man is the giant chaebol of Megatron Jiangnan and the president of Shengshi Group-Leng Kang!

The father of Leng Bufan!

At the same time!

Outside the door of an office on the second floor of the Blue Ocean Building.

Baishan just helped Elvira walk to the door, and Elvira’s pretty face suddenly turned white.

She woke up instantly from headedness:


Elvira screamed, and she realized that she was not in the hall.

“Dad! why am I here, where is Shaun? What about others?”

Elvira seemed to have thought of something, that dense cold sweat suddenly appeared on her forehead.

And seeing this scene.

Baishan was relieved and said quickly:

“Elvira, you were terrified and almost fainted. Shaun asked me to help you up to take a break!”

“How are you now?”

Hearing Baishan’s words, Elvira’s pretty face became paler:

“Dad, I’m fine now! I’m going to find Shaun, I’m going to find him!”


Elvira broke free of Baishan’s support and quickly ran towards the elevator.

And seeing this scene.

Baishan was taken aback, and quickly stopped her and said:

“Elvira, you can’t go down! Shaun has told me that he will handle everything by himself!”

“Moreover, Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain are probably coming soon. If you go down there, they might transfer their anger to you!”

Baishan’s scalp was numb.

In his eyes, Shaun provoked the two great masters in such a way, and the tragic ending was doomed, even if the gods descended to the world, they would not be able to save him.

And now!

The only thing he can do is to help Shaun keep Elvira.

Elvira seemed to understand Baishan’s intentions, a hint of mist-filled her beautiful eyes instantly:

“No! Dad, Shaun is my husband, he is in trouble, how can I stay here!”

“Moreover, I definitely can’t let people kill Shaun. If someone wants to be against him! Then they have to deal with me first!”



The crystal clear teardrops continued to drip down Elvira’s beautiful eyes.

And her words made Baishan tremble fiercely.

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