Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 741 – 742

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Chapter 741

Alvin drank the juice while saying: “You are so beautiful, so you should smile more…puff…vomit…”

“What is this!” Alvin took a sip of the juice, and his eyes widened: “Didn’t I say it’s sweet!”

Alyssa still had no expression on her face: “No fruit is absolutely sweet, either sweet with sour, or sour with sweet. Strawberry is sweet and sour, seasonal fruit, very healthy.”

Alvin’s brows were frowning high: “But I like sweet ones.”

“My daughter also likes sweet ones,” Alyssa said, raising her eyes.

Alvin: “…”

He reluctantly took a couple of sips, and it really became sweeter and sweeter, taking a sip and a big sip, and drank half of it.

Really a man with a childlike heart.

Alyssa’s coffee was also delivered.

Alvin drank half a cup of strawberry juice and continued: “If you don’t consider the actual situation, there is one thing that is very beneficial to you!”


“You have no other children, and if Karl has other children, you will be given priority in terms of judgment. This is the best thing for you after setting aside your and Karl’s respective conditions.”

Alyssa didn’t react after hearing this.

“Didn’t understand?” Alvin repeated it again earnestly: “I mean, as long as Karl has other children, your chances of winning will be greater.”

After he finished speaking, he denied it to himself: “But your conditions are too different from Karl’s conditions. You are hitting a rock with a pebble! Even if he has other children, you can’t have children, there is still no chance of winning.”

Clayton and Alyssa also said before that she had no chance of winning a lawsuit with Karl. Although Alvin seemed not serious, he was very serious when it came to this matter, and what he said was the same as Clayton.

It was precisely because he said the same thing as Clayton, that Alyssa believed him even more.

“It is precisely because there is no chance of winning that I have to win even more.” Alyssa sighed lowly.

Alvin stretched out his hand and patted his chest, looking a little stupid: “I don’t worry, I will try my best.”

Alyssa was a little surprised. She would consider Alvin because she was desperate.

Alvin in this way seemed to have changed her person, Alyssa said, “You are not like a playboy at all.”

“You must behave like doing business!” Alvin began to smile like picking up girls again: “When I help you win the lawsuit, I will continue chasing you, and then you must be particularly touched and you will take the initiative to give it away. Hug!”

The thing hasn’t been scribbled yet, but when it comes out of Alvin’s mouth, it looks like the real one.

Alyssa didn’t take his words to heart. People like Alvin liked this today and liked that tomorrow. They will not love it once the freshness is over.

Despite this, Alyssa felt that her view of Alvin would change.

No matter what kind of person, when doing something seriously, they are all worthy of respect.

Even if Alyssa has no feelings for a playboy like him, she would think Alvin is actually a good person.

The two chatted for a while in the cafe, mainly Alvin asked about Alyssa’s situation.

The situation was briefly explained, and the questions Alvin asked were actually very professional, which made Alyssa even less worried.

Lunch was eaten directly in the restaurant.

After eating, Alvin said that he would go back and prepare.

“It’s been a long time since I helped someone fight a lawsuit. I have to look at the case and information and think of a solution.”

“Okay.” Alyssa felt a little subtle in her heart when she saw him so concerned.

“What about you? What are you doing back?” Alvin kicked and said, “If it’s okay, come to me and help me find some information.”

Alyssa shook her head: “I have to pick up my daughter after school later.”

Alvin’s eyes lit up: “Are you going to pick up your daughter? I’ll go too!”

He couldn’t wait to see what kind of child Karl’s daughter was.

Alyssa saw through Alvin’s thoughts, a little puzzled: “You seem to have been targeting Karl.”

“I just can’t understand him. When my dad was there, he used to praise him. I want to see what is different about Karl. Isn’t it that he has some more money than us, and waits for the company to work every day? Worth boasting!”

A rare expression called “Unwilling” appeared on Alvin’s face, and his tone sounded sour.

But this is not the point, the point is…

“Your dad often praised Karl?” This is suspicious, and it gives people a strange feeling.

“My dad, you should know, Wilfred Mann.” Alvin suddenly sneered: “Others say that he was a great benevolent and a philanthropist. But he had insomnia and often had nightmares. You say it is not ridiculous?”

“Why does he have nightmares?”

Alvin stopped smiling, curled his lips, and even more coldly: “He had done too many things with his heart.

Alyssa actually had something to ask Alvin, but it was obviously inappropriate at this time, she could only choose to remain silent.

Fortunately, Alvin just said something, and immediately changed the subject: “You can check the information quickly with me, and then I’ll go with you to pick up your daughter.”

Alyssa hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Since she has chosen to believe in Alvin, then don’t speculate about him anymore.

This time it was Alvin’s turn to be surprised: “Did you just agree? You have to know that I have been coveting your beauty. If you go to my house with me, it will be just like a goat.”

Alyssa said earnestly: “If you want to have a taste of cutting off offspring, you can try.”

Alvin was so excited that he couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to cover a place of himself.

Alyssa sneered and got into the car.

Don’t know if he was frightened by Alyssa. Alvin didn’t say anything along the way. Except for giving directions, he didn’t say anything the rest of the time.

The more Alyssa drove forward, the more she felt that this road was a bit familiar, a bit like the road to Tina’s house.

When they finally reached the gate of the community, Alyssa found that it was the community where Tina lived. Those who live here are rich and celebrities.

Alvin didn’t notice Alyssa’s abnormality, and walked ahead to lead the way after getting off the car.

When he arrived at the door, Alvin opened the door and turned around and said to Alyssa, “I don’t live in this house for much time. It may be a mess.”

Alyssa said nothing.

After entering the room, she knew how messy Alvin said: “a little messy” was.

Clothes, books, and pillows were scattered on the ground. Alyssa almost didn’t even have a place to lay her feet.

There is also a thick layer of dust.

Chapter 742

Alvin opened the window to breathe, and Alyssa hurried to the window to breathe.

The room has been unoccupied for a long time and has a heavy smell.

“There is my study room. You can find it there later.” Alvin pointed in a direction behind Alyssa.

Alyssa turned her head and looked in the direction of Alvin, her eyes widened all of a sudden.

In the direction Alvin pointed to, three walls were full of books, and there were two movable ladders beside them.

Alyssa ran over and exclaimed, “So many books…”

It’s like a small library. Bookshelves should be made to order and the size can be the same as the wall.

“When I was a kid, I was disobedient. My dad locked me up and let me read books. After I read them, I would spot checks. I can’t be lazy. These books grew up with me and I love them very much.” Alvin reached out and walked from the shelf. After that, his fingers touched the corners of the book, and he looked very enjoyable.

The punishment of the philanthropist is really different.

“Your father really took great pains.” Alyssa looked up at the books on the three walls again, and joked with a rare smile: “So many books, how disobedient you were when you were a kid.”

Alvin turned around, but said to her: “You laughed.”

The smile on Alyssa’s face gradually faded.

“From the first time I saw you, you smiled fakely at me. This is the first time I saw you smile so real.” Alvin leaned against the bookshelf, staring at Alyssa.

Alyssa stopped smiling, and replied: “The same is true for you.”

She approached the bookshelf and found that all books were classified.

She searched for it according to the classification, and found a law-related book, and turned around and said to Alvin, “Are they all here?”

“All.” Alvin recovered his seriousness in a second and walked over.

The two stayed at Alvin’s house all afternoon.

When Alvin looked for information and read the book, he was very serious. Alyssa didn’t understand this and could only help very little.

When Grace was about to finish school, Alyssa put down the information in her hand: “I’m going to pick up Grace.”

Upon hearing this, Alvin put down the book in his hand: “Let’s go, hurry up!”

He behaved more anxiously than Alyssa, who didn’t know he thought he was going to pick up his own daughter.

When Alyssa drove Alvin to Grace’s kindergarten, she had not finished school.

The two waited outside for more than ten minutes before a child came out from inside.

While waiting for Grace to come out, Alyssa called Smith: “Mr. Smith, I am taking Grace to my place today.”

“I know.” Smith knew that Alyssa would go to meet Grace in the morning, but he didn’t even plan to go.

Grace should be in a good mood today. When she came out of kindergarten, she jumped up and down.

After she saw Alyssa, she was even more so happy, and the “spins” ran towards Alyssa.

Alyssa leaned over to catch her: “Grace looks so happy today.”

Grace smiled “hehe”, took out a small box from her pocket and handed it to Alyssa: “The teacher said, let us go back to raise silkworm babies.”

Alyssa opened it and took a look, there were a few small particles inside.

She has never seen silkworms, nor does she know what the silkworm eggs look like.

At this time, Alvin, who had been silent next to her, reached out and poked her arm.

Alyssa looked up and saw Alvin pointing at Grace, winking, and signaled Alyssa to give a quick introduction.

Alyssa carefully collected Grace’s silkworms and pointed her shoulder at Alvin and said, “Grace, this is Uncle Mann.”

“My name is Alvin, what’s your name?” Alvin also squatted down, his eyes narrowed with a smile, and even his voice became the kind of cute, funny voice.

Alyssa was a little shocked, does Alvin like children very much?

Grace looked at Alvin, blinked her big eyes, and introduced herself very seriously: “Hello, my name is Grace.”

“It’s so cute.” Alvin shook his fist twice, a little bit girly.

Grace smiled and said, “You are also very handsome.”

Alyssa was even more shocked now. She had never seen Grace interact with the person she met for the first time.

Alvin seems to really like children. He squeezed into the back row to sit with Grace.

Alyssa did not drive home, but drove to the bustling commercial street.

“What do you want to eat?” Alyssa looked at Alvin in the rearview mirror and asked.

Alvin said: “I heard that there is a particularly famous club in Rostenvel City called Best Day. I want to eat there.”

He didn’t often live in the country before, but he had also heard of Best Day.

Alyssa had no objection, just nodded.

Grace often goes to Best Day and knows where Best Day is. She said, “I will see Uncle Grant.”

Every time Peter saw Grace, he gave her candy and took her to play, she remembered.

Alyssa replied distractedly: “I don’t know, you can see him if he is there, and you won’t be able to see him if he isn’t.”

“Oh.” Grace nodded.

Alvin approached Grace and whispered, “What Uncle Grant?”

Grace glanced at him with a serious tone: “Uncle Grant is Uncle Grant.”

For her, Peter and Alvin are different, she naturally prefers the familiar Peter in her heart.

Alyssa drove directly to Best Day.

When the car stopped, Grace pointed to the door of Best Day outside the window and said to Alvin, “Uncle Alvin, here it is!”

After working for a long time and couldn’t solve it, he looked up at Alvin: “Uncle Alvin, can you help me solve it?”


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