Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1025

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Chapter 1025

Guan Xiao turned on the water from the faucet and slapped cold water on his handsome face. In the mirror, Guan Xiao tried to control his expression, slowly hiding his violent aura.

Then he worked hard to squeeze a smile into the mirror, which was worse than crying.

In the end, he simply gave up the expression management and flooded his eyes.

Three years ago, in order to protect them, Jacob’s picture of going to the trouble alone was like a screening.

He is their god.

But he protected everyone, but lost himself.

Guan Xiao’s tears were about to burst. He raised his head, took out the tissue next to him and rubbed his shining eyes vigorously, then crumpled the tissue soaked with tears into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

Durex displayed in the trash can almost scared Guan Xiao to slip to the ground.

The chief executive and this woman turned out to be…

If this matter is let President Yan know, he doesn’t know what President Yan Hao would be sad about?

Guan Xiao’s anger was stunned by this huge shock.

After he finally calmed down, when he came out of the bathroom, his red bloodshot eyes aroused Jacob’s suspicion.

“I thought you fell into the toilet?” Jacob sneered.

Guan Xiaoqiang smiled.

Qiulian brought out a few dishes of green vegetables from the kitchen, and Guan Xiao faintly angered when he saw a few red peppers floating on the green vegetables.

Doesn’t she know that the president has a bad stomach?

“Mr. Guan, if you don’t dislike it, let’s have a casual meal at our house.”

Guan Xiao said straightforwardly: “Okay.”

When eating, what Jacob clamped, Guan Xiao clamped whatever.

He just wants to wipe out these low-quality vegetables. Don’t let them ruin Jacob’s stomach.

Jacob glanced at Guan Xiao speechlessly, and finally sullen the white rice in the bowl.

Qiulian felt a little embarrassed and explained: “Mr. Guan, I’m sorry, the rough tea and light rice made you laugh. If you came the other day, you can still have a good meal. But unfortunately, I got the bank card a few days ago. Lost, that’s why…”

Guan Xiao knew this.

He immediately took out his wallet and took out all the RMB in it and handed it to Qiulian, “Sister-in-law, take these money for emergency.”

A surprise splashed out of Qiulian’s eyes. When she reached out to pick it up, Jacob suddenly pushed the money back to Guan Xiao and said, “No, I will advance my salary to the company tomorrow.”

Qiulian looked at Jacob bitterly.

Upon seeing this, Guan Xiao put away the coins.

Glancing at the lost Qiulian, an obscure bitter smile filled Guan Xiao’s eyes.

Why is this vulgar woman worthy of his CEO?

It is the kind of woman with lofty heart of President Yan that is a good match for the CEO.

A meal, tasteless.

After the meal, Guan Xiao stood up and looked at Jacob with awe and some care.

“See you tomorrow.”


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