Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 779 – 780

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Chapter 779

After Tina was sent away, Alyssa, Alvin and Clifford were left at the gate of the court.

Alvin said to Alyssa: “I’ll take you back, and talk about something on the way.”

Alyssa had no objection, nodded, turned around and planned to leave.

Suddenly, she thought of something, and looked back at Clifford: “Clifford, are you satisfied now?”

Clifford raised his eyes, the emotions in his eyes were complicated and difficult to distinguish.

“But are you really happy? Seeing me separate from Karl, watching me and Karl turn each other’s eyes against each other, does it really make you happy?” Alyssa looked at him and asked quietly.

Clifford opened his mouth slightly, but did not speak aloud.

Alyssa smiled mockingly, then turned into the car, followed by Alvin.

Clifford watched them leave with a gloomy expression.



What is happiness?

Since when did he only have calculations left in his life?

And his adoptive father, that famous philanthropist, most admired his calculations.

He doesn’t know what happiness is, he only knows that every time he uses his own means to achieve a goal, there will be short-term happiness.

But soon it will lose, all emptiness all over again.

Alyssa sat in the car, looked at the buildings outside the window, and said tiredly: “I was born in Rostenvel and grew up in here. Now I look at this city and I feel tired.”

Alvin took her words and said, “Then leave this place.”

Alyssa turned to look at him, and he continued: “If you want to stay in the country, we can change a place. If you don’t want to stay in the country, we can go abroad.”

“We?” Alyssa asked back.

“Don’t forget that you promised me before, as long as you win the lawsuit, you will consider me.” Alvin blinked at Alyssa, and the original form appeared again.

Alyssa’s gaze gradually became empty, and after a while, she said, “Okay.”

“You don’t have to worry about the case. Even if Karl appeals, he may be rejected. Recently, there has been a lot of news about his fiancée’s pregnancy. This is a drawback to his fight for custody. At the cusp of public opinion, it will affect children…”

Alvin explained some more with Alyssa, some she could understand, and some she could not.

Soon they arrived downstairs in the community where Alyssa lived.

Before getting off of the car, Alyssa said with a smile, “Thank you for the lift.”

“Take a good rest, after finalizing Grace’s affairs, we will talk about our affairs.” Alvin still looks bohemian, but Alyssa is not as disgusted as before.

Karl has started a new life, how about her?

Grace liked Alvin, and Alvin tried his best to help her with this lawsuit.

Alvin, it is worth her consideration.

Watching Alvin’s car drive away, Alyssa turned and entered the unit building.

As soon as she entered the elevator, Alyssa collapsed.

She leaned against the elevator wall with a tired face, tilted her head slightly, emptying her head, thinking a lot.


When the elevator reached the floor, when Alyssa stood up straight and walked out, she felt that her mind was blank, and she seemed to be thinking nothing.

She should have been happy to win the lawsuit, but she felt heavy and uncomfortable in her heart.

Open the door, there is no light in the room, and the curtains are tightly drawn. Even in broad daylight, the room is dark.

Alyssa was too lazy to turn on the lights, closed the door, changed shoes, and walked towards the sofa.

When she was about to walk to the sofa, she suddenly felt something wrong in the room.

“You’re back.” In the darkness, the man’s low voice rang slowly.

Hearing this voice, Alyssa became stiff, and said in disbelief: “Karl!”

There was a slight movement on the sofa, and the man’s bitter breath gradually approached. Alyssa hadn’t adapted to the darkness in the room, but just stepped back subconsciously.

After Alyssa was shocked, she began to struggle: “Karl, what are you doing? Didn’t you stay with Miana in the hospital and didn’t even come to the court? What are you doing here with me? Let me go!”

“Let go of you?” Karl leaned to her ear and whispered, “I let you go, who let me go?”

Alyssa couldn’t understand what Karl was talking about, but felt that he wanted to avenge her.

“If you are still a man, please leave immediately! I gave you the medicine at Best Day that day. It was indeed my work, but if you don’t think like that for Miana, will you go to bed? Will she be pregnant Huh! Karl, blame yourself if you are to blame! What is the meaning of your revenge on me now?”

For a long time after drugging Karl, Alyssa felt that she was a mean and indecent person.

However, when Karl came to the door, the self-blame in her heart disappeared.

“Alyssa, there is one thing you said wrong. If I were a man, what I should do now is not to leave, but…” The words behind Karl disappeared into his wandering palm.

Alyssa went to court today. To make herself look more energetic, she deliberately wore a shirt and trousers.

The corners of the shirt were pressed into the trousers. She has lost weight recently. The corners of the clothes are not pressed tightly. With a light touch of Karl’s hand, the corners of the clothes were brought out, and the rough palms touched her as delicate as fat skin.

The long-lost feeling came to mind, Alyssa couldn’t help but shiver.

She didn’t have any affection, she just felt sick, and Karl touched her with the hands he had touched other women!

Alyssa tensed her body, raised her hand to clasp Karl’s hand that was still leaning into her cl0thes, and said coldly: “For Grace, give me a little face.”

Karl calmed down, as if thinking about Alyssa’s words, right.

Seeing this, Alyssa continued: “You already have Miana and the child in her belly. You will get married next month. Please respect your own choice and respect your future wife and children.”

Alyssa clasped his hand forcefully, tried quietly to break free, but found that it didn’t help at all.

She had seen Karl’s strength. He could defeat two young and strong men alone, let alone subdue a woman.

She didn’t eat in the morning, it was already noon, she was hungry and tired, and if he stalemates with Alyssa like this, she was afraid that she would faint.

She was about to continue speaking, but she felt a sudden lightness in her body.

The next moment, she was picked up by Karl and carried on his shoulders.

Chapter 780

Alyssa was flustered when she realized what Karl was going to do.

“Karl, you let me down!” A chill rushed into her limbs. She didn’t know that Karl was not in the hospital or the court but was waiting for her at her house, let alone why he was like this suddenly.

The Karl in her memory was an upright man, even if he was gloomy and cruel, he still had his own principles and tolerance.

It will never be the man who is plotting against her when the wedding is approaching!

Karl carried her towards the b3droom without saying a word. He ran into the corner of the table because he walked too quickly and made a muffled noise.

The more he did not speak, the more frightened Alyssa, and the more frightened, there was nothing Karl couldn’t do.

“You let me down, let me down!” Alyssa wanted to calm herself down, but she couldn’t calm herself down anymore. She was carried on her shoulders by Karl, and she kept beating him, struggling to think. Come down.

At this time, a cell phone rang in the living room.

Alyssa was overjoyed. The person calling her at this time must be someone who knows her home address, and there are only a few people she usually contacts.

It is not Tina, it may be Alvin.

If she keeps not answering the phone, people over there will feel weird and will definitely come to her.

Under such circumstances, some of her people even hope to come are Alvin.

Tina’s leg injury is not healed now, and she is a woman again, Karl is angry, but he will not be polite to anyone.

At this moment, Karl had already carried Alyssa to the door of the bedroom. As if he could see through Alyssa’s mind, he stopped and said, “Who are you still counting on to help you? Alvin?”

Alyssa didn’t say a word, but struggled hard. She knew how wrong she was at this time would only make Karl even more angry.

But a man in anger, even if you don’t speak, can still find a reason to be angry.

“What? You don’t even want to talk to me now?” Karl’s arms gradually tightened, and Alyssa’s legs hurt.

Alyssa’s bedroom was not big. As soon as Karl entered, he threw h3r on the bed and locked the bedroom door with his backhand.

The curtains in the bedroom were not closed tightly, and light came in from outside, making the line of sight clearer.

As soon as Alyssa was thrown onto the bed, she quickly got up, picked up the small table lamp beside the bed, and pointed at Karl with a vigilant expression: “Don’t come over! If you leave now, I will assume nothing happened before!”

Karl stood with his back to the door, with a black shirt on him, and his face was gloomy, but he did not hinder his handsomeness and aura in the slightest.

Alyssa couldn’t figure out why Karl came back again.

Karl fixedly looked at her, raising his foot and slowly walking towards her.

Alyssa’s bedroom was too small, she had no way to escape, and was forced to the corner by his movements step by step, until she finally could not retreat.

“Ah!” Alyssa exclaimed as he approached, closing her eyes and slamming the lamp in her hand at him.

However, only half of her hand stretched out, and it was completely intercepted by Karl in the air.

Alyssa held it very tightly, but Karl easily snatched the lamp from her hand: “Do you think you are my opponent? It’s been too long since we’ve been apart. Who am I? Don’t know anymore?”

Karl held her arm and pulled it back against the wall, leaving her no room for resistance, like a rabbit that was slaughtered but not reconciled, staring at him fiercely with cat-like eyes.

“You know that I like your eyes the most. Don’t look at me with this kind of look. I don’t like it.” Karl lowered his head and gently k!ssed Alyssa’s eyes.

His voice is very soft, like a lover’s whisper.

Don’t start with Alyssa disgusting, don’t want to be t0uched by Karl.

“Do you hate being touched by me so much?” Karl laughed lowly, his voice is very magnetic, low and deep, especially nice.

However, listening to Alyssa’s ears, she felt cold all over.

She gritted her teeth and still turned her head aside to look away: “Yes! I see your face now, I feel sick!”

The last word “sick” was very heavy.

When the voice fell, she obviously felt that the anger on the man in front of her was heavier.

In fact, she didn’t even know how angry Karl was.

Is he angry because of Grace’s custody rights?

She did give Karl medicine that night, but Karl still had a chance to refuse Miana!

But Miana is still pregnant!

If a person like Karl was determined, how could Miana get pregnant if he wasn’t willing to do so?

“What can I do then? I will not only t0uch here, but also here, here, and here…” Karl would k!ss every time he said “here”.

Until the end, he k!ssed Alyssa’s lips.

Alyssa now only hates Karl, even if she knows that she may not escape Karl’s palm today, she still doesn’t want to just give in.

She took a b!te of Karl, and tasted the salty blood in his m0uth.

Even so, Karl did not let go of her, but k!ssed deeper and more presumptuous.

Alyssa had no room to resist. When Karl k!ssed her, his hands began to [email protected] her clothes, and finally he push3d her onto the b3d very strongly.

In this way, Alyssa had no chance to resist.

Karl was determined to ask her today.

Alyssa was angry and anxious, and at the same time feeling sad and worried. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, calmed down and did not struggle.

Karl felt the people under him calm down, and left her l!ps.

“I think Miana is pregnant and can’t sat!sfy you, so you came to see me, right?” Alyssa’s voice was a little hoarse with a touch of sadness. This was the only reason she could find.

She couldn’t think of other reasons.

“You don’t love me, do you want to abuse me like this? Can’t we get together and get away?” Alyssa didn’t want to cry, but tears had already flowed from her eyes uncontrollably.

Karl stretched out a finger and clicked on the corner of her eye.

For a moment, Alyssa thought that Karl would care about his former affection for her.

But in the next second, he broke her delusion with a word.

“Good gathering, good dispersal? Impossible!” After this sentence fell, Karl didn’t hesitate anymore, and the movements on his hands became rough.

Alyssa felt that Karl was a demon at this time.

Until the last moment, Alyssa finally couldn’t hold it, and softly begged him: “Karl, for the sake of previous love, you let me go…”

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