Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 9 – 10

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Chapter 9

Alyssa, who gave him the medicine, looked very gentle, so gentle that made Karl a little moved.

Then, he wanted to touch her.

She is his wife and he takes everything for granted.

But for Alyssa, he is “Luther” and Karl’s cousin.

He molested her repeatedly and k!ssed her, which was far beyond her tolerance.

Alyssa pushed him away fiercely, and stepped back a few steps away from him, and said with a cold face, “Luther, I am your cousin’s wife! Please be respectful!”

After taking the bullet just now, she didn’t hate “Luther” so much, but she didn’t expect him to still be so presumptuous.

Karl rubbed his lips like an aftertaste, with a hint of bewilderment in his nice voice: “Cousin, you are just a widow for a lifetime with my cousin, don’t you want to think about me?”

Alyssa refused directly and simply: “I don’t.”

With a wooden face, coupled with an ugly dress, like a little old woman, there is no moving place at all.

Karl felt that Alyssa’s appearance was very vivid.

Alyssa felt that she could no longer sit and wait for death, which would only make “Luther” even more unscrupulous.

“You can call someone to pick you up, or I’ll call an ambulance, and then others will know that you have a gunshot wound.”

Her voice was soft, and even if she said threatening words, there was no deterrent.

Karl glanced at her, as if he hadn’t heard, he just knocked his eyes to rest.

Alyssa: “…”

She bit her lip, looked at his pale face, and couldn’t bear to wake him up and drive him away.

Taking advantage of the rest of “Luther”, Alyssa went to the vegetable market.

Although she is nominally the third young lady of the Hunt family, she does not have the life of the young lady. Most of the time, she is sick and no one cares. When she is hungry, no one asks.

Therefore, her life ability is very strong.

No matter how she hates “Luther”, she can’t take the risk that he might die here and ignore him.

She lives very hard and earnestly. She doesn’t want to sacrifice his life or give him a funeral.

Therefore, she reluctantly boiled soup for him.


When night fell, Alyssa woke up “Luther”.

“Are you hungry? I made the soup. Would you like to have a little?” She stood two steps away from him, for fear that he would do something presumptuous.

Karl raised his eyes to look at her, and spit out a word like gold, “Yes.”

Alyssa came over with the soup, put it on the small table in front of his bed, and stepped away.

But her small single room is too small.

In addition to the small kitchen and bathroom partitioned off, a 1.5-meter bed, a small folding table, a small sofa for one person, a bookcase that is not used, a few simple things have already occupied most of the room.

No matter how far she jumped, she couldn’t get out of Karl’s sight.

Karl glanced at her, and slowly sat up straight, then pulled the quilt away expressionlessly, exposing the blood-stained gauze on his chest, and said casually, “The wound is open.”

The indifferent tone seemed to be talking about other people’s things instead of his life-threatening wounds.

Alyssa didn’t want to care about him, but couldn’t see it.

She could only walk over slowly, holding up the soup bowl in one hand, and scooping up the soup with a spoon in the other, and handing it to his lips.

Karl said nothing this time, lowered his eyes and swallowed the soup she fed him bit by bit.

The small room was quiet, only the small sound of the spoon touching the edge of the bowl, and the speechless ambiguity spread.

Chapter 10

The next day.

Alyssa was awakened by the ringing of her cell phone.

In order to comply with the settings of the modernity, when everyone around her uses smart phones with beautiful appearance and full functions, she still uses the kind of dumb phone that can only call and send messages.

Taking the phone, looking at the remarks on it, her mind suddenly became sober.

She hesitated for a while before answering the phone: “Dad.”

Colin Hunt’s voice has always been serious: “You went home yesterday? Who sent you back?”

As a father calling a newly married daughter, and asking such irrelevant questions, Alyssa only felt chilly.

On weekdays, Colin rarely called her. He called her suddenly to ask about this, and could not help making Alyssa doubt his intentions.

But she still told the truth: “It’s Karl’s cousin.”

Colin pondered over there for a while, and then said, “If you have time, take your sister to Hunt’s house. If there is a suitable young man, please introduce him to her and let her make more friends.”

Alyssa understood the meaning of his words.

After she left the Hunt’s villa yesterday: “Luther” and Isabel may have met.

Isabel is very likely to see “Luther”, so she wants her to match them.

The wishful thinking of the father and daughter is really good.

Karl clearly made a marriage contract with Isabel, but in the end she married Karl.

Then, they would use her as a springboard to find another good man for Isabel as her husband in Adams house.

In the entire Rostenvel market, no one knows that, except for Karl, all of his cousins ​​and relatives are among the best and outstanding.

A trace of self-deprecating appeared in Alyssa’s eyes. Isabel is Colin’s biological daughter, isn’t she?

How can he be eccentric to this point?

Alyssa endured the grievances and tried to keep her voice calm: “You want me take sister to Hunt’s house, but I haven’t seen Karl until now.”

When Colin heard it, she didn’t even see Karl’s face, and suddenly became angry.

“You haven’t even seen your husband. You’re useless. You still have the face to come home!”

Alyssa’s nose sore, she abruptly held back tears, her voice was as usual: “You send sister to Hunt’s house, maybe Karl would like to see her? I’m a fake, why should he meet? Me?”

Karl who came out of the bathroom just heard her words.

She was sitting on the bed, with her thick black hair like seaweed hanging down to her waist, and her fingers with the mobile phone could see the raised blue blood vessels because of too much force. Tears filled her eyes like autumn water, but stubbornly did not flow out. The slender figure looked pitiful.

Karl squinted his black eyes and found that the new wife really looked more pleasing to the eye.

Not knowing what the person on the other end of the phone said, Alyssa’s face turned pale, neither spoke nor hung up.

Karl walked over, grabbed the mobile phone in her hand, and hung up.

Oh, this woman still uses this kind of phone.

Then, he looked down at Alyssa, unable to hear emotion in his indifferent voice: “If you don’t want to listen, just don’t listen.”

Alyssa raised her head hurriedly, with tears still in her eyes, she felt that her eyes were blurred, and she couldn’t see his face at all.

But strangely, she heard a touch of comfort in his words.

But the next moment, her eyes widened sharply: “Why am I in bed?”

She gave up the bed to the injured man. She slept on the sofa the night!

“You climbed up on your own sleepwalking.” After Karl said expressionlessly, he walked to the bed and lay down beside her.

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