Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 371

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Chapter 371

Iron-faced Gray wolf?

Duan Chun got stunned to hear this name. Obviously, he was not familiar with this name.

Zhong Lao continued to explain:

“Master! Do you know that Hei is the former super champion in Jiangshi underground boxing, and he has won every battle!”

“After Hei retired from Jiangshi underground boxing a few years ago, a new star has emerged as a champion whose name is iron-faced gray wolf!”

“He is the most powerful boxer in Jiangshi underground boxing for the past three years! Once, he beat twenty black boxers alone, and after that, he got the title of King!”

Beaten twenty black boxers alone!

Duan Chun got shocked.

You know, black boxers are different from ordinary people, and their shots kill people when they hit them.

A single black boxer can beat several ordinary people.

As Iron-faced Gray Wolf has beaten twenty black boxers alone. This is simply unimaginable.

It’s more than that!

The housekeeper Zhong Lao continued:

“Furthermore, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf is not only a daredevil, but he has also strong connections!”

“He is born in the slums in the middle of Jiang City, among the forces of Master Dao and Hei! So he has good relations with Master Dao and Black Tiger.

That’s it!

No wonder the Iron-faced Gray Wolf can be called the third most powerful villain in the Jiangshi.

“Besides, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf has a terrifying identity! He is the pupil of King Kong, who is the number one master in Yunhai City! He is also a pupil of one of the top ten masters of national martial arts in Jiangnan Province, whose name is Kong Sheng!


As soon as this remark came out, Duan Chun’s complexion changed greatly.

He has never heard of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, but he has heard of King Kong and Kong Sheng.

Recently, Duan Chun heard that Kong Sheng, the master of Chinese martial arts, has been mentored by a master-level figure, and his strength has improved to the next level.

Also, he has successively challenged the other nine masters of martial arts in Jiangnan City, winning every battle.

Kong Sheng has become the first person in Jiangnan Guoshu.

As his major disciple, King Kong swept through the major municipal boxing circles under the jurisdiction of Jiangnan City and was named the king of black boxers!

Thinking about all this Duan Chun said:

“Okay! Contact the Iron-faced Gray Wolf immediately, no matter how much it costs!”

“I want to kill that bastard Shaun!!!”

Duan Chun’s eyes flashed with thick hideousness, and there is revenge floating in his eyes.

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