Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 372

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Chapter 372

The news of Fen Shen has broken out on the Internet.

And Shaun didn’t care at all.


The Resurrection Pill has been thoroughly developed and sent to major sales channels for sale.

Bai’s Group orders are soaring day by day.

Especially the Resurrection Pill has emerged as a sensation in Jianshi. For AS pneumonia, the medicine is completely helpful due to which more orders are coming.

As the president of Bai Group, Elvira has soaked in the daily activities of the office that she has no time for other social works.

In an electric car, Shaun and his mother-in-law Paula are going to the vegetable market in the center of the city.

“Shaun, let me tell you that the black-bone chickens in Jiang City are only available at the vegetable market in the slums in the center of the city. They sell the best ones!”

“The black-bone chickens there are all raised from farmhouses without any feed! The greenest and most nutritious ones!”

Paula continued to tell the experience of buying vegetables.

And Shaun silently remembered it in his heart.

As Elvira is working hard these days, so he and Paula decided to buy a black-bone chicken and cook a pot of soup as a supplement for Elvira.

The central vegetable market is the destination of their trip.

Shaun was riding the car, he noticed something behind their car.

There are two black cars, following them slowly.

“Master Dao and Black Tiger?”

Shaun smiled slightly, he knows them both for a long time.

One car belongs to the subordinates of Master Dao Beicheng!

The other one is owned by Nancheng Tiger!

The reason why these two were sent to follow because they were afraid that some short-eyed guys will disturb Shaun.


Shaun turned towards the south.

On the southern side, there are many buildings, and the surrounding building floors are all looking dilapidated.

This is the slum of Jiang City.

All the people who live here are poor.

There are stalls on both sides of the road. People who work hard all day are here to eat their food.

Dirty, poor!

In particular, when Shaun and Paula came to the door of the vegetable market, they suddenly saw that there were few people inside, and only a few customers were bargaining for vegetables.

“Shaun, look at that little beggar!” At this moment, Shaun got stunned by Paula’s voice.

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