Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 373

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Chapter 373

He quickly turned around to see.

He saw a little girl in tatters walking by the roadside.

With disheveled hair, there were patches on her clothes and her face was full of black stains.

That pair of shoes in her feet were obviously from the trash bin.

There are few holes with little toes exposed.

She walked beside the horse, flipping through the trash can from time to time, looking sad and pathetic.

“This little girl seems five or six years old! Alas, it’s so pathetic!”

Although Paula is usually bitter and mean, she has a soft heart too.

After seeing this little beggar, maternal love suddenly overflowed.

“Shaun, wait for me here, I’m going to buy something for that little girl!”

“Hey, I don’t know how cruel parents are to let their children live on the streets and make a living from the leftovers of the trash bin!”

While talking, Paula took out the money from her pocket and immediately crossed the road towards the little beggar.

Just when Paula walked to the little beggar and wanted to say something!

Shaun’s face changed:

“Mom! Be careful!!!”


At the same time, the roar of an engine came from the back of side Paula and that little beggar.

It was a BMW car, galloping in.

This BMW didn’t slow down at all. On this narrow road, the speed reached more than 120, like a wild horse galloping in, almost in the blink of an eye, it almost rushed over Paula and the little beggar.

That’s it!

At this moment, Paula and the little beggar got completely frightened.

A kind of despair emerged from their hearts.

They both realized they had narrowly escaped the dead!

Not only them!

At this moment, the vendors and pedestrians next to them were all stunned.

They screamed and they want to save, but it’s not possible!


In an instant, the BMW car rushed violently in the direction where Paula and the little beggar were standing, and then creaked on the ground in front, marking a tire scratch at a distance of more than ten meters long.

Are they alive?

When everyone around saw this scene, they all felt their heart twitch.

If a car hits with this speed then there is less chance of living.

Everyone was amazed to discover that there was no trace of blood on the front of the BMW car or on the ground.


Everyone got relieved.

After all, at the speed of more than 120, how could Paula and the little beggar escaped death!

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