Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 406

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Chapter 406

Jacob came to the fire site and used a helicopter to rescue all the people trapped in the center of the fire.

Then he personally entered the fire scene and guided the flustered guests to exit in an orderly manner.

Palmer followed his steps, but kept accusing him, “Jacob, you are crazy. You don’t want your life, how can you come in and command yourself? Whose life can be more important than you?”

But Jacob didn’t know what he was thinking, but he rushed into the flames regardless of the fire.

“What are you looking for? No life?” Palmer grabbed the fireman’s faucet next to him and sprayed it around Jacob.

Soon Jacob came out, but he was carrying a person behind his back.

Smoke filled.

Palmer escorted him away from the fire scene.

The fire burned for forty minutes and was finally extinguished.

Jacob handed over the follow-up matters to Palmer, “Go to check the center of the fire, which guests are in the burned room, and…Take me out of the arsonist.” The last sentence, Jacob gritted his teeth.

Palmer should come down, his eyes fell on his back, the soaked bedding slipped out of a corner, and Palmer saw that the woman was Bai Nanning.

Soon, doctors from various departments of the Media Asia Medical Department came to visit for Bai Nanning’s joint consultation.

“President, Miss Bai lost consciousness because of inhaling an excessive amount of carbon monoxide. In addition, we extracted an unknown substance in her body… Maybe the reason for Miss Bai’s coma is also related to it.”

Jacob was uneasy and looked out the window with some erratic eyes.

“Immediately…rescue her!” After he left a word, he left quickly.

It rained heavily all night.

After all, it was the Emperor who paid off. At dawn, Irene found Grace unconscious at the entrance of Xiangdingyuan.

“Grace?” Irene ran over and immediately hugged Grace in his arms, calling her over and over again with great anxiety.

“Grace, wake up.”

Janice stood not far away, watching Irene’s unconcealable care for Grace, her heart was inexplicably hurt.

“Irene, do you like her?” Janice walked over and said jealously.

Zhengzheng was stunned. He didn’t want Janice to misunderstand him. He denied it, “How is it possible? I was entrusted by your brother…No, I was coerced and lured by your brother, so I agreed to look for Grace and do well. Take care of her…”

“Oh?” Janice turned from sad to happy.

“Grace…” Jacob suddenly appeared at the intersection, seeing Grace flying fast.

He took Grace from Irene’s arms and entered the house immediately.

Irene was a little lost, and followed his steps unsolicited. Janice suddenly grabbed his arm. “Zhengzheng, my brother is back, Grace doesn’t have to worry about you, let’s go.”

Irene looked at Janice with an expression of anger, sighed almost inaudibly, and left after turning his head one step at a time.

After the water in the bathtub slowed down, Jacob hugged Grace, and two equally cold bodies sank into the hot water.

He treats her like a treasure.

The warm water wraps the cold heart a little bit.

Feeling her even breathing, his flustered heart gradually calmed down.

Grace opened her eyes with pain from her violent movements, and saw that she was playing with Jacob in the bathtub early in the morning…

Grace screamed in surprise.


Hearing her loud voice, he turned his mouth up happily.

“Last night, where did you go?” he asked.

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