Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 407

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Chapter 407

Grace’s mind suddenly loaded with terrible pictures: Jacob is going to murder her…

Is he trying to test her on purpose?

Grace said calmly, “You tie me an artifact for picking up girls, and I can’t escape from your Wuzhishan.”

Raising her wrist and seeing that the timer on her wrist was gone, Grace cried out like a pig, “Ah, where’s my timer?”

Armed her chest and glared at Jacob angrily, “You tricked me. If you take the timer off for me, then you are not a prostitute?”

White prostitute-Jacob’s temple jumped violently.

Grace picked up the towel on the side, wrapped herself up, turned out the bathtub, and fled quickly.

Without notice, Jacob’s stern face slowly showed a hideous expression.

Suddenly a fist hit the water, and countless waves splashed onto her face.

Grace’s experience last night is probably not that simple. Jacob’s heart was filled with great anxiety…

She has selective amnesia!

Grace ran downstairs and sat on the sofa, holding up the tea cup on the coffee table with shaking hands and drank it.

After getting dressed, Jacob walked downstairs, his fright and uneasy mood has calmed down. Seeing the figure curled up on the sofa, Jacob walked over and sat down and put the timer on her hand.

Grace looked at the electronic tracking watch and asked timidly, “Where is the original timer?”

“The function is not complete, it is abandoned.” Jacob said.

Grace looked at Lord Jacob in suspense, “Master Zhan, I am not your cat or dog. It is illegal for you to monitor me.”

Jacob raised his eyes, “This can better protect you.”

Grace was speechless!

When this person lied, he could still put on an upright face, and he was really extraordinary.


Grace looked at him in amazement, he was neatly dressed and he could sneeze from the cold. But she was wrapped in a thin bath towel and was raging by the cold wind.

Jacob suddenly hugged her and turned upstairs.

“Master Zhan, where’s my clothes?” Grace remembered the shamefulness at this time.

Jacob was slightly startled. Her clothes were all muddy and could not be worn at all. But she obviously didn’t remember these.

“Clean clothes are prepared for you again.” Jacob suppressed the surging wave in his heart, pretending to be calm and gentle.

On the second floor, the bedroom.

Jacob put her on the bed and took out a set of beautifully packaged gift boxes from the closet. Then he turned back to the bed, “Look, do you like it?”

Grace carefully opened the gift box, which contained a full set of clothing. The hollowed-out underwear made Grace couldn’t help swallowing.

“Master Zhan, I didn’t follow this route.” She cursed “abnormal” several times in her heart.

Jacob smiled and said, “No one knows what route you take except that I will see it.”

Grace looked at him bitterly and deeply, she wanted to beat him violently.

“Master Zhan, I want to change clothes.” She reminded him, suggesting that he should go out.

Jacob turned around, “Change it!”


Grace’s blush was as red as a tomato.

As he turned around, she quickly put on her underwear.

“Breakfast time!” The watch suddenly made a strange beep.

Jacob turned around, and Grace’s sexy and charming figure pierced his eyes.

Although he knew that she was in good shape, but seeing her dressed like this, there was a bit of charm with a pipa half-hidden, and Jacob’s body became inexplicably hot.

Grace patted the watch angrily, “What kind of bad watch is this, why do you speak by yourself?”

Jacob’s face turned dark, “It reminds you that it’s time for breakfast.”

Grace was dumb.

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