Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

Who wants it to remind?

Grace slipped the dress in quickly, but the size of the dress seemed a little too small. When she encountered obstacles when drilling the cuffs, Jacob had to walk over and help her unzip the side zipper.

Grace’s face flushed with the ground.

She seemed to be a bit of a failure as a woman, and she didn’t know the structure of the evening dress as well as him.

He arranged every detail of the dress for her slowly, and then looked at her, the peachy eyes that had always been cold and secluded with a slight smile…

It was as if he was still the harmless and sunny boy.

“In the future, remember to eat on time.”

Grace was startled, he was a weasel giving New Year greetings to the rooster, right?

“Today is my grandfather’s 83rd birthday. The birthday banquet was held in the front British club. My second uncle invited many media to broadcast the feast of the war enthusiasts.”

Jacob held Grace’s thin shoulders, staring into her eyes, solemnly but tenderly, “Promise me, you will listen to everything today, okay?”

Grace’s eyes flickered, “If you sell me, who should I cry?”

“If you want to sell, you can only sell it to me.”

Grace: “…”

“After today, I will listen to you for the rest of my life.” Jacob’s voice was wrapped in honey, and the shield was invisibly disintegrated.

He is always cold and difficult to approach. Suddenly becoming gentle is life-threatening.

“Promise me!” he almost begged.

Grace was dumbfounded, is this really a tempting condition?

As long as she escapes all the catastrophes of today, does it mean that she will usher in a brilliant life tomorrow?

“What if you turn your face and don’t recognize people?” Grace mumbled.

She was afraid that if she entered his urn, she would never get out again.

Jacob squeezed her Qiong nose, turned and walked to the long table, and took out a contract from the drawer.

Turn back to Grace and pass the agreement content page to Grace, “Look at it, and sign if you are satisfied!”

Grace read the agreement word by word, and looked at Jacob in astonishment.

“Zhan Ye, as long as I completely obey you today, you will really listen to me in the future?”


“I will let you go east…”

“I will never go west.”

“I will make you die five more…”

“Ah…I will never live the third watch!” Jacob choked.

“I sign.” Grace responded excitedly.

Jacob handed her a pen, and Grace scribbled her name in the signature column.

Jacob smiled softly when he saw the elegant font of walking dragon and snake.

Only Irene’s words can be written so powerfully. It seems that there is a man’s vigor in it.

After signing, Grace was nervous all over, and she must protect her life in the next 24 hours.

Jacob accepted the agreement, and his eyes leaked huge joy. Go to the drawer and close the agreement. On the cover page, there are four big words: marriage agreement.

When Grace went downstairs, she walked very carefully.

As a result, the more careful, the more mistakes she made, and she almost fell off the stairs. Fortunately, Jacob grabbed her…

Jacob frowned, watching her strange walking pace, “What’s wrong with you? Can’t walk anymore?”

Thinking of her lost memory, as long as there is something abnormal in her, Jacob is very nervous.

Grace smirked, “I can tell you the moment I think of tomorrow, so I cherish my life every moment. The more cautious I am, the more nervous I get to go badly…”

Jacob was dumb.

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