Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 409

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Chapter 409

Walking out of Xiangdingyuan and looking at the wet oil road, Grace glanced at her long skirt, very upset.

Jacob walked to her and squatted down. “Come here, I’ll carry you.”

Grace stunned.

Although the dress is expensive, not everyone can lewd the back of the war master-lewd!

“Master Zhan, I’ll go by myself.” Grace lifted the skirt, revealing her smooth calf.

“Come up.” The temperature of the voice dropped suddenly.

Grace was suddenly frustrated, which one of this guy’s nerves was out of order? Why is his style of acting more and more elusive?

Grace slowly crawled onto his shoulder, but didn’t know where to put both hands. When Jacob stood up, she swayed straight.

“Hold me.” Jacob ordered.

Grace carefully placed her hands on his shoulders…

He is wearing a very formal suit today, a blue shirt, a gray twill tie, and the buttons are meticulously buttoned to the top, and he wears a hand-made limited edition black suit.

Obviously it is his most common dress, but today he looks extra rigorous, as if rushing to attend his wedding.

Grace thought secretly, the omnipotent supreme treasure back wife is the only time in her life, and this heaven-sent opportunity must not be wasted by her.

So, she had to take an inch, slowly moved her hands up a little bit, and finally simply circled his neck.

Jacob’s eyebrows were smiling, and the girl’s sentiment about Huaichun couldn’t be concealed at all.

The road from Xiangdingyuan to the British Club is neither long nor short.

After the end of the oil-parking road, the wide and continuous road surface was smoothly resolved due to the slight slope, and the road surface became extremely clean.

“Master Zhan, let me down.” Grace didn’t dare to love his back. She always felt that the more she got from him, the more he would claim.

Jacob ignored her.

“Master Zhan, be careful of your waist!”

Jacob was slightly startled, his handsome eyebrows frowned.

“Do you think I am old?”

Grace couldn’t laugh or cry, “The warlord is in the midst of prosperity, and belongs to the three-high group. Even if you are older, it will not affect the infatuation of the imperial women from ten to seventy.”

Jacob put her on the ground and corrected with a cold face, “My three heights are very normal. I am very healthy!”

Grace sneered and laughed, “Master of war, three highs do not mean high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high blood lipids.”

“What is that?”

“It means you have a good appearance, a high IQ, and a high deposit amount.”

Jacob dumbfounded.

Grace smiled and said: “Zhang Ye, it’s no wonder you don’t understand, the new three highs are what young people say…”

Before she finished speaking, Jacob turned his head with a cold face and left.

Obviously think he is old!

“Hey, Zhan Ye, how did you go?” Grace ran up.

Jacob walked forward with a meteor, Grace trot behind. Jacob walked fast and still maintained an elegant appearance, Grace was so tired that she was kicking like a dog.

“Bull my legs short?” Grace stopped after running for a while, but couldn’t move.

Jacob turned back, “Tired?”

Grace nodded.

“Body functions are aging and need to be improved.”

Grace looked at him in horror, “Master War, I’m only 26 years old!”

The corners of Jacob’s lips raised slightly, “So what? It turns out that physical function and age are not necessarily proportional.”

Grace swallowed, “Then how can I stay young forever?”

“Speak less and exercise more.”

“Do you think I talk too much?” Grace exploded.

“In front of me, it’s okay.”

Grace looked at Jue Zhan Han suspiciously-“Master Zhan, aren’t you taking revenge on me and saying you are old?”

After being exposed to the truth, Jacob’s face fell slightly. Turned and left.

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