Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 376

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Chapter 376

“Oh, yes! You are trash, she is a beggar, and you are together, it’s just right!”

That’s it!

Wen Qian and the fat man burst into laughter suddenly.

On their face, there is ridicule, humiliation, rampant to the extreme.


They were still laughing.


A loud slap in the face came fiercely, and the burst of laughter suddenly stopped.

Everyone saw that the smile on Wen Qian’s face was completely frozen, but there was an extra bright red palm print.

And the person who shot was Paula!

“Auntie you…” Wen Qian also got stunned.

She obviously didn’t expect that Elvira’s mother will slap her in the face.

But something that made her even more shocked happened.

Paula was like a tigress protecting her calf, completely blown up.

She guarded Shaun, pointed her nose to Wen Qian, and cursed:

“Wen Qian, what are you, you almost killed me and the little girl, and you still have a face here!”

“Also Shaun is my son-in-law! I can beat him, I can scold him! Because he is my son-in-law!”

“And you, if you dare to scold him, I will dare to tear your mouth!”


Looking at Paula who was mad, Wen Qian was completely confused at this moment.

She remembered.

In the past, Paula disliked Shaun to the extreme, but today, how she is backing Shaun.

“Auntie, Shaun is trash, he is not worthy of Elvira” Wen Qian was about to continue to persuade her!

But as she was saying this!


Paula slapped her face again fiercely. Suddenly, Wen Qian staggered, completely speechless.

“B!tch, you dare to beat my girlfriend! You bastard…”

Suddenly the fat man next to her got furious!

While cursing, he wanted to rush forward and beat Paula.


His words are not yet finished!

A figure, like a ghost, appeared in front of him, and then slapped it down, interrupting the words in his mouth!


This slap in the face was extremely loud.

Under the horrified sight of everyone, the fat man’s body of more than two hundred pounds got flew out!

With a puff, he fell to the ground.

A trace of blood flowed from the fat man’s mouth.


At this moment, not only was the fat man stunned, even the people around him couldn’t believe their eyes.

Shaun’s slap was so powerful that h slapped a person of more than two hundred pounds, this…how is this possible!

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