Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 410

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Chapter 410

Grace stunned: So naive?

It should be renamed “Zhan Sansui”!

At the entrance of the clubhouse, dozens of bodyguards dressed in uniforms stood neatly on both sides of the gate with steel guns in their hands.

“Wow, the temptation of uniforms.” Grace stuck out her tongue mischievously.

Jacob Bing tong shot at her.

Grace honestly said: “Is it really handsome!”

Jacob pulled her hand into his arms, “From now on, you are not allowed to leave my sight.”

“Then what should I do when I go to the toilet? The war master will go to the women’s toilet with me?”

Jacob was so troubled by her, “You follow me to the men’s room.”

Grace: “…”

Entering the clubhouse, Grace was shocked by the huge capacity of the clubhouse.

There are Roman columns of white marble everywhere, lifelike reliefs carved on the walls, countless European arches, crystal chandeliers, this club lives up to its name: the British club.

Although there are nearly a thousand VIPs in the clubhouse, it still looks insignificant in front of the floor area ratio of the clubhouse.

Grace thought of her wedding to Jacob seven years ago for some reason. The scale of the wedding was about the same size as the grandfather’s birthday banquet today.

That day, she was ridiculed by the eyes of the distinguished guests. And she was isolated and helpless, holding her hand in Jacob’s indifference to the end.

She thought that after today, her and his happy life will be ushered in.

“Master Zhan, I am a little dizzy.” She looked at him pitifully. “Can I not go?”

Jacob was timid when he saw the withdrawal in her pupils. It’s like when she married him seven years ago…so weak and helpless.

He took her into his arms, “Don’t be afraid, there is me.”

Grace followed him tremblingly and walked towards the center of the dance floor.

In order to embolden herself, she conveniently took a glass of white wine from the wine rack.

“Let go.” Jacob ordered severely.

“Master Zhan, I am a little thirsty.”

“Wine can’t quench thirst.”

He put her wine glass back in place and took a milk drink for her.

“Warlord, this is for children.”

“I know.”

Grace is unhappy!

Knowing to give her a drink, when she was a three-year-old kid?

He took it slowly, and secretly put it back when he wasn’t paying attention.

Palmer was fighting wine with a blonde, when he saw that Jacob came over immediately.

“Jacob, I have something to tell you.”

Grace walked to the side wisely, but Jacob dragged her back. “Say it!”

Palmer twitched the corners of his lips and stopped talking.

“She is not an outsider.” Jacob said.

Zhan Palmer said, “It’s about the scandal of the Zhan Family!”

“Say it.”

Palmer laughed blankly. Is this guy dazzled by love?

“While cleaning up the hotel last night, a charred body was found in the closet of room 174…”

Grace said silently, “Ah—”

Palmer shrugged helplessly, “Your little beauty is scared.”

Jacob looked at Grace’s pale face and said, “Go over there and wait for me.”

Grace almost fled in haste.

Jacob stared at Palmer fiercely, who was very aggrieved, “Get rid of, you let me say.”

“Who is the dead?” Jacob asked.

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