Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 377

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Chapter 377

“Little…boy, how you dared to hit me?”

“Do you know who am I? You people scold my girlfriend as well. I am going to kill you for sure!”

Fatty’s attitude is still extremely arrogant.

In his eyes, there is no difference between killing people and crushing ants.

“Also you dared to distract a person like me. You wait, I am going to kill you in a while!”


Fatty’s words are vicious!

He is threatening to kill Shaun and others again.

Hearing this!

“Rich man?”

“Okay! In that case, then I will let you see what it means to touch a Rich person!”

After Shaun finished speaking, under everyone’s astonished eyes, he waved to the side of the road!


Under everyone’s incredible gaze, a black car galloped from the east, and it slammed into that BMW car.


A huge roar resounded!

That black car, at a speed of one hundred and twenty or thirty, was like galloping lightning that hit the rear of the BMW car.


Under this huge impact, the rear shell of the BMW suddenly broke apart, and the entire rear almost got flattened.


At this moment, whether it was the fat man, or Paula and all the passersby around, they could hardly believe their eyes.

What, what is going on?

As soon as Shaun waved his hand, a car crashed into a BMW. It was like a fantasy.

It’s just that something that stunned everyone, even more, happened!

“Look at it clearly, he is a rich person.”

Shaun looked at the fat man, spit out words after words, and his every word made that fat man’s heart jump.

Could it be…

As if thinking of something, the fat man quickly turned his eyes and looked forward again.


Sure enough, another engine humming sounded from the front of the BMW car.

Then everyone was surprised to find that on the road in front of the BMW car, a black car was driving at the same time.

With the same speed of one hundred and twenty or thirty, slammed into the front face of the BMW car!


The huge roar and smashing sound, the predecessor of BMW, got completely scrapped.

The entire front of the car was dented by the raw impact.

It’s another one!

Everyone got stunned.

They didn’t get it from where the two black cars appeared.

They don’t even understand why the two cars acted in Shaun’s directions. When Shaun waved his hand, they didn’t hesitate, and they slammed into the BMW car.


This is just the beginning!

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