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Chapter 709

Robin is a proper person. He only spoke to Mattie in a low voice. After the dishes were cooked, he stopped talking to Mattie, but took Alyssa to chat.

He humbly asked a few questions about the characters in the script. After they all discussed it, the atmosphere gradually became warm.

After the chat, Mattie became happier and suggested to drink some wine.

Alyssa basically only drank with Tina, and refused: “I don’t drink.”

“It’s okay, drink some.” Mattie said, and asked the waiter to bring the wine.

After taking the wine, Robin stretched out his hand to cover the mouth of the cup, and said with downcast eyes, “Drink less, there will be a booting ceremony tomorrow.”

“I know.” Mattie nodded, took the wine glass and started pouring.

Alyssa did not drink, and Mattie did not force her reluctantly, Robin drank some with Mattie.

When they returned from the supper, Mattie staggered and almost fell as soon as they walked out of the Hot Pot restaurant.

Fortunately, Robin quickly supported her with eyes and hands, frowned and said, “Drank too much?”

“I just drank two glasses…” Mattie raised her head and stretched out her hand in a daze to compare two fingers, but it is either more or less than ever.

“It should be too high. She usually drinks well.” Robin supported Mattie, frowning slightly.

To be safe, Alyssa took Mattie and Robin away separately.

Although Mattie is a bit drunk, she still retains a trace of sanity.

When Alyssa sent Mattie back to her room, Mattie was already a little sober.

She sat on the bed, confused: “Where is my phone?”

“Mobile phone?” Alyssa rummaged and couldn’t find it, thinking that when she came out before, Mattie’s things were all held by Robin: “Your mobile phone is with Robin, right?”

After Mattie drank the wine, her reaction was a little slow. Her eyes were blank for a while before she said, “I’ll get it.”

When the voice fell, she stood up to go to the door.

When she goes out like this, she will definitely go straight to take pictures of Robin’s door.

Alyssa directly pressed Mattie back on the sofa. Mattie wanted to stand up again. The strength on Alyssa’s hands increased a little: “You don’t want a big news tomorrow. Just wait for me here and I will help you take it!”

Sure enough, as soon as she heard the words “big news”, Mattie calmed down, no longer screaming about going to Robin, and very weakly took Alyssa’s hand: “Then you can help me with it. …”

Alyssa was not accustomed to Mattie’s look like a white rabbit, she pulled out her hand: “Then I will help you get it first, you wait.”

Alyssa walked to the door, and when she closed the door with her backhand after she went out, she saw Mattie still staring at her like that. Her eyes looked similar to Grace, and Alyssa couldn’t help laughing.

Robin took a taxi back after watching Mattie and Alyssa get into the car, so they were a little slower than them.

When Alyssa went to knock on the door, Robin had just returned and called Mattie, only to find Mattie’s mobile phone was with him.

Just thinking about how to send it to Mattie there, the door rang.

“Who?” Robin walked to the door and asked.

Alyssa responded, “It’s me, Alyssa.”

Robin heard Alyssa’s voice before opening the door.

Seeing Robin, Alyssa didn’t say much, “I’ll get my phone.”

“Wait for me.” After Robin finished speaking, he turned back to the room and took the phone out. When he handed it to Alyssa, Robin asked her, “Is she okay?”

‘She’ naturally refers to Mattie.

“Okay, tomorrow shouldn’t be delayed.” Alyssa didn’t wait much, and said: “I’m leaving now.”

As soon as she turned around, Robin closed the door.

Alyssa walked a few steps forward at the corner of the corridor, and she suddenly stopped.

Just now, she seemed to hear the footsteps?

Although there are carpets in the corridor, she should have heard the dull footsteps correctly.

In the next second, Miana walked out of the corner.

She is wearing a black dress, stiletto heels on her feet, and a bag in her hands. She also seems to have just returned from the outside. And Alyssa’s clothes hadn’t changed yet, and she seemed to have just returned from outside as well.

Alyssa stood still, looking at Miana.

Miana’s eyes were playful, she hugged her arms, and said in a weird manner: “It’s big night, Miss Alyssa is really interesting. Is she going to go out? Or just came back.”

Alyssa gave a chuckle, slowed down her speech, and her tone appeared casual: “Not as interesting as Miss Palmer, if it weren’t for Karl’s not here and you came back from the outside like this, I thought you just had an appointment.”

Miana’s eyes became sharp: “Karl doesn’t want you anymore. You have a bad life, and you don’t want us to have a good life, so you will deliberately say such things and maliciously speculate on me.”

“If you really live well, you won’t be like persecution delusions. You will always feel that I am targeting you and threatening you. That is why you always want to deal with me with all your energy.”

Alyssa curled her lips slightly, her eyes were full of mockery.

Miana’s complexion suddenly became cold, and her face was tense, with a trace of resentment in her eyes, staring at Alyssa firmly.

Neither of them spoke anymore, and the scene fell silent for a while, and there was no sound of wind in the corridor.

After a long while, Miana chuckled lightly, and slowly stepped forward.

When passing by Alyssa, Miana stopped and turned to look at Alyssa, with a contemptuous tone: “Alyssa, sometimes, I really appreciate your lack of interest. People who put things in their eyes. But sooner or later you will pay for your ignorance and stupidity.”

After she finished speaking, she walked past Alyssa.

Alyssa thought about what Miana said, and summed it up, Miana was probably talking about her…arrogance?

Is she arrogant?

It’s not arrogance, but it is true that Miana has never been in her eyes.

Alyssa glanced back, only to see Miana straightening her back, and walking forward proudly with her chin up.

Miana does have the capital to put a high profile, but not everyone buys it from such a person.

After being delayed by Miana in the corridor for a while, when Alyssa returned to Mattie’s room, Mattie was already asleep.

“Mattie, wake up?” Alyssa stretched out her hand and gently pushed Mattie, trying to wake her up and take a bath before going to bed.

But Mattie had already fallen asleep, turned over and slept deeper, and there was no sign of waking up at all.

Alyssa had no choice but to give up. She was already asleep anyway, so she would get up tomorrow morning and take a bath again.

Chapter 710

Mattie’s mobile phone has a fingerprint password. Alyssa thought about it for a while, opened the mobile phone with Mattie’s finger, helped her set an alarm clock at 7 o’clock in the morning, charged her mobile phone, and then left.

Early the next morning.

When Alyssa was woken up by the alarm clock, she didn’t want to get up at all.

Yesterday, Mattie called out for a supper, and finally got Mattie back. She wanted to find Robin to get her mobile phone. When she came back, she met Miana in the corridor.

She returned to her room without sleeping for a few hours at all.

She has a serious lack of sleep and she’s still busy today.

Work is important.

After Alyssa stood up and got up from the bed, she went to the bathroom and took a shower, feeling that she was a little awake before changing clothes and putting on makeup.

When she went out, she met two employees in other rooms.

These two employees happened to be the two she met when she and Mattie went out for supper last night.

During the filming of “Lost City 2”, Alyssa will always get along with them. Thinking of this, Alyssa actively said, “Morning.”

“Morning.” They only hurriedly responded, and left immediately, whispering about something.

Alyssa felt a little puzzled, but at the same time she had a bad feeling.

After thinking about it for a while, she went directly to Mattie.

Only when she reached Mattie’s door, the door opened. Mattie had already washed up and walked out wearing casual clothes.

As soon as she saw Alyssa, she smiled enthusiastically: “Alyssa, good morning~”

Alyssa couldn’t help but step back two steps: “Morning.”

“Don’t be so cold…” Mattie said, she was about to walk towards her.

“Just stand there.” Alyssa turned her head slightly and moved back.

Mattie pursed her lips and smiled without showing her teeth: “Alyssa, I used to think you were very uncomfortable, but I didn’t expect you to be so caring, so you even set the alarm clock for me.”

Alyssa understood that Mattie suddenly became so enthusiastic about her.

“Among friends, this is just a small matter.” Alyssa really didn’t think this was something worth moving.

But Mattie still seemed to be particularly moved: “It is indeed a small matter, but we will be friends in the future.”

As soon as the voice fell, Mattie’s cell phone rang.

Not knowing what was said on the other end of the phone, Alyssa saw Mattie’s expression change drastically: “What?”

After a while, Mattie hung up and looked straight at Alyssa.

“What’s wrong?” Although Alyssa was calm on her face, she already had guessed in her heart.

Something must have happened, most likely it was related to her.

“Ding Dong~”

Mattie’s cell phone rang, she looked down at the cell phone, and did not speak to Alyssa.

She stared at the phone for a while before handing it to Alyssa: “It was photographed last night.”

Alyssa took it over and took a look, only to find that Mattie’s “was photographed” was taken when she went to see Robin yesterday.

Still three shots.

The angles taken in these photos are a bit weird, and they seem inexplicably like Robin opening the door to let her in.

Alyssa sincerely admired the reporters who took photos,

These three photos are enough for the media to “look at pictures and make stories.”

Alyssa suddenly thought that Mattie was already asleep when she went to Robin to get her mobile phone back last night. So, will Mattie misunderstand?

She couldn’t help but raise her eyes to Mattie.

“How do you look at me with this look?” Mattie sneered, “Do you think I would doubt you and Robin? I don’t believe you, can I still believe my boyfriend?”

Mattie’s attitude made Alyssa very relieved.

Alyssa asked her, “Did a reporter come in?”

“Although this photo was indeed intercepted by the reporter from our side, it is not necessarily made by the reporter.” Mattie analyzed: “It is impossible to be a competitor. If it is a competitor, they would have taken this photo long ago. Let it go out and make up a news about “the scriptwriter and the starring late-night private meeting”.”

“Do you doubt the people in the crew?” After Alyssa asked, she remembered one thing: “I helped you get your phone back yesterday, and I met Miana in the corridor!”

Mattie immediately said affirmatively: “It must be her!”

Before Alyssa spoke, Mattie’s assistant came over: “Ms. Mattie, Mr. Adams is here!”

Mattie said in surprise: “Karl? He didn’t say that he would come to the opening ceremony?”

“He came to see his girlfriend. One day is like three autumns, three or four days are many years.” Alyssa said mockingly.

She has seen how powerful Mattie’s mouth is in the past few days, and it doesn’t feel strange.

But Karl was the financer of the project. She could find a reason not to confess to Miana, but she had to confess to Karl.

She really couldn’t provoke Karl, nor did she dare to provoke him.

Mattie asked her assistant: “Where are they now?”

The assistant said, “Waiting for you in the meeting room.”

Mattie and Alyssa looked at each other, and both of them saw the words “Sure enough” in each other’s eyes.

Karl was waiting for Mattie in the conference room. It is very likely that he also knew about the photo.

He knew about the photo when he came over. Besides Miana who would tell him, who else would? No one in the crew is a fool. This kind of thing can be handled in private, and go to Boss. Isn’t that enough to do?

And the photo was sent to the crew, and Mattie received it as the chief producer. Did Miana know it so soon?

In addition, Alyssa met Miana in the corridor last night, and it is almost certain that this photo was taken by Miana.

Meeting room.

When Alyssa entered, she saw Karl sitting in the first place.

Karl wore a black shirt. His hair was probably just cut, and he looked even sharper.

He was not sitting directly opposite the door, so Alyssa could see him, but he couldn’t see her.

However, he seemed to have eyes on the top of his head, and when he turned his head, he accurately captured Alyssa’s gaze.

Alyssa looked at him for only a second, then hurriedly lowered her head.

Even though Alyssa is now determined to get away from her feelings for him, Karl’s aura is too strong, she still feels a kind of fear when she looks into his eyes.

Alyssa lowered her eyes and walked to sit on a chair farther from Karl.

As soon as she sat down, she felt that someone was watching her.

Alyssa raised her head and saw Miana sitting next to Karl.

Miana dressed glamorously today, she didn’t look like a thirty-year-old woman. She looked at Alyssa’s eyes, full of disdain and pride.

Alyssa just kept her eyes indifferent, is this what Miana said last night to pay?

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  1. I love your book.. but really alyssa and karl never confessed thier love for each other as well as alyssa really is always indiffrent she doesnt care at all and she is always type of rude to karl she should atleast show some love for him… even karl and alyssa seem to be never happy and normal for a day eve…
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