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Chapter 711

Seeing that Alyssa was still indifferent, Miana’s eyes suddenly changed.

Does Alyssa even care about such things?

Did she really give up Karl?

Miana turned her head and glanced at Karl. Karl leaned back in his chair and looked at the three photos in front of him blankly, not knowing what he was thinking.

She leaned over and whispered his name: “Karl.”

Karl glanced at her, and motioned to her to speak.

Although Miana felt that Karl was too indifferent to her, but thinking that there were so many people present, only she could sit in the place closest to Karl, and she felt a little relieved.

If Karl’s s3x is colder, let him be colder, as long as you love her.

Because Mattie is the chief producer, she sits much closer to Karl.

Alyssa looked at her hand boredly and felt the phone vibrate.

It was the WeChat sent by Mattie to her: “Look at how proud Miana is! It’s not because Karl is supporting her!”

“It’s just a crazy woman! In order to achieve the goal but not the means, she wants to pull my man in. Fortunately, the photo is not sent directly this time! Or I have to tear her up!”

After it was basically determined that she took the photo, Mattie completely hated Miana.

Mattie and Anya rob Robin at first, and then finally stayed with Robin. She really loved Robin.

Miana wants to stay warm and happy, she can’t care, but the photos taken by Miana also affect Robin, which touched Mattie’s bottom line.

After reading the message from Mattie, Alyssa only gave her a calm expression.

Mattie put her phone away and gave Alyssa a glance.

Alyssa smiled back, Mattie snorted and did not look at her.

And Robin just walked in at this moment, and Alyssa sat facing the direction of the door. In the eyes of others, it was like Alyssa was smiling at Robin.

This scene fell in Karl’s eyes, and his eyes suddenly became colder, becoming deeper and deeper, as if there was a storm hidden in him.

At this time, almost everyone arrived.

Karl took out the three photos, and his cold voice was heard in the conference room: “This kind of scandal has happened before the filming of the play, and you must give me a reasonable explanation!”

As soon as his voice sounded, the meeting room fell into a strange silence.

Afterwards, he threw the three photos on the conference table forcefully, making a crisp sound.

Everyone was silent, no one dared to speak.

Mattie explained: “This is a misunderstanding. The photo is just a matter of shooting angle. I believe Mr. Adams also knows about entertainment reporters. They often choose the angle to take some specious photos in order to win the attention of others.”

When she spoke, she deliberately glanced at Miana.

Miana squinted her eyes slightly and looked back at her with a bad look.

Karl repeated: “The shooting angle?”

“Yes,” Mattie explained.

Karl sneered and said to Mattie, but his gaze fell straight on Alyssa: “If your screenwriter didn’t knock on the door of the actor’s room, how would you let people choose the shooting angle?”

“This…” Mattie was stunned. There was a problem with the angle of this photo. But it was not wrong for Alyssa to knock on Robin’s door.

If the real reason is said, then her relationship with Robin will have to be made public.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to make it public, but it’s not the best time to make it public at this moment.

She and Robin had talked about this before, and finally planned to wait until the filming of “Lost City 2” is finished before making it public.

If it is made public at this time, public opinion must be two-sided, which has an impact on the drama and also has an impact on Robin.

When Mattie was in a dilemma, Alyssa’s voice rang: “Mr. Adams.”

Everyone turned their eyes to Alyssa.

Who didn’t know that Alyssa was Karl’s ex-wife?

CEO Adams, ex-wife, current girlfriend, three people gathered together, how many times can you meet in such an annual drama?

Everyone didn’t dare to speak, just thinking about how the plot would develop.

Karl also turned to look at Alyssa.

Today is going out outdoors, the sun is also very strong, Alyssa wore a very simple white short sleeves, long black hair draped over her shoulders, sitting there calmly, her face looked bright and unparalleled. The actors were all overshadowed.

“Mr. Adams keeps saying that it is a scandal? I don’t know that in Mr. Adams’ eyes, knocking on the door is just a scandal?”

Alyssa’s words fell, everyone took a breath, and Alyssa was questioning Karl!

Mattie couldn’t help but squeezed a cold sweat. If it wasn’t for the inconvenience at the moment, she really wanted to send Alyssa WeChat to calm her down.

She also wanted to shoot “Lost City 2”, not wanting to offend Karl.

“Then, please tell me, the screenwriter, what do you want to do when you knock on a man’s door late at night?” Karl’s tone was difficult to understand, but it gave people a feeling that he was asking questions seriously and wanted to get a good deal. The illusion of a warm answer.

Miss screenwriter?

Alyssa twitched the corners of her lips, and revealed a disdainful smile: “If Mr. Adams is so curious, I will knock on your door tonight, don’t you know then?”

As soon as these words came out, except for Karl’s cold expression, all the other people’s faces changed.

Alyssa, is this… public tune-playing Karl?

Miana couldn’t sit still immediately, and sternly scolded, “Alyssa, you are not ashamed!”

“don’t know how to be ashamed? What is Mr. Adams who told me so indiscriminately?” Alyssa stared at Miana with a torch, without any intention of giving in, and said loudly.

Alyssa’s expression was firm, she looked confident, and her silent aura spread.

Even Miana couldn’t help but secretly startled, Alyssa, the abandoned woman, where did she come from with such confidence and aura!

Miana knew that since she had already said something like this at this time, either Karl helped her down the steps, or she said Alyssa speechlessly.

Otherwise, it will not end.

Miana sneered: “If you are really innocent, how can you get people to take photos?”

“How do you know that this photo is real? What if someone deliberately synthesized it?” Alyssa’s tone was extremely serious. If Mattie hadn’t seen the photo, she would have believed her.

Miana thought that Alyssa could think of any excellent reasons to excuse herself. After hearing Alyssa’s words, she smiled confidently.

Chapter 712

“What is Miss Palmer laughing?” Alyssa showed no panic on her face, and she was even very calm: “This kind of thing is not new in the entertainment industry.”

In Miana’s eyes, Alyssa at this time was like a dying grasshopper.

“How can it be photographed unless someone else sees it with their own eyes?”

“Miss Palmer has never seen it with her own eyes. How does she know that the person who took the photo saw it with her own eyes?”

As soon as Miana’s voice fell, Alyssa asked back.

Alyssa spoke in a gentle tone, and what she said did not look tepid, but everyone could hear that she was clearly aimed at Miana.

The crew that made “Lost City 2” was the original crew of the first part of “Lost City”, and they all had contact with Alyssa. Alyssa usually looks very approachable in her photos, and rarely is that sharp.

What’s more, she still confronted his girlfriend in front of Karl.

Miana was just a little overwhelmed by Alyssa’s excitement. After Alyssa said this, it was inevitable that she felt a little guilty.

She glanced at Karl next to her, but saw that Karl was leaning back in the chair lazily, and didn’t mean to help her speak.

Miana was secretive, but she couldn’t say that Karl was wrong in front of so many people. Even if they were in private, she didn’t dare to say it.

Miana barely maintained her composure: “Ms. Alyssa is a screenwriter after all, and she is so clever that she almost faints me.”

Alyssa smiled, there was nothing unusual on her face: “In fact, this matter is very simple to talk about. Don’t you know if you adjust the monitoring?”

When the voice fell, Miana’s complexion changed.

Alyssa had been staring at her closely, and naturally saw her reaction in her eyes. It is even more certain that the photo was taken by Miana.

Miana took a photo and deliberately took this photo so misunderstood. She would definitely delete the surveillance that Alyssa knocked on the door last night.

Miana’s thoughts were probably that by deleting the monitoring section, those people would not be able to verify whether Alyssa had entered after she knocked on Robin’s door last night.

But after Alyssa took such a big circle, the focus of the matter was brought to the true and false of this photo. That section of monitoring is deleted, and there are more arguments.

The air in the conference room seemed to freeze, and everyone held their breath and dared not make a sound.

Miana smirked with anger: “You…”


Karl interrupted Miana, his voice was not light or heavy, but with an unquestionable aura.

“This thing ends here.” Karl turned his head to look at Mattie: “Miss Adkins, I hope “Lost City 2″ can be filmed smoothly and with quality.”

Mattie turned her face straight: “I know.”

“I heard that today is the day when you start the machine, what are you still sitting here for?” Karl looked around for a while, and his deep voice was cold and indifferent.

“Ready to go.” Mattie stood up and issued an order, and then went out first.

Others followed one after another.

Alyssa walked at the end, glanced at Karl and Miana before leaving the meeting room.

When everyone left, Miana began to lose her temper at Karl.

“What did you mean? In front of so many people, why didn’t you help me! Did you take me to heart?”

Karl’s expression remained unchanged. He didn’t even glance at Miana. His long fingers were lightly clasped on the conference table, as if he was not listening to Miana at all.

Miana became more angry, she stretched out her hand to hold Karl’s arm, and asked Karl to face her.

Karl was finally impatient, and suddenly waved her hand away, stood up suddenly, and looked at her coldly from a high position.

His eyes were cold, and there was no feeling or temperature in his eyes.

Such Karl made Miana a little bit shy, and she couldn’t help but remember that she had worked so hard in those three years, and she couldn’t make Karl who had forgotten Alyssa tempted her.

All of a sudden, she had an illusion: Karl had not fallen in love with her in those three years. It is impossible to love her now, and it is even impossible to love her in the future.

However, the various aspects of this period of time, as well as her self-confidence in herself, made her hesitate and made her feel that Karl had her in his heart.

After a long while, Karl said solemnly, “Miana!”

Miana immediately raised her head to look at Karl, a panic flashed in her eyes.

Karl’s eyebrows were cold and sharp, and there seemed to be hostility flashing through the depths of the ink eyes, but it was so fast that it was hard to detect.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you have done?” Karl narrowed his eyes and looked at Miana: “I think you are different from other women. You are a woman of wit. But your vision is too low. I’m always holding on to Alyssa.”

Miana heard the disappointment and ridicule in Karl’s tone.

“No, Karl, listen to me…” Miana quickly took Karl’s arm.

Karl shook her off again: “Calm down yourself, I have a video conference to hold.”

After speaking, he went out without looking back.

The opening ceremony was held at ten thirty.

It was already one point when it was over, and there were a few scenes to be filmed in the afternoon, and everyone was eating boxed lunches.

The actor got the right line, and when the film was officially recorded, Alyssa just stayed aside and had nothing to do.

A scene had to go several times because of a certain prop, so the director had to ask them to take a break and tidy up.

Alyssa got up and went to the bathroom.

There is only a public toilet here. When she came out, someone covered her mouth from behind and quickly pulled her into a room.

That person’s strength was so great that he didn’t give Alyssa a chance to resist, even to call for help.

There is no light in the room, it is a bit dark. She was pulled in and pressed-behind the door.

The man’s hot chest pressed her tightly, his breathing was not steady, and his mood fluctuated a bit.

Alyssa didn’t dare to speak out. After holding her breath for a few seconds, she calmed down and smelled a familiar smell from the man.

She gave a low laugh, with a lazy chill in her voice: “What? Mr. Adams is going to vent his anger for his girlfriend? Or is Mr. Adams wanting to turn his head back?”

When Alyssa was speaking, she deliberately raised her head and moved closer to the man’s face. In this way, when she was talking, the heat spray hit the man’s chin.

She gradually adapted to the dim light in the room, and she could clearly see the silhouette of the man in front of her.

It was indeed Karl.

Karl still suppressed her forcefully, did not move further, did not back away, but asked her in a deep voice, “Why to knock on Robin’s door?”

Alyssa suppressed the panic in her heart, her tone remained the same, pretending to be light-hearted: “This issue has been discussed before. Tonight, I will knock on your door. Don’t you know, already?”

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