Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000

The same eyebrows.

Just the same gentleness.

The same cleverness, beautiful eyes and hope!

The same youthful agility, beautiful!

It is like a sculpture engraved in time!

He admitted that he was completely shocked by such an alluring face.

Seeing this face, he was inexplicably happy for some reason, as if the scorching sun had melted the winter ice and snow.

Jacob was dumbfounded.

He is a wise and rigorous person. He suspects that he can draw Irene’s plain face out of thin air because he has her in his memory.

Qiulian carried the child into the house, and when she saw Jacob staring at the portrait in a daze, she walked over in surprise.

When Qiulian saw the portrait, she was shocked and let out her voice, “Isn’t this the blind girl I met today?”

Jacob’s gaze moved to the eyes on the portrait. They were a pair of extraordinary agile eyes, glowing with radiance and fascinating.


The eyes on the portrait are not blind!

Jacob clenched his brows, his heart a little bit cramped.

All his attention was on the portrait, and he didn’t even notice Qiulian’s pupils filled with jealousy and fear.

Suddenly she knocked the easel over to the ground out of control, and yelled at Jacob, “You tell me, is there anything you and her are hiding from me?”

Jacob’s pupils filled with a hint of yin and anger. Reach out to hold the easel up

Looking at Qiulian angrily, he was stabbed by her injured pupils.

At this moment, all the unrealistic illusions in the brain have all been implemented: the immortal in the painting is not his wife, and the lonely and helpless woman in front of him is his unswerving mission in this life.

The look of Jacob restored tranquility.

Weak sighed, with some flattering elements, “Qiulian, this girl, this is the first time I saw her today.”

Qiulian obviously didn’t believe it, with tears in her eyes, and she choked, “I’m going to cook.”

Qiulian put the child in her arms on the bed, then silently went into the kitchen and cooked dinner for Jacob and Huzi.

Jacob sat on the sofa annoyed!

He suddenly felt that his peaceful life seemed to suddenly become a mess.

Before long, Qiulian came out carrying four small dishes.

Four side dishes, a bowl of cold houttuynia cordata, ginger, pepper, and chili.

A plate of shortcrusted peanuts.

A plate of fried bitter gourd and green pepper shredded pork.

Jacob took the chopsticks, then put down the chopsticks lonely.

His wife is careless and never remembers his stomach problems.

Jacob suddenly remembered that when he was dining with Irene, she was always thinking about his stomach problems…

In an instant, Jacob threw Irene out of his mind. How can he use his wife to compare with other women?

Fate is chance.

“You should cherish it after you encounter it.”

“You can’t give up what you used to stick to because the ones behind are better.”

That is called chaos and abandonment!

After dinner, Jacob sat on the sofa with a handsome face silently.

Qiulian finished washing the dishes. walk out. Sit down next to him.

Huzi was playing with blocks alone in the corner.

After Jacob hesitated to speak several times, he finally asked.

“Qiulian, what happened to me three years ago?” Jacob said again.

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  1. Knowing that he’s a germaphobe or sensitive skin touching others why he believes that he has a kid with quilan. And why irene came to conclusions that it might not be jacobs son.


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