Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 999

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Chapter 999

Jacob Ying Tong suddenly tightened, and suddenly handed the tiger in his arms to Qiulian’s arms.

Qiu Lian suddenly held his hand tightly, with a panic in her eyes. “Husband!”

Jacob said: “She helped us out, and I should help her.”

Qiulian did not let go, tears flickered in her eyes, “Did you like her?”

Jacob: “…”

“The look in her eyes just now…different!”

Jacob was slightly startled, he did not expect that he, who has always been incapable of being happy and angry, could not hide his liking for this girl when facing this girl.

A glimpse of Jinghong is the most terrible.

And she was so smart and considerate to relieve him, taking into account the dignity of his man, such a gentle woman, and so beautiful, he admitted that he really had no resistance to her.

Jacob looked at Irene in the rain and saw that her grass-green skirt was soaked, standing there embarrassed like a chicken.

There was a blank and helpless expression on her face.

Jacob broke free of Qiulian’s hand…

But at this moment, Irene suddenly stopped a luxurious Mercedes.

The door opened and Irene got out of it.

Jun’s face has a heartbroken expression, “Lingbao!”

Irene heard Irene’s voice…so desperate?

Can you pretend not to hear?

She acted for a long time, but she was cut off by Irene for no reason?

Irene turned around and hurriedly walked in the other direction.

Irene stepped up in two steps, wrapped the thick cloak tightly around Irene, and then hugged her sideways.

He complained to her, “You just can’t see with your eyes. Why do you turn back when you hear my voice? Is there a problem with your ears? No, I have to take you to the hospital to check your ears.”

Irene fisted in depression and kept beating him, “What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Mr. Irene didn’t know his head, thinking that Irene was frightened, so he started talking nonsense.

Irene was so sad that tears were glistening, and he kept apologizing to Irene, “I’m sorry, brother is late. Don’t be afraid, I will take you home.”

Irene nestled in his arms and burst into tears.

“I don’t want you to pick me up. Why are you here?”

The plan failed, and her heart was sad beyond words.

How did Irene know what was on her mind, but he kept comforting her: “I’m sorry, sister, I will never leave you again.”

Behind a certain pillar in the mall, Janice looked at Jacob who was sitting back in his chair, and stared at him with bitter grievances. He was lost, “Hey, it’s almost a bit!”

Janice packed his equipment and walked out gloomily.

Janice glanced at Jacob as he passed the entrance of the mall.

She found that Jacob was looking straight down on the black Mercedes through the window. The enchanting and wise eagle pupils squinted slightly, seeming to sink into meditation.

The rain gradually stopped.

Qiulian pulled the lost Jacob, “Husband, the rain has stopped, and we can go now.”

Jacob stood up stiffly like a puppet.

Looking back at the direction where the Mercedes-Benz disappeared step by step.

Qiulian sighed lonely, “She’s gone. Husband, don’t look.”

Jue Zhan Han recovered from the state of despair and realized that his wife was being hurt by his own “uncontrollable love”, and Jue Zhan Han was quite self-blame.

She stretched out her hand and walked slowly forward.

Go home.

Jacob rushed to the corner of the living room and opened the canvas covering the easel. The portrait appeared in his eyes.

He looked at the girl on the portrait.

Irene who met him today.

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