Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 998

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Chapter 998

But Qiulian pulled him back to the most vulgar reality, making him feel that she was so humble in front of the beautiful Irene.

“Let’s go.” He pulled Qiulian and left quickly.

After Jacob left, Janice walked out of the dark, followed Jacob with sympathetic eyes, smacked and sighed, “How can such a proud person be greedy for such a vulgar woman.”

Tears filled Irene’s eyes, “After all, it is his life.”

Janice took the supreme membership card from the waiter, and reprimanded, “Do you know who she is?”

The waiter looked dumbfounded, “President of Media Asia.”

The waiter glanced at Irene timidly when he heard the words, and quickly apologized to her, “I’m sorry, sorry, I…”

Janice looked at Jue Zhan Han again and said, “Do you know who it is?”

The waiter looked confused again.

Janice said: “Former President of Media Asia.”

The waiter was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth. What a coincidence, he actually met two presidents of Media Asia in one day?

“When you meet them in the future, do you know what to do?”

“Yes Yes Yes.”

Janice taught the waiter, and after only three sentences, she reprimanded the waiter in a cold sweat.

“Janice, let’s go.”

Because Jacob left, Irene’s heart also flew away.

Janice took Irene’s hand and whispered quietly, “Do you want to chase him?”

Ling Ling smiled playfully, “You have a lot of ghost ideas, you create a romantic scene of encounters for me.”

Janice said: “Okay. I’ll show you the scenes of the script that I have watched in recent years.”

Irene urged her, “Don’t be too deliberate. You know that he is thoughtful. Exposing the stuffing will backfire.”

“I know.”

Outside the mall, it was raining heavily.

Jacob and Qiulian Huzi, like other customers, were blocked by the heavy rain.

You can only sit in a tea room on the left side of the mall entrance for guests to rest.

Irene walked slowly toward the door of the mall, holding her blind stick.

Janice hid in the dark, recording a famous scene of the reunion of lovers with great interest.

Irene’s eyes are intermittently blind. Every time she loses her sight, her elder brother Irene puts her back on her back. She rarely lives like a real blind person.

Let alone walking in a strange place.

The use of blind sticks is not familiar.

With the appearance of Irene, the whispers in the tea room suddenly became silent.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by this beautiful and refined girl.

Hearing the irregular beating of the blind stick, Jacob turned around in shock. When he saw Irene slowly walking towards the door, a worrisome eye suddenly filled his eyes.

Irene walked straight ahead according to Janice’s instructions and walked out of the mall entrance. At this time, the heavy rain fell on her, and she retreated into the mall.

But thinking about Janice’s bitter tricks, she stood up bravely after a short pause.

This time, she almost rushed to the side in the downpour.

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