Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 997

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Chapter 997

“Miss, this master is a good friend of mine. Today, all the consumption of his husband and wife in the mall is counted on me.” Irene’s voice was light as wind, but it was wrapped in the pressure of ice.

The waiter looked at Irene suspiciously, secretly wondering what kind of noble status is this arrogant tone.

Before the waiter exited to taunt him, Irene had already pulled out a supreme membership card from her bag and handed it to the waiter. “Take it.”

When the waiter saw this card, his expression changed in amazement.

Although she is a low-level staff member of the company, their boss will especially emphasize this kind of supreme membership card every time they have a meeting.

The boss said: “Any customers who come to the store with a card are the best VIPs in the mall. No matter who they are, they must be more respectful to see her than to see the boss. To provide her with first-class service must not make her feel that A little bit uncomfortable.”

The waiter just wanted to kneel down for Irene, cold sweat broke out all over her body, she had a foreboding that her job could not be kept.

Fortunately, this kind of snobbery way of survival is to meet people and talk to others and talk to others. Knowing that she has offended people who shouldn’t, immediately recover his mistakes.

The waiter walked up to Jacob and apologized with a trembling voice, “Sir, I’m sorry. I just didn’t know Taishan and spoke too aggressively. Please forgive me if you don’t remember the villain.”

Jacob did not respond to her.

The waiter knelt down to him with a puff, “Sir, I was wrong. Please forgive me a lot, Sir!”

Jacob still did not respond to her.

At this time, the waiter secretly wondered, even if this person does not forgive her, he should say something, what does it mean to be so silent?

Secretly glanced at Jacob, only to find that his gaze settled on Irene. The eyes were filled with surprise and shock.

The mood of Jacob at this moment is really indescribable.

When he heard Irene’s sound like a spring breeze, he originally frowned slightly, and hated her to give him a head. Because he regarded her as the devil who liked him and wanted to keep him Irene.

But when his gaze caught her face, he felt as if he had been struck by thunder.

That face is more than just beautiful.

Ethereal and pure, like an elf that has been left behind.

The beauty made him stunned.

After Na Jinghong’s glance, he was surprised to find that this face was so familiar. Thinking about it, isn’t it the woman in the portrait he painted on a whim the other day?

Jacob received heavy blows one after another, somewhat lost.

He really did not understand that the woman he drew out of thin air has actually met in real life?

He was even more puzzled that this woman whose voice was so similar to Irene’s voice was not Irene.

Because after he saw her unfocused eyes and her blind cane, he made a judgment-she was not Irene.

Irene is not blind.

Irene was a tough bandit, with an aura of 1.8 meters, full of the breath of a strong man.

And the girl smiled, looking weak and pitiful.

His heart also felt a little pain because of her weakness and helplessness.

Faint pain, but so real.

Qiulian shook his hand and called out, “Husband, does this young lady apologize to you again? You will get her up soon, no need to apologize.”

Jacob’s thoughts were pulled back, looking at the waiter who was crawling on the ground, a coldness shot from the bottom of his eyes. “roll!”

Qiulian’s gaze fell on the supreme membership card and reminded Jacob: “Husband, this girl is willing to pay for us. Then should we—”

“No.” Jacob carried a faint sullen anger.

Qiu Lian’s greedy idea for cheap made him feel dull.

For some reason, in front of Irene, he gave birth to a lot of vanity-he wanted her to see his best side.

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