Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 996

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Chapter 996

Janice suddenly let go of Irene’s hand and whispered quietly, “Sister Irene, I’m in a hurry, go to the toilet first. You sit here and wait for me.”

Irene sat on a bench set up for customers in the shop.

Janice hid in the dark, secretly observing Jacob.

She wanted to know the true reaction of Jacob seeing Irene.

Jacob and Qiulian walked inside. Most of the time, Jacob stood beside him holding the tiger like an ice sculpture. Let Qiulian choose.

“Husband, what do you think of this one?” Qiulian suddenly mentioned a bright red dress.

Jacob nodded: “Yeah.”

Qiulian was very happy, so she carried her skirt and prepared to try it in the fitting room.

Unexpectedly, the waiter suddenly came over and snatched the skirt from Qiulian’s hand, and then looked at Qiulian with contempt, seeing that she was wearing all cheap goods, and her words were a bit bad. “Sister, this dress is 130,000. You buy it.” Can you afford it?”

Qiulian’s face was ugly.

The waiter said again: “If you can’t afford it, don’t try it on, don’t stain our clothes.” After speaking, he patted the place where Qiulian had held it.

Seeing this scene, Jacob came over with a black face.

“I bought this dress.”

Irene heard the familiar sound and was so panicked that her cane fell to the ground. She bent over to pick up the blind stick, then turned her back to the voice.

Her heart is in a mess.

No matter what, she didn’t want him to know about her blindness. Don’t want him to worry about her.

She has forgotten about removing her makeup.

The waiter’s sophisticated eyes fell on Jacob. Although Jacob’s face-defying appearance shocked her, she saw his cheap and compassionate appearance, and she defined him as a “vase” that was not to be used. Up.

“Are you rich?” the waiter asked harshly.

Jacob said coldly: “If I don’t have money, I won’t buy it.”

The waiter was shocked by his aura, and timidly returned the skirt to Qiulian.

A smile of envy, jealousy and hatred appeared in Irene’s eyes. This woman was really blessed by Brother Jie’s blessing.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to cherish good luck.

Qiulian lived in the countryside since she was a child, and poverty limited her knowledge. She values money more than dignity.

Qiulian didn’t take the clothes from the waiter, but walked up to Jacob timidly and said, “Husband, don’t buy it. Such expensive clothes, 130,000, are cheating.”

The waiter was originally snobbish. He was very impatient with Qiulian, and suddenly became furious when he said they were cheating.

“How do you talk? You, a hillbilly, can’t afford good clothes, so you call me cheating? You have to apologize to me?”

Qiulian shivered with fright. The words began to be uncomfortable, “I didn’t… mean it. We can’t afford this clothes, so we don’t need it.”

The waiter had no mercy, “Can’t afford it? Can’t afford you, a man wants to swollen face to fill up a fat man? Can’t afford to say earlier, what to waste my time?”

Jacob’s handsome face is very embarrassing…

Irene closed her eyes, a anger rose from the bottom of her heart.

This woman simply doesn’t know good or bad, so ruining Brother Jue’s dignity?

No matter how poor he is, he is unwilling to wrong her.

But she doesn’t show him affection at all?

130,000, just clean up Brother Jie’s face?

Irene suddenly lost her blind stick and stood up.



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