Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 995

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Chapter 995

“Ouch.” Irene let out a scream.

“Sister Irene?” Janice turned on the light and saw Irene sitting on the ground, the quilt unfurled. Run quickly to help her up.

“Why don’t you ask me to help you?” Janice complained.

“I think I have to adapt to this darkness after all.” Irene said.

Janice’s heart is sour…

Sister Irene must be worried that she will become permanently blind one day, so she will actively face the darkness.

The next day.

The sky was thundering, and the sky was gloomy and windless.

A prelude to the storm.

However, Irene’s intermittent blindness did not alleviate as quickly as before.

The field of vision is still completely black.

Irene sat in front of the dressing table, and Janice asked her, “Would you like honey oil?”

Irene said listlessly: “I won’t go anywhere today, just do some basic moisturizing work.”

Janice patted her with water and applied moisturizing lotion.

She was used to seeing Irene dressing up the face of Yu Jie with honey oil, and suddenly seeing her fresh and refined face, she only felt that she was as weak as a grass.

Janice said: “Sister Irene, you are a powerful sister with honey oil. After removing makeup, she is soft and cute. If my brother sees sister Irene after removing makeup, those words are ruthless, I shouldn’t be able to say it.”

Irene said: “He is not a person who judges people by appearance.”

Janice shouted, “If he isn’t, who is? Look at the people who used to be next to him, which one is not handsome?”

Irene suddenly remembered Jacob’s disgusting look on her face…

Suddenly he was holding Janice’s hand excitedly, “I was wrong. I used to think he was a person who only values the inside. I was negligent. He has obsessive-compulsive disorder!”

Realizing this, Irene said in frustration: “It’s because I didn’t cherish those opportunities to meet him.”

Janice pulled her up, “Sister Irene, I’ll take you to buy some beautiful skirts. When you look back, you dress yourself up and appear in front of him, and you won’t be obsessed with him.” Janice teased. .

Irene is not a person who gives up lightly. She loves Jacob too much, so she doesn’t want to miss any chance to win him.

“Well, wait for me, I’ll get the blind stick.”

Imperial capital, shopping mall.

Irene is holding the phoenix in one hand, a blind cane in one hand, wearing a retro bohemian fairy dress, draped in long curly hair, and a neat row of air bangs. Make her look ethereal and elf.

Janice took her to a trendy store selling women’s clothing, then took off her favorite clothes and pushed Irene to the fitting room to try.

Irene smiled and said, “Janice, your brother likes light colors, not red, green and purple. He likes light red, light green, light purple…”

Janice said: “Sister Irene. My brother likes whatever you wear. As long as you don’t apply honey.”

At the same time, at the entrance of the mall.

Qiulian and Jacob walked in one after another.

Jacob held the child tiger in his arms.

Qiulian was overjoyed when she saw the dazzling array of products. Feeling here and there, the love is beyond words.

Jacob said: “Try more sets if you like?”

Qiulian flipped out the price tag, and when she saw the price on it, she immediately walked to Jacob and whispered: “My husband, the clothes here are expensive, let’s go.”

Jacob smiled, “As long as you like it, I will buy it for you as much as it is expensive.”

Qiulian bit her head and walked forward again.

Janice and Irene came out of the fitting room, and Janice saw Jacob and Qiulian at a glance.

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