Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 994

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Chapter 994

Irene hung up the phone in a hurry, afraid to reveal her emotions.

Jacob looked at the phone microphone in a daze.

Call him, but why doesn’t she speak?

Throwing the phone aside and lying on the bed, Jacob felt a little uneasy.

Finally got up irritably, picked up the jacket next to him and walked outside.

Qiulian walked out of the bedroom and asked with concern: “Husband, where are you going at this late hour?”

Jacob was slightly startled, what is he doing?

Worrying about women other than his wife is really not what a mature man should do.

“I’ll go downstairs to breathe.” He was a little irritable.

A bitter smile appeared on Qiulian’s beautiful face. She walked up to Jacob and looked up at him, admonishing her husband who wanted to cheat with a woman’s keen intuition.

“Husband, I heard them say that you are getting better with a rich and powerful woman, is this true?” Qiulian asked, looking weak and weak.

For a time, Jacob didn’t know how to answer.

Yes and no, is no longer the correct answer to this question.

Just because he was worried about Irene just now, he knew his heart was approaching like her.

And he is not a liar.

“I will cut off contact with her, don’t worry.” His eyes were firm.

Qiulian smiled, “That’s good.”

Jacob looked at Qiulian who had no motives, and made up his mind that he would never let Irene’s kind of radiant woman approach Qiulian. Qiulian had no ability to compete with her, and to rob her, except for his ability as a husband. Bless her outside.

Jacob said softly: “Go to bed early. Tomorrow I will take you and your child to the mall to buy some new clothes.”

Qiulian heard this, and her eyes burst into surprise.

“I haven’t worn new clothes for many years.” She smiled shyly.

Jacob’s eyes were sad, “I will definitely let your mother and son live a good life in the future.”

Qiulian smiled and nodded, “I believe you.”

Calendar garden.

Janice, who received Irene’s text message, immediately dropped her work and came to Irene at a rapid speed.

Irene was wrapped in a bath towel and sat on the bed cleverly.

In the field of vision, it has become completely black.

Janice eagerly interrogated as soon as she entered the room, “Why is it blind this time? You haven’t been blind for a long time.”

Irene’s eyes were blushing, and she choked with sobs: “Your brother, he wants to make mistakes. He wants me to learn to admit his life.”

Janice was dazed. This blow was really big enough.

But Janice didn’t feel desperate, “Sister Irene, my brother likes you, that’s a liking carved into his bones. As long as he recovers his memory, I can guarantee that he will return to you desperately.”

“But what if his amnesia will never get better?” Irene became concerned about gains and losses.

“He is decent, he will never abandon his current wife.” Irene said in frustration.

Janice was silent.

Irene was even sadder.

The long night, with autumn bleakness, invaded into the screen windows, bringing a trace of coolness to the person on the bed.

Irene sat up in the cold, fearing that Janice would catch a cold. Irene slowly touched the closet and took out the air-conditioning quilt. When she returned to the bed, she accidentally took the wrong path and hit the door.

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