Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 993

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Chapter 993

Perhaps in order to completely eliminate the possibility of making mistakes, Jacob took Qiulian and Huzi to the imperial capital the next day.

A family of three lives in a small suite.

Unlike the courtyard houses that used to live in the countryside, the single bedroom is Tingba. He lives with Jincao and avoids the same room with Qiulian, but he is happy.

Now that Jacob and Qiulian looked up and saw their heads down, although they were husband and wife, Jacob felt extremely depressed.

Qiulian thought differently from him.

She treated him as her man. After taking a shower, wearing a thin suspender skirt, she hugged him from behind and acted like a baby. “Husband, you haven’t slept with me for a long time. There was a lot of grass before, you have to take care of him, It’s not convenient for us. But now…”

Jacob frowned when he smelled the rosemary floating in her wet hair mixed with the natural smell of the fisher girl.

He tried to endure the discomfort in the stomach. Remember that he is Qiulian’s husband and is obligated to perform his duties.

“Yeah.” He frowned and nodded.

Qiulian stretched out her hand to unbutton his shirt. When her hand rubbed his delicate skin with some roughness, Jacob couldn’t help it anymore.

Pushing her away, he ran to the bathroom, then vomited happily.

Qiulian stood at the door of the bathroom, Ai Ai sighed, “What kind of strange disease do you have?”

After a long time, Jacob walked out weakly and leaned weakly on the sofa, “Qiulian, I’m sorry. You give me some more time.”

Qiulian nodded. “Ok.”

She had no other choice but to wait.

The couple had nothing to say.

In the evening, Qiulian came to her son’s room holding the quilt.

A look of guilt appeared on Jacob’s face.

Qiulian treats him well, and she also hopes that he can play with her, but he just doesn’t understand why Qiulian becomes uncomfortable when she approaches him.

He stood up suddenly and walked slowly to the next door. He wanted to use his willpower to overcome his quirks, but when he reached Qiulian’s door, he compromised again.

Silently returned to his room.


“Without you, my world would only collapse!”

Irene soaked herself in the bathtub, and the cruel words of Jacob kept echoing in her mind:

“If you miss an encounter, you should accept your fate.”

“I have a good wife in my family, and I won’t do anything to be sorry for her. Miss Yan likes that there is nothing wrong with me, but she can’t control her emotions and let her develop is wrong.”

In Irene’s heart, the bubble with a trace of hope seemed to have been mercilessly burst, and then her world began to snow.

Tears slumped down, until he realized that his eyes were a little fuzzy, and he was alert that the intermittent blindness was coming to her again. Irene didn’t dare to vent her emotions anymore, and raised her head to hold back the tears.

She quickly crawled out of the bathtub, and put her long curly hair wet on her back. The face without any make-up marks was as fresh as a freshly peeled egg yolk.

The mixture of innocence and glamorous temperament became more and more charming on the sad face.

Every time she lost her sight, Irene had to ask Janice for help.

With blurred vision and ghosting, she clearly wanted to call Janice, but accidentally pressed the name Jacob.

Jacob frowned when he saw Irene’s phone number.

Reluctantly answered the phone, his voice was full of impatience, “Miss Yan, something?”

Irene heard the voice of thinking about this day and night, and her memory was always gentle and petting, and she suddenly became so alienated and impatient.

Irene’s tears fell.

Rolling her throat several times, she stopped talking.

Jacob was startled, “Are you crying?”

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