Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 992

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Chapter 992

Jacob said indifferently: “Does no harm to our ancestors.”

Irene said stubbornly and willfully: “I don’t care, whoever hurts you, I will afflict the Nine Clan and make his intestines black with regret. See who dares to attack you in the future.”

After Irene painted his wounds, she went to the closet to find him clean clothes.

But found that there were a few cheap clothes hanging empty in the closet, and the color style was clearly not his favorite style.

Irene said, “These non-mainstream clothes are not suitable for you.”

Jacob calmly said: “My wife bought it.”

A touch of heartache flashed through Irene’s eyes, and that woman was so wronged that she didn’t know how to appreciate the arrogant temperament of Brother Jie.

Jacob pulled the clothes from her hand, then endured the pain and put the clothes in.

Fortunately, he is a natural hanger, and looks good in everything he wears.

Irene took the blood-colored compassionate shirt beside him and walked to the washing tub. Washed the clothes for Jacob.

Jacob watched her as free as entering the door of his own house, a touch of helplessness spread in his eyes.

“Miss Yan, you can go back now.”

Irene walked slowly in front of him, and suddenly squatted in front of him, holding his hand, almost begging: “Brother Yue, don’t push me away, okay?”

Jacob said cruelly and unfeelingly: “It’s inappropriate for you to stay here.”

Irene raised a tearful face, choked up and said, “Brother Yue, I like you.”

Jacob’s face tightened. “I know.”

“You confess to me every day, you just have to talk about it, such a high-profile way of chasing love is very naive.”

Irene automatically filtered the dissatisfaction with her in his words.

“I don’t worry about you staying here alone. Those fishermen run on you and hurt you everywhere. As long as I think that your safety is not guaranteed, I will sleep and eat.”

“Brother Ayue, when you come to work by my side, you should be repaying the 100 million that I helped you out?”

Speaking of that one billion, Jacob was quite angry.

“Are you a pig? Then listen to the kidnappers, what do you do with the police in this world?”

Irene stared at him angrily.

She was so wronged that her eyes were red.

“I’m just worried about your safety.”

The coldness somewhere in Jacob’s heart was slowly heating up.

However, he has always been the person whose reason has the upper hand.

“Miss Yan, thank you for lending me the money. But I really can’t stay with you. This is for your good.”

Irene burst into tears, and said sadly: “How do you know that what you call good to me is not a poison?”

Jacob was silent.

Irene said again: “I know that you are a gentleman and will not respond to my feelings. But I just want you to know that in this world, there is a woman who may understand you better than your wife and better than yourself. Love you. It’s just that God doesn’t care for her and let her miss you in her encounters. Brother Ayue, I just want to protect the person I love! I won’t force you to make a choice against your will! Don’t be embarrassed.”

Jacob said: “Miss Yan, since we missed our chances, we should learn to recognize our fate. We humans are called advanced animals because we can control our will and make choices that seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.”

Jacob paused. He said, “I have a good wife in my family, and I will not do anything to be sorry for her. It is not wrong for Miss Yan to like me, but it is wrong to not control her emotions and let her develop.”

Irene was discouraged by his resolute refusal.

“Fine, if this is the life you want to live. I will leave.”

She stood up trembling and left with nostalgia and reluctance.

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